Ken Theeradeth’s handsome face greets us as he explains the meaning of the title, Rak Kon Tao Fah.

“The term Rak Kon Tao Fah is actually referred to moms. It’s like when we were children and we try to express how much we love our moms, we would say “rak mae tao fah” (which means I love you this BIG, to the sky, imagine the arm spreading wide action.) “

His on screen mom’s voice tells us that if we didn’t have a child, we wouldn’t know what it’s like. She has raised her son since he was a wee child until he’s a grownup, then one day some random girl would show up and take the one thing that we love away from us.

Ken explains that the story surrounds the relationship between a mom and her son, the dutifulness and bond that are between them. In order to create an interesting environment to support this idea, they made a story about a man that from the outside appears perfect. Then many love interests enter his life and they all fall in love with him because he’s a good person, but in the end, they cannot accept his mother. Ken thinks that this has or can happen to many people. Especially in Thai society, the conflict between a mother and her daughter in law is widespread and people could relate to each one of these nang’eks. Each has their own story and they come in and out of his life.

Chompoo Araya talks about the significance of the cast. She said that since it is Noi Bussakorn’s directorial debut, she would pick four of the nang eks that she loves and obviously loves her back. At first, the character that Ploy plays was supposed to be for Aom Piyada, however she got pregnant and wasn’t able to accept the work. It was a coincidence actually because they were discussing the script at a restaurant and Ploy happened to be there as well, so they invited her to join the cast.

Ploy appears with a grey jersey shirt that showed off her slim shoulders. She said that she is happy to join the team but at first she didn’t feel anything or thought too much of the role. However when she learned that Noi is directing it, she immediately wanted to partake.

Cherry Kemapsorn nods her head and said that she was happy Noi thought of her. The moment Noi asked her over the phone, she immediately accepted, without even reading the script or knowing the storyline first.

Marie Broenner smiled widely and said that she’s very excited to be working with veteran actors- very excited that she was chosen.

Apparently Joy is also in this lakorn, she said that all four leading ladies are beautiful and the viewers would be happy to watch such beautiful ladies on screen.

Back to Ken, he said this was their (Noi and his) dream. The first one was to cast the four ladies and secondly to have them all come back and play in the same scene together (in the end, I presume.) He felt it would be difficult because of the conflicting schedules.

Ploy said that it was fun to be in the same scene with everyone. It depicts the real life well because she could imagine that if she were the character, she would wonder about pr’ek’s girlfriends, which one is the new girlfriend and which one is the old girlfriend. This causes a lot of tension and so true to a woman’s way of thinking. Ploy loved that aspect- the fact that it’s relevant to real life.

Chompoo added that everyone (the four girls) all have a common denominator- the mom is dead! She starts to laugh (probably uncomfortable that she’s happy the mom is dead lol) and says that they have never forgotten Ken and now that his mom is dead, they all want him back.

Cherry felt that the scene where the girls encounter each other was such a short period of time. The only correspondence was when they each talked with the pr’ek. The other time was spent sitting at the ceremony, not talking, but wondering who each other was and ultimately who the pr’ek was going to choose.

Ken smiled and said that it is a scene that will make the viewers want to follow the drama.

Since it is Noi’s directorial debut, what are some challenging elements for her? Noi’s pixie hair and pretty face greets us and she said that location was one of the hardest things she had to battle. First off, pr’ek is a Pilot (Captain) and thus needed to look adept at flying so they enrolled Ken in a simulation class. Also, because he is a commercial air pilot, they would need scenes that were shot abroad as well. It was a scene where Ken and Cherry’s character fell in love.

Cherry mentioned that Japan was one of the location they shot at, they happened to be there during the perfect season- where the blossoms bloomed religiously. Prepare yourselves folks, because there will be lots of flirting and sweet scenes between Captain and Oum! The Captain thinks that because Oum is a family person, she would suit well with him (yeah, I bet she doesn’t have a psycho mom.) However, when she brought her parents to meet with his mom they all realized that they are unsuitable and ended their relationship.

Then Joy’s character enters his life. She used to be his ex-girlfriend back when they were in school together and she hopes that old flames can be re-ignited, so to speak. Joy’s vibrant smile greets us as she tells us that her character really didn’t start off being evil. She had no intentions to steal him away from anyone, but as time goes by, his mom used her as a means to end the Captain’s relationship with prospective girls. We see that the mom is brainwashing Joy’s character that the Captain misses her and is in love with her, which gave Joy hope and thus, she carries out the mom’s orders.

Pim (Ploy) is found lying on Teera’s chest on a hammock as she tells him that she feels that his mom likes Kiti (Joy) more than her. Teera reassured her that she’s the future daughter in law, how can his mom like someone else more than her? Pim doesn’t look convinced. Ploy said that she hasn’t played this type of character before, someone who is very feminine, sweet and lovely. Ploy likes the script because it speaks to the human aspect of people. It speaks to a female’s insecurities and her perspective.

