Your jealousy and shenanigans are starting to wear on me, no matter how cute you look while doing it. Like grandma, I too wonder when you and Athit will stop fighting. Will it go on much longer?

In episode 4 of Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong, we learn more about Athit’s character and his determination to prove everyone wrong, especially the likes of Darunee, who wish to see him fail. Much to my hope that he will succeed this time around, the set up and the mood of the story is shifting, and something impending is about to happen.

In the onset of this episode, we are brought back to Athit trying to dry Darunee’s hair after their water fight earlier. She wanted to prove to him that she was not a “child” and stood still while he assesses her face. As he leans in however, she panics and pushes him away, misunderstanding his intentions. He was merely trying to remove a bug from her hair and he asked her what she thought he was going to do? Lol. And he called her a “child” again. That got her defensive and she balked that she didn’t like being called a child.

This gave Athit an opportunity to teach her a thing or two about manners and what one does to be considered an “adult.” Funny how a “true” adult needed to be reminded of her manners, which really goes to show that she still has a lot of growing up to do? She told Athit to not do anything for her that will require gratitude.

Once they got back to the house, she told grandma on him, that she was all dirty because of Athit. Grandma asked if she just stood there and did nothing?  Lol. Seeing the way that Athit was dirty too, if she were to punish anyone, they both would be punished. Next, Darunee didn’t want to share the same bathroom as him so he had to shower by the kitchen. She also got angry when Aunt Kaew decided to offer him the soap that she made. She’s possessive about minor things too!

Once dried, grandma gave the shirt that she made for her husband to Athit. She told him that his grandfather cherished it and would not wear it for fear of damaging it. Grandma thought he should be the one to wear it. Overhearing this, Darunee said that she wanted a shirt too! To appease her, grandma gave Darunee her own shirt. At the farm, the workers teased the two reminded them of grandma and grandpa back in the day. Upset, Darunee told Athit to go and change his clothes. Athit replied that if she couldn’t stand the teasing, then she should change, lol. Clearly Athit will not give her an inch. Maybe that is why she is so irked by him?

During lunch time, Athit hid away to read a letter from his family. It was very touching when he placed the letter against his chest, so grateful for his family’s thoughtfulness and love. Darunee accused him of sneaking and reading a letter from his girlfriend. She thinks that when one has a girlfriend/boyfriend, one is distracted and cannot focus. Grandma told her that he was only reading a letter from his father.

After lunch, Athit asked his grandma to do the honor and plant his first vegetable; it will provide him good luck and blessings. In the garden, Grandma gave him well wishes and a token of wisdom that he if conduct himself like a plant or a root and be mindful of the earth in which he lives in, no matter what obstacles he faced, he will overcome it. Darunee watched the workers and grandma plant the vegetables and could not help but smile. She wanted to do it too. When she noticed that the workers are doing it all wrong (in her eyes) it was time to step in and show them how it’s done. Grandma and Athit watched with humor as she showed the workers how to plant the vegetables. She just couldn’t help herself could she, despite hating to help Athit with anything?

That night, Darunee became irritated that Athit was playing the instrument while she was trying to study for her entrance exam. Shaking her head, Grandma voiced her concerns out loud to Aunt Kaew. Can they be good together? They were the only ones she can rely on.. Aunt Kaew advised that if anyone could convince Darunee of his worth, it would be Athit. He had many sisters and Aunt Kaew was sure he could find a way to change Darunee’s mind. Well, at least one of us is sure!

Grandma approached Darunee that night and made her aware of grandma’s love for her. That even if she does not pass the entrance exam, grandma would not be upset. As long as Darunee tried with all of her heart, grandma will always be happy with the outcome. Grandma says that education is acquired not only through a classroom, but through hands on experience and learning in the field as well. Darunee said that she will do her best, for grandma. You can see that the cast chemistry is amazing, and that Darunee is not just a petulant child, she really does want to be the best in grandma’s eyes.

Athit penned a response to his parents. He was happy that he is now following his dreams to be a full fledge farmer.

