Our lakorn takes on a somber tone, where Athit must decide what he will do with his future.

In episode 6, Athit is still sick from the banana farm debacle and didn’t have the opportunity to confide in his grandma, the transgressions he thought he may have committed.

As he lay in bed, his three farm workers, whom he thought were loyal to him and loved him, came crawling into his room. With his eyes still shut, he listened to their tormented concessions, apologizing profusely for betraying him. They could have told him, they wanted to tell him, and now they want to die for deceiving him.

Athit opened his eyes irritatingly and look at the three sad faces. He sat up and told them the misfortune part about it all was that he had just written a letter to his family telling them how much he loved being at the farm. That he enjoyed working with a group of people who respected him and trusted him. He didn’t name any names, but he was referring to the three guys. At this point, all three really wanted to die. They begged him to just kill them because they wouldn’t be able to take it if they were dead in his eyes.

Athit soon realized that Darunee had devised this plan, he recalled her curt words the other morning and never imagined that she would hate him to this extent. She wanted to humiliate him, then good for her, because she succeeded. Athit also hypothesized that she hated him since the first time she laid eyes on him.

But Athit didn’t realize that Darunee is slowly turning over a new leaf. She feels sick to her stomach that she is the root of his problem- she, herself, doesn’t notice that she is doing sweet things to try to make it up to him: laundry, mending his shirt, cooking for him.

Grandma is happy that she had the talk with Athit and Darunee. Deep down she can only hope that her prayers are answered (I personally think she’s hoping that they would fall in love- because that’s what I’m hoping too!)

Much to her chagrin however, she learned that Athit was accused of raping Thongprasiri. Thongprasiri and parents came to her farm and wanted justice. Shocked, grandma bide time to talk to Athit first. But she could see that her dreams are falling by the wayside as she recalled a previous conversation with Athit- he had wanted to tell her about something he did wrong. She gave him the benefit of the doubt and listened.

Darunee had learned of this as well and eavesdrop by Athit’s cabin. She listened attentively to the conversation.

Athit confided that he was very drunk that night. He was wrong to be drunk. He had promised his mother that he would not lose his conscience and the first time he got drunk, this had to happen to him. He took full responsibility of losing his conscience. However, he too was not certain that he had even “slept” with Thongprasiri. He doesn’t remember. After only meeting her once, does he have to take responsibility? Athit admitted that he would take full responsibility if he really did those things, but since he wasn’t certain, he needed to ask her a few questions. It was decided that he would ask those questions should they reappear for an answer.

He excused himself to complete his farming tasks and as he leaves, they both noticed Darunee standing by the cabin.

Guilty and sad, she looked at Athit.

As he walked away, Darunee walked to her grandma and feels remorseful for what she had done. Grandma told her that Athit didn’t blame anyone but himself. Darunee lamented that that is the reason why she feels even more remorsed and responsible.

Athit realized that his vegetable garden is dried up. Ever since the incident at the banana farm, he too had neglected it. Angry at himself, he foregoed eating and worked hard in reviving the vegetables. Uncle Kreang noticed this and yelled at Athit’s three cohorts and the manager (Toon) that they could have reminded the other farm workers to water the plants. Darunee overheard this and felt bad for Athit again. She brought food over to him to make sure he eats and doesn’t get even sicker.

Her method of encouraging him to eat is to make him guilty. She said that if he doesn’t eat, grandma would be concerned- if he doesn’t take his medicine, then grandma would have to call on the doctor again. Athit looked forlornly at her and said that he must be so much trouble to everyone. While he ate lunch, Darunee snuck over to his house and cleaned it: dusting the table, making his bed and sweeping the floor. She even went to the extent of assembling his medicine and writing a note for him to take it.

As Athit made his way back to his house, sweaty and sick with fever, he reads the note that Darunee wrote: drink water, take medicine, and finish the water! He followed the order and crawled into bed. Darunee watched from afar and came in closer to feel his forehead. Noticing that his temperature is high, she towel washed him and changed his clothes.

Meanwhile back at the farm, news spread that Athit has a wife and that is Thongprasiri. The three stooges were flabbergasted and denied the news. But they decided to see to Athit. As they made their way to his cabin, they noticed someone in his bedroom. Assuming that Thongprasiri was there to rape their master, they all went in to find out. Much to their surprise, it was Darunee who was under the cover!

She embarrassingly said that she was here just to wash his clothes and walked away quickly.

Thongprasiri and family (with a police offer in tow) came to obtain the answer from grandma. They were belligerent, loud and very rude demanding that justice be made. Athit’s uncle was also there (with his family) and demand that they all talk in peace. Thongprasiri kept accusing Athit of raping her and said that he must take her as his wife.

Athit entered the scene with his brood (the three stooges) and demanded that before he takes her as his wife, he needed to ask a few questions. First he wanted to know how the “rape” scene was played out. Thongprasiri said that he was very drunk, he came to her room and forced himself on her and covered her mouth with his hands so she wasn’t able to scream and shout for help. Athit asked whatever happened to her two sisters and parents? The story sounded fishy to everyone’s ears. She claimed that he had her hands on her mouth so she couldn’t make a sound- Viyada jumped to his defense and said that she didn’t scream for help because she wanted Athit to rape her! Athit then asked who took his pants off. He utilized a secure pin to keep his pants in place and it takes effort to remove it. She kept saying that he was the one to take it off. Even the three stooges came to his defense and said that it took them more than 10 minutes to take it off. At any rate, whoever took off his pants, the father claimed that his daughter was taken advantaged of and he needed to take responsibility.

