“I have never loved you!”

Pan said to Chai in Ep 2 of “Bhupa Praemai” as she tries to get the reality into his thick skull. Which pretty much sums up this episode nicely, took about 7 parts out of 8 for Chai to realize that they are over, done, finito.

Someone should give him the book “She’s just not that into you” or maybe “how to get over a gold digger for dummies” because he’s obtuse and pathetic. Deny deny deny seems to be his motto.

Mayhaps you can use your fast forward button on your laptop and bypass Chai’s pathetic-ness, if that is even a word. Better yet, maybe just skip episode 2 altogether.

Clearly several things got under my skin,.

For one, the main characters had no interaction with each other, except for the final 9 minutes- if you consider glancing at each other an “interaction.” But we’ll get into that in a bit.

So apparently Pan and Aunt Da has been trying to help Praemai escape her unfortunate fate of marriage to someone she does not love. They are doing this more for their benefit then to help Praemai, but Praemai, being the naïve and glass half full kind of girl, does not realize this.

Once again they try to help her escape, this time, she will attempt to runaway to America, hoping that it is far enough and will deter Prince Sangchai. Attempt is a lose word as she gets caught by her mother even before she could leave the premise of her home.

Upon which, her mom decides to take away her freedom (but didn’t she already do that by handing her off to marry a prince against her will?) and tells her that she is not allowed to go anywhere without the presence of her or the prince.

Praemai is appalled but doesn’t defy her mother, which indicates a bit of dilemma on her character’s part. She’s a good girl, polite, naïve and etc, had enough gall to runaway the first time but can’t give her mom and prince a piece of her mind?! I guess that would go against her character’s grain. I mean, I’ll give her credit that she at least tells the Prince that she does not want to be his bride.

Which leads me to fume about her mother who’s forcing the daughter to marry a prince because she gave him her word. Apparently her words are much more important than her daughter.

Wow lots of irrational characters.

Moving on to some developments regarding the bro’s “Praemai…”

Bhupa returns home after his trip to Chiang Mai and we learn what a tight knit family he has: him, P’Chai and mom. This will help set up his anger on P’Chai’s behalf when he finds out that Praemai is really not a good person: someone who used his brother for his money and then leaves him.

At any rate, he discovers that Chai is head over heels in love with a woman named Praemai, to the extent of spending everything he has to make her happy. Even spending the money that was intended on an office shareholding for Bhupa. But Bhupa loves his brother and said that a mere office is nothing compared to his bro’s happiness. Awe.

Imagine his shock to find his brother missing for a whole night.. we don’t know what exactly happened except for the fact that Chai walked into a river.

The social, formal event commences, as Praemai appears in a red, puffy, short dress with a large bow in the front. Bhupa’s company happens to be the security firm hired to ensure the safety of the party and he notices a familiar face. His eyes are resolved to trailing after her every step.

He soon realizes (from his buddy, how handy) that Praemai had fooled him all along, the story she told him when he was helping her out in Chiang Mai were all fabricated. He looks at her (as she glances everywhere else but at him) with hurt and anger.

Pan made an entrance and when she laid eyes on Bhupa’s face, she is immediately attracted. Oh boy.

I can already see where this bus is going.

And finally, within the last 1 minute of episode 2, Praemai spots Bhupa! Her face lit up and she took a quick step to seek him- but her crazy, annoying fiancé grabs her by her arm and stops her. No worries friends, she used the ‘girls bathroom’ excuse. Pan follows close behind.. and mutters evilly that if Prae’s fiancé sees this, would he approve?

Ooh, see what??

Sorry friends, unfortunately that is the end of episode 2. How frustrating is that? Until tomorrow then.

Sigh, what a waste of an episode. They didn’t even talk.