Vilai and family emerged from Darunee’s room after they had tucked her in bed. Vilai wanted to have Vey and Vi spend the night so they could take care of her, comforting someone during a tough time is a “golden” opportunity to get on that person’s good side. However, Vey and Vi didn’t heed their mother’s advice because they feared grandma’s spirit is still roaming the farm. Which leaves Aunt Kaew and Jingjaew to watch Darunee.

Athit stood by the door watching Darunee’s distraught condition. She was still crying in her sleep. He sat on the bed beside her as she murmured in her sleep. Athit grasped her hands with his and held tightly for comfort. She begged grandma to come back to her, don’t leave her- she’s now all alone in this world. Athit consoled her that she still has him. Darunee settled down with those words as Athit held on to her hands.

Eventually Darunee’s eyes opened and she sees Athit’s face. He tells her to rest well as he gets up off the bed. Aunt Kaew leans in to help her take her medicine and Athit watched on with concern.

The day of grandma Daeng’s cremation arrived. All Darunee could do is sit and cry by the casket, wishing for the same things that Athit had pleaded for at the foot of grandma’s bed. She felt everything was so late for her, she hasn’t finished school, she hasn’t worked, most importantly she didn’t have the opportunity to repay grandma’s generosity. With wretched tears, Darunee said that she didn’t get to hug grandma, didn’t get to tell her that she loved her, she didn’t even get to see grandma’s face for the last time. After signaling for her kids to comfort Darunee, Vey and Vi came by to console her. Vey told her that he’s here for her now, she didn’t need to cry. Delusional fool.

Not able to handle the scene before him, Athit left. Maybe he’s wishing that he was the one to openly comfort her in public? As he walks aimlessly down the path, he came across a familiar face. His father.. who showed up at the farm that he ran away from many years ago. With mournful tears, his dad kneeled in front of grandma’s casket. Athit’s uncle walked in and peered curiously at his brother’s back.

Atop the hill, grandma’s casket is set afire. Everyone stood around, crying, giving their final farewell to grandma, as grandma’s voice offered her final nugget of wisdom.

Athit stood alone, gazing over the mountains. He asked his uncle if he could bury her gravestone at her favorite spot. His uncle said that he would have to ask Darunee and see if she consented. Vilai is absolutely against this as she thinks that grandma would not rest in peace without proper religious burial.

Apparently she doesn’t know grandma at all. Upon the reading of the will, grandma gave her offspring’s even amount of cash, 30 million baht. The remaining items that belonged to grandma (including farm etc.) lies in will #2, which will be read when Darunee finishes college. While Darunee is still attending college, Athit will be her sole guardian. (Yours truly is jumping for joy.) Athit is surprised, Vilai and family are surprised too. Athit’s dad rescinded the offer for the 30 million baht because he felt he didn’t do his part in help caring for his younger siblings or help grandma care for the farm. He felt it was only fair that they take his share. Vilai agreed.

And finally, grandma would like Athit to move into her room and install her gravestone at her favorite spot – she indicated on the will that he knew where it was.

Athit’s dad is very proud of him, and he hope that he can continue grandma’s legacy. Even though he didn’t receive anything, Athit was happy enough to care for the farm in her wake. That is, until the person who is meant to care for the farm takes his place (I think he’s referring to Nee’s future hubby, lol.)

Grandma’s two sons came face to face. Athit’s uncle thanked his dad for all that he has done. Athit’s dad said that he should be the one to thank him- for taking care of their younger siblings in his place. Athit’s uncle used to be angry at him, but he credited his current success to the tough time he had growing up. Athit’s dad regretted running away in the past but Athit’s uncle said that if he didn’t do it, would Athit had the opportunity to take care of grandma’s farm today? Excellent point uncle! And they made up with tears of joy.

The next day, Athit and Darunee were planning on burying the gravestone. Before they left, Aunt Kaew equipped them with a letter from grandma, who had given the envelope to her a while ago.