Ken explained that his character and Ploy’s are very much in love and we’ll see a buildup of that love before they marry so we are convinced of the feelings and relationship. There will be obstacles until finally, we see Ploy alone in a hotel room, the picture of her and Teera collapsing to the ground. She’s sitting on the bed beside a heart shape made of red roses, wilting between her fingers.

The man (Teera) decided to brace his heart and think that he doesn’t deserve to develop another relationship. Because if he had to choose between his mom or girlfriend, he is unable to do so. It’s pretty clear dude, that you chose your mom.. just saying. Teera then decided to be on his own.

Then enters Chompoo’s character, a kid that he grew up with and is one of his neighbors growing up. She secretly crushes on Teera, we see her asking him if he liked the mountains or the sea more. Teera replied that anything was fine. Chompoo’s character loves the sea and she invites him to spend time with her at the sea next time.

Chompoo’s character thinks that a relationship should exist between two people, not including his mother. Her character is not the type to wish someone bad things but she is outspoken. One day when she had the opportunity to meet with Teera’s mom, she was very straightforward with her. Chompoo’s character would confess that she loves the son and why is the mom worried? She’s going to die eventually, lol. But she soon thought to herself that she is not suitable for someone like him. In the scene with his mom, she asked the older lady how old she was this year. The mom answered that it wasn’t any of her business, but Chompoo’s character said to the mom that if she were to die today, how could she prevent Teera from loving someone? As Chompoo and Ken frolic in the woods, we hear the mom’s voice yelling in the background that whether she lives or dies, she will never allow Chompoo’s character to fulfill her love with Teera. Craazy.

Chompoo’s character is the one, Ken said, to actually tell Teera that the problem doesn’t lie in his mom, but it lies in him. Wow, so astute! As Chompoo’s character walks away from Teera, she tells him that when his mom is no longer with him, he can come back to her. And we hear this same phrase spoken by Ploy’s character and Cherry’s character.

The last person that enters Teera’s life- Noi explains that they were looking for a new n’ek and met with Marie. After talking to her, Noi thinks that Marie is very cute and she would be a good fit for the final character. When she (Marie) smiles, she’s vibrant. Especially, Marie’s character is a nurse and she needs to be good hearted. Marie appears and says that she’s very happy with the script (role.) It is a different role than what she has played in the past. It will enable her to experiment and gain more experience (as an actress). I hope so! If her past lakorns were any indication, she still needs a lot of work. Mayhaps Ken will be the cure?

The final clip of Perd Gong Wic 3 enabled us to see several cute, romantic scenes between Ken and his four love interests. Apparently this “hot stuff” has great chemistry with everyone!

Marie said that she’s very excited- and Ken hardly speaks to her, lol, but when they film, she learns so much from him and he’s very narak (cute.)

Cherry said that Ken helps her acting a lot too. When they were filming in Japan, they were under time constraints and couldn’t always re-take scenes and must act on the spot, so often times she’s confused. But Ken helps keep her in check.

Ploy smiles her sassy smile and said that she’s been waiting for so long (in regards to acting with Ken,) he’s a very cute person (behavior wise, cute can be used in many context) when he plays as your love interest, it’s believable. She has always wondered how he can remain as a pr’ek for so long, but after filming as his love interest, he is so very natural- especially when he’s with his love one, he’s holding your hands etc. She can believe that (while playing this role) that he really loves her character. Ken is very talented, truly talented; she has accepted this fact now. It’s so cute how she’s gushing about him. Celebrity crush!

As for Chompoo, her acting with Ken is the same as before. Everyone that is on set is familiar and she feels that she doesn’t get up every day just to go to work- it’s more about her going to meet with people she knows and those she enjoys spending time with.

We see more clips of Teera and his leading ladies (separately) telling his mom that they are in love. The mom is livid and reminded him that he has always told her that he wouldn’t love anyone but her. She tells him that there will be no other woman who would love him as much as her. Teera explained to his mother that he couldn’t stay with her for the rest of his life. And finally we see Teera hugging his final lady, Marie.

Ken would like to leave Rak Kon Tao Fah to your viewing pleasures. It is a good lakorn, if he does say so himself, it is dutifulness from a son to his mother, but most importantly, it is a lakorn that encompasses many “hot” nang’eks: Ploy, Chompoo, and Cherry. It is his and Noi’s debut attempt, so please stay tune!

If you are curious about Ken and his four leading ladies and you want to see how his crazy mom sabotages his relationships, do tune in! I’m sure there are some profound messages at the end, somewhere.