Grandma asked Athit what he wanted to do. Athit asked for a few days to think about this and will send an answer to them.

The belligerent family left and Athit and his family congregated in the living room. Athit learned that there are a few ways to solve this problem; the long way is to fight it in court. As Athit left to think this through, Vilai (his uncle’s wife) wanted a word with him. She laid out the consequences of fighting the case in court to him. Both his father and uncle will reap the consequences as well, they will be embarrassed, ashamed not to mention black marked at their work. Not only that, if he chose to fight this, it will take time and eventually will ruin their family’s reputation. There is a lot on the line and Vilai wanted to make sure Athit will think it through carefully. Athit admitted that he knows and is aware of the consequences. He did not harm the lady because he loves his mother very much and would not harm a woman. Vilai conceded that he might not have done it and no one is saying that he did, but there are serious consequences should he decide to fight Thongprasiri in court.

With the heavy load on his mind, Athit sits by the waterfall to clear his head.

Meanwhile, Darunee was helping Aunt Kaew make banana dessert. Upon which Aunt Kaew and Uncle Kreang were chatting about how uncomfortable it is to serve Athit this dessert after what had happened with the banana farm. Darunee felt ashamed again and decided to deliver the dessert to Athit. When she got to his house, the three stooges were making lunch. Just as she was about to leave, Athit walked in and learned that Darunee was the one who washed him and cleaned his house. He thanked her but she walked away, embarrassed and not sure how to handle the gratitude. The guys teased him about Darunee, that she would be the perfect match for him.

Athit however, said that they were like the sun and the moon, they take their turns ruling the day and night, but could never be together.

The tone continued to turn very sad as Darunee, Aunt Kaew and grandma sit in the living room, taking deep breaths. They were all concerned about what Athit will decide with his future. Will he make Thonprasiri his wife or fight her in court? Whatever Athit decides, Darunee told grandma that she could still work with him in taking care of the farm. Aunt Kaew was afraid that Thongprasiri would be too jealous and not make the relationship work. But Darunee, like Athit, compared them to the sun and the moon, that they can never be.

That night Athit thought about his options. Darunee prayed in bed that he would make the right decision; otherwise, she too will regret it and feel responsible for the rest of her life.

As Athit bowed to grandma the next morning, everyone held their breaths as he told them what he has decided. He didn’t want to ruin grandma’s reputation; he didn’t want this to draw out longer than it has; he didn’t want this to waste his time, his mind and his energy no more; he wanted it to be over. So, Athit has decided that he will take responsibility for Thongprasiri. Grandma, Darunee and Aunt Kaew all drew in their breath with shock, but could not do anything about it.

Later that day, Athit was at the vegetable garden, the three stooges teased him about Darunee, saying that if they were the sun and the moon, they would probably sneak around to see each other. Annoyed, he sprayed the water on them. Darunee had come to get Athit because the Thonprasiris’ were here to receive their answers.

As they walk back to the house, Darunee asked him if he had thought about it carefully. Athit told her that he didn’t want to waste any more time, than he already has. Darunee was convinced that if he would take a little more time to think it through, no one would fault him. She indicated that having a family is a very important decision in life.. But she was very animated in her talk that she walked right into his back. He turned around in time to catch her before she falls. They looked into each other’s eyes.

Athit replid that it was not important to him, “The most important thing to me right now is to prove myself again to everyone, but if this upsets you, I apologize (in advance.)”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Darunee asked.

“I may have fallen, but I will get up and fight.”

She looked guiltily at him.

“Thank you very much,” he said, “for making me stronger amidst the hardships in life.” He takes a step further and continues, “And thank you, for helping me memorize what a wild banana look like.”


Darunee watched him walk away with self-loathing.

The meeting was called for Thongprasiri and her family. They had requested a large dowry but Athit said that he didn’t have any money. He’s working on the farm for free because grandma is sending his sisters to school. The family wanted to marriage so badly they said it was ok with no dowry then but they must pay for the wedding. Athit again said that he doesn’t have any money but grandma will pay a small fee for the wedding. Also, he would not sign the marriage agreement because he has already signed another agreement back at home (what?!) Everyone looked at him all shocked (me too!) So Thongprasiri agreed to be his mistress..

After the negotiation, grandma goes into her bedroom and asked to be alone. She sits on her bed as disappointment (about her dreams) plays on her face.

I can only think to myself, poor Athit.

Episode 6 offered a mixture of both sad and gloomy outlook on the reality of our leading man but slightly uplifting in a way because it will hopefully end the dispute between Athit and Darunee, as well as giving Darunee (our trouble maker) a little dose of accountability- because after all- she is the root of his problem.

And finally, you just want to cry on Athit’s behalf with the injustice of it all. I’m going to sulk in my misery now!

*Pictures credit to BarryYa FB.