This weekend’s episodes marked the end of Charles’ games. All of his evil games towards the love of his life came crashing down as he discovered that she was innocent all along, a mere pawn to her sister’s every whim.

It all started in episode 17 when Fahlada staged a scene to get Chompoopae to see the true colors of Charles. In actuality, the scene created an eye opener for Charles instead- where he realized that even though Fah may have hated him and wanted nothing to do with their previous relationship together- everything she does is for her sister, to protect her sister. This showed Charles a valiant side of Fah.

The scene also showed Fah that her sister would always choose Charles over her, that she has lost that love. Little did she know that the love for her was never there to begin with in Chompoopae’s heart. It is unfortunate in this drama that Fahlada wasn’t given much more depth than unconditional love for her sister. I much prefer the feisty, childish Nang Fah over this grown up, subdued version.

After learning that Chompoopae is Fahlada’s adopted sister, and that she had always been jealous of Fah and vindictive towards her, Charles proposed that they should all live together- peacefully and quietly- under a polygamous roof. His motive for this indecent proposal is that if he stops now, Chompoopae will win. Un-phased, Chompoopae asked that he give her the honor of being his first wife. Charles felt that Chompoopae’s evilness towards Fah is Fah’s karma for what she has done to him. Now who’s vindictive?

Despite it all, Charles recalled his conversation with Sahat who hit the nail on the head when it comes to the depth of his feelings for Fah: everything that you’ve done so far has not only caused pain to Khun Fahlada, you yourself feel no differently. Because you still love Khun Fahlada or your Nang Fah very much, always will and a love that will never change.

And only in a Thai lakorn will a nutty villain try to come up with every excuse to break the main characters apart. In this lakorn’s case, Chompoopae lied to Fahlada that she’s carrying Charles child. She pleaded Fahlada to leave the country because only until then will Charles marry her. Throughout this whole drama, I’m thinking Chompoopae can only do one evil facial expression.

Fahlada believed her sister of course as she has no reasons not to. I suppose we can give her sister credit for sticking to the mindset of ‘keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.’

Preparing to leave Thailand, she confides in Dr. Wattana and tells James and friend to stop their investigation regarding Khun Charles.

Charles on the other hand purchased a room for Fahlada- his next step to acquiring two wives- thinking that they would not want to live close to each other. Fahlada however was having none of that as she confronted him and returned the key back to him. They spat back and forth until Fahlada could not hold on to the stress and constraints of his verbal combats, and passed out.

Charles took Fahlada to the emergency room immediately and proceeded to treat her ever so tenderly. We get a cute Yadech moment, especially when Fah questioned if Charles was the devil or heaven exactly, because she started seeing a little more of the heavenly side of him.

But episode 18 brings everything together nicely.

Fahlada was getting a nightmare while she was sleeping on the hospital bed. It was pouring rain, there’s thunder and lightning, and she was wearing a white summer dress. Squatting by a tree she covered her ears and screamed in fright. Charles saw her tossing in bed, and as he came to her side, he called her Nang Fah over and over. He immediately jumped into bed with her and held her, saying “I’m here for you, don’t be afraid.”

Those words kept the nightmare at bay as Fahlada’s dark dreams shifted into sunny, warm ones. She was walking in shallow water towards a summer hut, the breeze brushing through her hair.

She sees a man’s back, the one that appears in her dreams frequently. But in this dream, he finally turned around, and he called her “Nang Fah.” She was shocked not because of the name, but because of his face. It was the same one as Khun Charles.

Her eyes fluttered open as she looked up and saw Charles sleeping next to her on the hospital bed. He was the man of her dreams. Slowly she traced his face with her finger but stopped when he shifted awake. Oh dear, their moments were so sweeeet.

Yet it was soon over when Dr. Wattana came to her ‘rescue,’ leaving Charles in a frenzy to find her, especially when he thought that all may be well between them.

To prepare for their departure to America, Dr. Wattana has settled her in a room for the time being. Fahlada proceeded to say her goodbyes to her friends and family.

On her farewell at work, she ran into Mamee, who gave her a fright with the same reaction as the first time Charles had seen her. She yelled “Nang Fah!” And ran up to Fahlada, “I can’t believe that we would see each other here! Unbelievable, Nang Fah-“

Fahlada looked around for Charles, thinking that he had set the woman up to this. Sigh, Charles, no matter what, she’s not going to trust you..

This meeting spurred several things to happen accordingly: Mamee is going to get to the bottom of this, why her friend, Nang Fah hasn’t recognized her. She seeks out James and questioned him about Nang Fah, in which she becomes the glue that ties the pieces of puzzle together. Mamee adamantly tells James (and everyone who’s willing to listen) that she knew first hand that Charles and Saichon are the same person, and he is also Nang Fah or Fahlada’s husband. This declaration shocked both men as they listened fervently.

They decided to relay this piece of news to Chompoopae first, since she is Fahlada’s sister, upon which, Chompoopae declared that Mamee was fabricating the whole story. James caught her as she ran out of the coffee shop, “so what will happen between you and Khun Charles if it’s really true?”

“It must end of course. I’m not shameless enough to steal my sister’s husband.”

Oh but you are Chompoopae.

She refused to think that Charles and Fahlada were husband and wife. She refused to believe that she was the person responsible for tearing them apart. Instead she chose to continue pursuing Charles and believe that she simply cannot live without him.

Distrusting Chompoopae, Mamee asked James to take her to see Charles so she can uncover more of the truth behind the misunderstanding. And their reunion is quite touching: Charles running down Seven Seas corporate office stairs and unbelieving to his eyes, he sees Mamee, his childhood friend. They embraced with glee.

And finally, at long last, Charles learns of the truth about Fahlada. Through the help of James, Mamee and Sahat, Charles talked with Dr. Wattana and discovered: one, that Fah never gained her memory from their time in Koh Min. Two, Chompoopae hired Yia-Sah to fool Fah that Yia-Sah was her husband. Three, Fah and Dr. Wattana are not an item; Dr. Wattana vowed that he loved only Chompoopae (who knows why.) And four, that Chompoopae had lied to Fah that she was pregnant with his child.

The underlining factor of everything is: Chompoopae.

Charles was remorse at all of his shenanigans and evil games towards Fah, the person who is a pawn between the ongoing war of Chompoopae and himself.

And he declared that he would do everything in his power to make her forgive him.

Now I’d like to see that.

Some other minor thoughts, I don’t see Chompoopae’s character repenting at all, if anything it will only get worst as she threatened Charles that if he wanted Fah to be safe, he needed to marry her. Then the preview shows her going even more psycho. Really, there’s no going back for her character. I hope she has a horrible ending.

I hope Dr. Wattana joins the attending doctors of Grey’s Hospital in Washington State. Screw Chompoopae.

Pernta and mom have decided to go back home (America) after Charles pointedly rejected her. It was quite a sad scene for Pernta and Sahat, as he hands her a handkerchief with eyes swimming.

It’s nice to see James accepting the Charles-Fah couple. It will only mean he’s ready to be consoled by Mamee!

And finally, I hope that Fah will love Charles for who he is- not because she would all of a sudden gained her memory back… sadly Fah is the only one still left in the dark about her history with Charles.

What think you of this weekend’s installment? Excited for next week?

Unfortunately I will be going on a vacation next week- to Bali- and will be MIA from lakorn commentaries between Wednesday-Saturday. I hope to catch up with GRGR sunday and write my impressions for the 3 episodes the following day. Feel free to vent, discuss and chime in while I’m gone =)