The next day, Vilai and her brood came to pester grandma again. This time she wanted to see if she could borrow any of grandma’s jewelry for a social event that night. Unfortunately, grandma did not invest in collecting jewelry but she did have a box of her treasures. Vilai and the brood perked up at the thought and wanted to see her treasure chest. It turns out that the chests were filled with agricultural books! Hey, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

As Athit rode by a farm, he noticed banana trees, which inspired him for his next endeavor. Grandma had wanted to discuss with him regarding some land she had that wasn’t being used. He told her that he was interested in utilizing the land to “plant.” Everyone thought that he intended to plant more vegetables and thought he may be spreading himself too thin (time wise.) How was he able to care for the orange, vegetable and now a new land of plants? It turns out that he wanted to plant a banana farm instead. He felt that bananas have many uses and they were easy to care for. Grandma approves!

Later that day, Darunee fumed in her room, frustrated that he was getting grandma’s approvals. Aunt Kaew stopped by and tried to console her. Darunee said that she wasn’t just being a selfish, unreasonable person (ahem) but (in her defense) he hasn’t done anything that is successful yet and already grandma was so proud of him. If he was actually successful, wouldn’t she lose completely then? Good point. Aunt Kaew turned the tables on her and told her that she had plenty of time to prove herself to grandma. But the best and most immediate way is to pass her entrance exam. Once she has done that, it wouldn’t be too late to come back and fight Athit for grandma’s affections. This fueled Darunee to be happier and determined to pass the entrance examinations.

While she was studying, she heard the instruments playing again and frustrated, she stomped her way to Athit’s home- prepared to give him a piece of her mind. Before she approached him however, she overheard the workers talking to him. They said that he was well suited for Darunee! Flabbergasted, Darunee listened. Athit replied to the workers that for one, she hates him and has never said a nice word to him. Secondly, he does not like females who are childish (lol) and he doesn’t like to waste time consoling a sulky person. Darunee’s mouth hung open as the words hit her. Not sure if she was angry that he was calling her a child (again) or because he didn’t admit his love for her!

The next morning, Darunee had to get Athit because grandma had sent her. Hostile about having to get him all the time, she finds him on the tractor.  Athit couldn’t help but tease her that she came to get him because she misses him. Appalled, Darunee climbs the tractor and starts hitting him, whereby she stumbles and falls from the tractor. Scraping her knees and hurting herself, Darunee struggles to get up and refuses Athit’s help. After falling for the second time, eventually she relents that Athit can give her a piggy back ride. They are always so cute together. Athit then gave her a ride on the bike while she screamed at him the entire way.. the workers watched on with shock, they weren’t sure if they were flirting with love or about to kill each other.

Athit helped Darunee care for her scrapes, but the more he tries, the more pain he incurs and she torments him back.

Meanwhile a progress with Thonprasri’s story: the man that she was screwing around with turns out to be using her. He jilted her at the alter and she finally realized that he was using her. She did not admit this to any of her family members. So now, we see a start of a new problem.

Also, the bananas that Athit was planning on growing turns out to be bananas that could not be eaten. The manager knew this and tells Darunee, knowing that Darunee wanted to see Athit failed and will not report to grandma. Darunee admitted that she will surely tell, but not right now. She wanted to see an arrogant person like Athit learn a lesson. Unfortunately, this is a very mean spirited and evil endeavor on Darunee’s part, which I’m sure, will in turn teach her a lesson too. I can see Darunee as being a bully and mean but to be so completely wasteful and mean spirited? No, didn’t see that coming. But a grand lesson requires a grand mistake, I suppose.

Why could this mistake hurt Athit? Because the worst thing in the world is to be insulted and then, for the insults to turn out true. He was adamant that he could prove her wrong. And if he couldn’t? Pain and shame will inevitably follow.

I’m so afraid for what’s coming. He’s such a good guy, does he really deserve this? I will be watching Ep 5 and 6 with anxiety.

Oh, what to do with Darunee.