At the burial site, where the green grass grows and pretty white flowers adorn the bushes, Athit told Darunee that grandma likes to visit the spot often when Darunee was at school. She liked to look over her land and admire what it has become. Saddened at the prospect, Darunee’s tears continues to roll down her face. Athit took out the envelope and urged her to read the letter that is addressed to them. Darunee is crying as she reads it out loud:

“To Athit and Darunee, my beloved grandchildren: by the time this letter has reached your hands, I have already left this world. I would like to thank you both for fulfilling my dreams and happiness. I am so very lucky to witness your growth into a respective man and woman, the beauty in both body and mind. I am so pleased to see my own land, the fruits of my labor with every breath that I take. And relieved to have my grandchildren who will care for this land in my stead. This is enough to make me rest in peace. For Athit, I ask that you take care of Darunee in my place. And Darunee please love and respect Athit. I truly believe that Athit can fulfill my duty by caring for Darunee very well. With the greatest love to you both, Grandma Daeng.”

Darunee hugged the letter to her heart and cried. Athit pulled her into his arms, comforting her and promising her that he will take care of this little sister of his until someone (worthy) takes over. Darunee cried into his shoulder. In my mind I imagined that he didn’t add “until someone else takes over..” sigh.

They walked along the beautiful green rice field. Darunee said “it is as beautiful as I have dreamed it would be.. but it would be even more beautiful if us three can stand here and enjoy it together.”

Athit put his arm around her shoulder and told her that they are, grandma is with them at the farm. This seems to comfort Darunee as she realizes that grandma will stay on the farm, forever.

Now that the consolation scene is complete, we have to show who’s boss! Since grandma passed away, the meager farm workers decided that they no longer have to work until they were told to. The three stooges at the manager said that the rest of the owners are not dead. The meager farm worker, being disrespectful, asked them who’s going to take over the farm for grandma? He started listing how everyone is incapable of managing the farm. When Athit and Darunee appeared, he challenged Athit to a fight. If Athit wins, then he is worthy of being the boss.

Athit was more than happy to oblige. He let the farm worker throw the first punch. But immediately, Athit pounced on him with several punches to the face until the farm worker fell to the ground. Then suddenly, the other farm workers jumped in and decided to get pummeled in the face too. Finally, after they have had enough beating, they called him boss. Athit looked at them and said that grandma has recently passed, why couldn’t they respect her spirit? If this occurs again, Athit would fire each one of them. Yeah, you show them who’s boss!

At the farmhouse, Darunee was afraid that they would cause even more problems for Athit. But Athit was convinced that the farm workers wanted to see if the remaining family members were tough enough to handle the farm. Fighting was a way to show them that he is strong but he’s not always going to have to fight them. The best solution, Athit thinks, is to show them that he could handle them. Darunee looked on with awe. She believes he could solve any problems, which made him laugh and hurt from the blow on his lips. Vey walked in on time to see Darunee examining Athit’s lips closely.

When Darunee went to grab the medicine for Athit’s lips, Vey asked Athit what the hell had happened. Athit explained that he had a run in with the farm workers and Nee was looking after the cut on his lips. But Vey was convinced that it was a small cut and Athit was trying to get Nee’s sympathy. Athit stood up, giving him a stare down. Vey warned him that if he loved grandma, he needed to do as she bid and not overstep the boundaries of his guardianship. Athit balled his fist and replied “yes” and left.

Darunee came back and wondered where Athit went. Vey told him that Athit complained that his work at the farm is already hard, now that he has to be her guardian, he wouldn’t be able to eat or sleep. Darunee was saddened by the words but Aunt Kaew spoke on Athit’s behalf and that he would never say something like that. Vey you can’t even measure up to the guy so you’re going to talk shit?! But the seed has been planted and Darunee is afraid she is just another duty for Athit.

By dinner time, she told Aunt Kaew not to bother Athit about eating with her. She felt that he might be too tired to worry about a ward like her. Athit came in time and told her that he was not tired, unless the ward doesn’t want her guardian to care for her anymore. Lol. So flipping cute.

Nee turned around with a smile and invited him to dine with her. Aunt Kaew is so cute, Nee had invited her to dine with them but she kept making excuses so they could be alone.

