The best way to punish someone is to take away the most important, valuable thing from him or her. This is the latest promise from Charles as he was dealt with another blow from Fahlada.

It happened in episode 16 of Evil Game Love Game, at the end of Seven Seas event runway. Charles was in high spirits, he just bested Dr. Wattana in front of everyone by kissing Fahlada, showing that she is his.

But as they reconvene backstage, Fah slapped him across the face and yelled, “You’re vile!”

“How am I vile?” he retorted. “I’m being thorough, actually.” Charles advanced a step, “It’s just a kiss, no need to be so angry,” he said and touched her face, “when I’ve already done so much more..”

She slapped his hand away, disgusted, and tried to slap his face again.

Charles caught her hand and goes in for a kiss, but was interrupted by her boss.

The next several events only caused his spirits to plummet even further.

Through Chompoopae he learned that Fahlada is trying to console Dr. Wattana about the kiss. Angry, Charles stormed to the pool area where he found them hugging.

Just as he was about to pummel Dr. Wattana’s face in, Fah protected the doctor and pulled him by the hands away from Charles.

Intercepting them, Charles yelled, “Love each other that much don’t you?!”

In tears, Fah told Charles in his face, “That’s right! I LOVE P’Mor!”

The confession shook Charles to the core. P’Mor is surprised by it as well.

“Now that you’ve heard it,” Fahlada spat, “from now on, don’t you ever plague my life again!”

Charles grabbed her arm, “I’m not going to let you go with him.”

They proceeded to tug at each other until she shoved him into the pool. Rising out of the water with anguish and hurt in his eyes, he watched Fahlada link her hands through Dr. Wattana’s and left him.

That was when he promised and vowed that he will make her pay: he will teach her a lesson. The best way to do that is to use the person she cared about the most to get back at her: Chompoopae. Little did Charles know that Chompoopae already despised her sister.

After Dr. Wattana dropped Fah off at home and made her promise to call him if Charles pestered her again, Chompoopae was waiting for her sister in the living room.

“Don’t call me your older sister!” she reprimanded when Fah walked in. “You already know how I feel about Khun Charles but you’re still flirting with him!”

“If it’s about the kiss on the stage-“

“Don’t you dare make excuses! And stop making that naïve face! You’re jealous of me. You’ve always been envious of me! How wouldn’t I know that?” Chompoopae yelled.

Fah pleaded with her eyes and grabbed for her sister’s hand, “you’re misunderstanding me. I never thought to deceive you. I love you.”

Chompoopae pulled her hands away, “Ever since you were a child, I’ve cared for you and loved you. But you never repent. You’re thinking about loving the same man as me, aren’t you? You better remember this Fahlada, Khun Charles will be mine! And if you’re thinking about taking him away from me, you’ll surely see.”

Leaving Fahlada to cry with wretched tears. Truly Fahlada is an angel, she tells her housekeeper- in between tears- that she will never be mad at her sister. Chompoopae is the only family she has left and she loves her. One can’t help but feel bad for Fah, when she cries, I feel like crying too.

The following day Charles put his plan into action by announcing to the media that he and Chompoopae are getting married.

She’s thrilled.

He’s repulsed.

And Fahlada saw red.

She rushed to talk to him after the media announcement.

“Looks like you received my video message. That’s why you’re in such a rush to congratulate me and your sister,” Charles said as she came face to face with him.

“I know this is all your plan.”

Charles laughed. “Thinking too much aren’t we? If it’s my plan I wouldn’t invest this much.”

“I’m thinking correct- a person like you is capable of doing anything,” she exclaimed.

“So you know me that well huh? And what about the other times that you declared not to know me, you must have been lying then.”

“If you dare touch my sister, I will-“

“What?” he stepped in closer and cornered her against the rail, “what will you do to me?”

She tried to break out of his hold.

“Even now you can’t do much. I will marry your sister. And as for you, you’re just a prostitute.”

Fahlada kneed him and her sister came in time to see her.

“I need to talk to P’Pae-“ she turned to Charles, “alone.”

“You can say it right here, Khun Charles is not a stranger.”

As Fah sees them walking away together, she found the courage to proclaim, “this man raped me!”

Shocked, Chompoopae walked back to Fah, “Don’t you say something this obscure!”

“A woman that got raped won’t dare say it’s obscure!”

Fah walked over to Charles, “You tell my sister- you raped me! Why aren’t you saying anything?” she searched his face. “Tell her!” she shoved at him, “tell her!!”

Charles said to her placidly, “Khun Fah, I don’t know what I did to make you hate me this much, there is no need to accuse me like that.” He looked towards Chompoopae and said, “I didn’t do it.”

Which technically, he’s right haha. It was a willing scene after all.. what prompted that scene however, was another matter entirely.

Chompoopae believed him. She scolded her sister, “this time around, you’ve done too much Fah. Apologize to Khun Charles right now!”

Unable to believe her ears, Fahlada stomped away, leaving Charles to smirk quietly at her back.

Then things got even more interesting.

Dr. Wattana paid a visit to Charles home and demanded to know why he’s marrying Chompoopae. After some verbal bouts back and forth, Dr. Wattana surmised that Charles is not marrying Chompoopae out of love because he knows what type of a person Charles is.

Charles glared at the doctor and warningly told him not to say that he knows him well. He has no way of knowing what type of a person Charles is… then Charles admitted that he does not love Chompoopae.

At the end, Charles said that they are using the same woman- Fah- which astonished the doctor. Charles nodded his head with confirmation “Fahlada is my wife.”

The comment landed him several punches from the doctor, until Sahat, his assistant, pulled the angry man away.

Dr. Wattana went to see Fah for the truth, and to his dismay, he learned that the two were intimate. He also learned that Fah has already told Chompoopae but she didn’t believe her. They conjured up a plan to show Chompoopae Charles true colors.

Fah asked Charles to meet her in the evening so they can talk. Chompoopae overheard them and will most likely follow. The stage was set.

Will Fahlada and Dr. Wattana succeed in revealing Charles ‘true colors’? Can Charles really punish Fahlada by marrying her sister?

Stay tune for tomorrow’s episode!

Some other subplots in the meantime.

Pernta and Sahat are really quite cute together. She is his brainless assistant who pines after Charles. We’ve seen her ditzy and domineering for some time now, but in today’s episode we see a different side of her character. While Sahat bossed her around and made her drive him to see his future home, she actually liked his house and was smart about the market. The two were able to read each other’s mind and got me smiling so much. Nice diversion from our tense couple.

We also must welcome back Mamee!
She’s working in Bangkok now, at a coffee shop. On her first day at work, she screwed up a customer’s order but luckily, the customer is James and he was kind hearted to save her. She immediately crushes after him and stalks him- finds excuses to see him, brings coffee to his work etc. She was cute. Right now she is in the same proximity as Nang Fah, but has yet to realize it. It is going to be interesting should she see her…

James and other friend (who also likes Fah) are assigned to research Charles’s background and find his motive. So far they haven’t uncovered anything significant, other than that Charles was adopted recently. They also know that Fah is lying to Charles that she loved Dr. Wattana.

Who’s excited about this weekend’s episodes of GRGR?