She looked awkwardly at him, so he asked her if she was uncomfortable eating alone with him. Did she fear someone would be unhappy? Stop instigating, Athit!

“And who are you referring to?” Darunee asked.

“I don’t know, I’m just asking. If you’re unhappy I can eat with Uncle Kreang.” He gets up to leave.

As he walks away she said, “you’re going to leave me alone then?”

He turned around, and she looked sadly at him.

After dinner they walked through the farm and Darunee asked him about staying in grandma’s room. He indicated that once she goes back to school, he will take care of that, didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable. Then Darunee asked him about Tawan.

“I’m going to raise him like before. But regarding his mother, I’m not going to bother. I’ve never bothered with her since the beginning.”

Darunee thanked him for not abandoning Tawan. With a smile, she then said that she hoped he wouldn’t abandon this ward of his too, lol.

“Now with this person, I would never abandon,” he reassured her, “this ward might be even bored of her guardian first.”

Darunee shook her head.

After looking at her too much, Athit forced himself to leave. Darunee warned him to be careful, he might encounter a snake. Athit teased her that should he encounter one, he would be sure to scream from the top of his lungs. Lol.

The morning of her departure back to Bangkok, Darunee visited grandma’s gravestone to say goodbye. Darunee opened up the conversation about her illegitimacy.

“P’Athit, you do realize that I’m not really related to grandma?”

“I didn’t know,” he said. “I admit that sometimes I have wondered, every time you talked to grandma about this. I didn’t dare inquire because I felt it was your personal business. I figured, once you’re ready to tell me, then you would do it on your own.”

“It’s time now..” Darunee answered. She proceeded to tell him that she was the child of grandma’s father’s last wife but she does not belong to him. Her mom had an affair with another man and had her. She has never met her father. Grandma had adopted her based on pity, that was all. Athit consoled her. Darunee continued that when she first met Athit, she was very jealous because he was the real grandson and he would take the affection away.

Athit smiled, “If I had known, I wouldn’t have meddled. I only messed with you because I needed to reprimand a stubborn kid.”

“I’m not stubborn anymore, I’m a good kid,” she said. “So if anyone thinks I was acting that way because I wanted grandma’s inheritance, they are thinking it on their own. You should be relieved that I don’t want to take anyone’s inheritance.”

“That’s not why I’m relieved,” Athit said with a grin.

“Then why are you smiling?”

He paused and looked at her shyly, “I’m smiling because you’re not my great-aunt.”

She turned away with a smile.

They arrived to Darunee’s condo in Bangkok. She invited him to her condo for a break until the traffic dies down. He was afraid it was inappropriate. Darunee laughed, she asked if he wanted her to put a sign on him that he was her brother? He warned her not to trust people so easily, lol. She said that he was the exception, if she couldn’t trust him, she couldn’t trust anyone else in this world. Darunee is too cute! She pulled him by the hand into the condo where they stepped into a crowded elevator. The students looked at them awkwardly.

When they got to her room she wondered why everyone was staring at them like that. Athit told her that they were a traditional society, if she was in public with him it would be ok, but she brought a man to her personal space so people would think negatively. Also, Athit thinks that she hasn’t brought any one else to her room before this. Darunee told him that she trusted him- then she smiled when he told her not to trust anyone else, and especially, not to bring any men or be alone with them because it’s dangerous.

“Yes sir, your guardianship,” Darunee said as she gave him a glass of water. He is sitting on her couch as she kneels by the coffee table. “Anything else that I need to be aware of?” she asked as she peered directly into his eyes.

“There is, and this is an important part,” he said as he looked in her eyes. She leaned in closer, and they are almost face to face. “Do not smile and make eye contact like this with any other guy.”

She pulled back a bit and scrunched her face, “why not?”

“Because.. it’s” he started as she leans in even closer.

“If you’re going to warn me,” she said, “you should have a reason correct?”

“The reason.. “ he looked at her, trying to find one. “No reason! But as your guardian, I’m ordering you not to smile at another guy like that ever.”

“Will do,” she relented and leaned in with another smile, “but I can smile like this only with you, right?”

Caught off guard with her proximity and intense look, Athit downed a glass of water in one gulp and awkwardly dismissed himself.

At the end of the door, he leaned against it with his heart beating rapidly in his chest. Haha, you know you’re not resistant to that adorable face, Athit!!

The next morning Athit came by to tell her that his car wouldn’t start and it’s at the mechanic, so he wouldn’t be able to take her to school. Darunee asked what he was doing until then and he told her that he had a few errands to run and customers to meet. She volunteered to take him on his errands since she didn’t have class until the afternoon.

Didn’t realize that she meant taking him via tuk tuk, lol, but a great way to have two bodies close to each other!

Toon came to see Darunee, but learned that a man had picked her up. Assuming that it was Vey, but coincidentally she ran into him and it was determined that Athit was the one to pick Nee up. Vey volunteered to take Toon to school but they get into a verbal battle in the car, she’s always throwing verbal jabs at him. When he tried to flirt with her, she told him to drop her off on the side of the road. When she climbed into the cab, she noticed her dream man buying a drink. She gets off immediately and starts looking for him. Wow, persistent aren’t we? Immediately she calls Nee, telling her that she saw her dream man again.

Athit’s car was finally fixed and he dropped Darunee off at school. She’s trying to introduce him to Toon, but he said that they can do it next time because he was afraid the car may give him trouble once he’s on the road. She looked like she wanted to say something so he asked her what is wrong.

She said, “this ward unfortunately doesn’t have any money. If the guardian doesn’t give her any money, she wouldn’t be able to feed herself.”

“I’m sorry, I had forgotten. I’ll transfer your allowance immediately.”

Happy, she thanked him profusely, and put her head on his shoulder. He placed his hand on her head and didn’t want to remove it, but finally did with a ‘there was a stick in your hair’ excuse. Sure, Athit.

As he drives off, Toon comes running out and they both want to tell each other something at the same time. Toon is totally head over heels for her dream man. Darunee really wanted to introduce her to Athit but promised to show the picture to her and she will surely see.

Back at the farm, Athit asked the three stooges to take a photo of him so he could send it to Darunee. They teased him again, lol. I just adore their interactions. Athit stood stock still while taking the photos, not sure what to do with himself. They teach him how to pose. So while he’s in his natural state, the guys snuck and started taking pictures of him.

Darunee smiled at all of the photos of him and called Toon to tell her she had pictures of P’Athit to show her.

As she looked at the last picture, Darunee said to his picture that she used to did him wrong before, but now she’s going to take care of everything. Oh god, I hope she’s not trying to hook him up with Toon. Surly she will only end up hurting herself!

The next morning Vey came to take her to school and noticed that she had Athit’s pictures. Darunee told him that she wanted to show them to Toon because she’s cheering for the two to be an item. Vey took the pictures without her knowing, lol, apparently he didn’t want Toon to see Athit either! The one thing I appreciated!

At the farm, Vilai is reviewing the accounting books. She openly asked Athit when they would start seeing even more profits. He said that it would take a few years because of the natural disasters that ruined a few of their crops. Vilai questioned his due diligence in book keeping, he is only responsible for reviewing the final accounting book, not to keep the numbers as they have specialists for that. Aunt Kaew totally has his back as she defended him.

As he walked him out, Vilai mentioned that she heard he was continuing his education- bachelor’s degree. She hoped that he wasn’t doing that so he could treat the business like it’s his own. This lady is relentless! So afraid that he would take her money. She should be glad, because he’s only getting more experience and education to better the farm, in which, everyone will benefit in the end. Vilai felt that he’s getting a higher education because he wanted to compete with her son and Nee. Athit adamantly told her that he’s continuing his education for exactly that- more education, not to compete with anyone. He said that he couldn’t compare to Vey or Nee anyway, which appeased her for the moment. She kept repeating that grandma wants Vey and Nee to be an item. It must be exhausting to be in her presence.

Darunee is taking her test and she recalled that at the end of her term, she would return to help him with the farm. Athit assured her in the letter that he would take good care of the farm, waiting for her return. He reported the progress of the farms to her, excited for her to see the changes. At the end of the letter he says that he worries about her. After reading this, Darunee was touched and stared longingly away.

Vey finally graduated and came to visit the girls. He is still deciding on what he would do with his career.

The rice grains have matured, enough to actually become its full shape and form. The farm workers all wondered out loud that it would be nice to have Darunee there with them, to encourage them. Athit said that even if Darunee or grandma is not there, they needed to perform their best in cutting the stalks . He asked how many helpers they had.. then everyone heard Darunee’s voice adding herself with the group.

Everyone beamed with joy when they saw her. They worked together in chopping the leaves. So cute. Later, they presented the grains to grandma at the gravestone. Darunee said that next year she wouldn’t come to help him. She will be back to live here again. Athit asked grandma to be the witness. Darunee wondered if Athit didn’t believe that she would come back to live here or that she would finish her education in three years.

“I’m sure you will finish early but I’m not sure if you will return. Bangkok has so much more to offer you,” discouraged he walked away.

She followed him, “But Bangkok doesn’t have mountains or land where I can develop to support ourselves.. they don’t have grandma nor P’Athit.”

He turned around and muttered, “Nee..”

“I’m coming back to live here, P’Athit. Grandma is our witness,” she said.

Darunee left the farm to go back to Bangkok.

Later Athit prepared to deliver the grains to the customer in Bangkok. Athit carried Tawan in his arms. He told Tawan to let dad know if the workers are not doing their job (how cute! He referred to himself as dad!) Athit will be spending two days in Bangkok. Him and Tawan exchange hugs and kisses as he prepares to leave. I like seeing Athit as a father figure.

He arrived in front of Darunee’s condo and takes out the key that Darunee gave him the last time he came. She gave him permission to stay there in case he needed to rest for a few hours.

Later that day, Toon was in her car when she saw her dream man crossing the street. She called after him, trying to get his attention but it didn’t work. She’s totally freaking out when she saw Darunee. Complaining that in this lifetime she will never get to meet him.

Ah, the time has come to introduce Toon to Athit. As much as I’m not looking forward to it, I’d rather just get it over with already. Darunee sees Athit walking towards her as Toon is still freaking out about not being able to meet her dream man, then Darunee described what the dream man was wearing. Toon turned around and there he was, the man she’s been meaning to meet.

Stunned speechless, she was only able to stare dumbfounded. She pulled Darunee to the side and told Athit that they will be right back. Hyperventilating, Toon tells Darunee that Athit and her dream man are the same person. Darunee tells her to breathe.

Darunee made the formal introduction. Toon told her about the first time they’ve met, but Athit couldn’t recall. She described the situation and he finally remembered. Darunee invited him over to the condo and they will cook him a meal. Toon couldn’t help but spasm in front of him.

When Darunee got to her room, Athit had decorated the plants from the farm all over her condo. That was so sweet, Darunee was touched. She smelled food and Darunee went to the kitchen, he had already prepared some for them.

Toon kept complimenting that his actions are so cute.

That is true, my dear, but Athit is for Darunee so HANDS OFF!

Ha, just kidding, just a little psycho fan watching going on over here.

Golly, I can’t imagine how this could get any cuter between Nong Nee and Athit, but I’m sure there’s still more in store for us! I’m sure your face is hurting as much as mine.

Ok, so spasm aside, here are my actual thoughts. I’ve really enjoyed this episode because we can see that the feelings are getting stronger for the two, although they are not at full fledge love, but they are noticing that their hearts beat faster when they are around each other. Darunee has learned to respect and trust Athit and looking up to him as her true guardian/brother. She just doesn’t realize her feelings for him, or when it has developed. Athit is becoming a real man, with real problems and responsibilities. He’s not only responsible for Tawan and the farm, but now Darunee. We see him achieving his dreams of being an adept farmer, now he will have time to focus on other aspects of his life, like love. Thus the introduction of Toon who will help him differentiate his true feelings (for Darunee.) Ah.. our love story is going to get very complicated. Conflicts and love interests!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode folks!

*As per usual, pic credit to BarryYa FB