No one would mistake me for a psychic, but I honestly didn’t see this coming. I’ve eaten a lot of crows in my life thus far- hypothetically speaking, and not always afraid to admit it- but the reconciliation in episode 11 of Miracle of Love between Paat and Nammon came from the left field. But I’m ecstatic that they reconciled. Such is the story between me and lakorns, it’s a love and hate relationship. Yet at the end of the day, much like today, it is very much looove that overrules.

The episode started with Nammon; feeling remorse at being the one responsible for getting Panom fired, got Panom’s address from Professor Dao-Reurng and went in search for Panom at her mom’s home. Concerned that Nammon may discover that Panom is actually not Panom, Paat followed her. He tried to deter her every chance he got, but only caused more suspicions from Nammon. Finally, they found out that the ‘Panom’ and family have already moved out. Before she could find out what Panom is up to, Paat convinced Nammon to cease her curiosity in case she upset him. He teased her until she conceded.

As we know, Khun Chaithut hired Panom to be his housekeeper and Assistant. His intentions are genuine as he wanted to make sure she had a place to stay and he was not yet ready to let her go himself, although he would never admit that. He gets jealous and suspicious when he sees Paat around her, and Paat only makes it worst by goading his brother.

Nammon and friend Min, was convinced that now that Panom is out of the picture, Nammon could try to get on Paat’s good side. Why she’s even trying after he keeps embarrassingly rejecting her, I will never understand. But soon she became disappointed again (and hopeless) when she finds out that Panom is living under the same roof as Paat. Jealous much?

Nammon congratulated Panom over her feat; because of course she won’t be a housekeeper for long if she’s going at the rate she’s going, (LOL) she will soon be Mistress of the farm.

Panom got fed up with the constant misunderstanding between Nammon and Paat- especially when she’s being used as the mice in Paat’s lame experiment- Panom confronted Paat:

“Khun Paat, you need to stop using me as weapon!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he looked away.

“I know you understand what I’m talking about. You’re fooling Khun Nammon, lying to her that you’re my boyfriend, simply because you want her out of your life. What are you afraid of?” she asked him pointedly.

“Nonsense. I’m not the type to contrive something like that,” he denied, walking away.

Nichamon stopped him with a hand to his chest. “You’re afraid of your own heart. You’re afraid of falling in love with Khun Nammon, am I right?”

Paat’s face fell. He looked away.

“Why can’t you love each other? You don’t need to sever her out of your life because of an elder’s misunderstandings,” Nichamon explained.

“It’s no simple misunderstanding. It’s anger and hatred that will never cease. And it will only get worst if we are an item- should we even decide to see each other.” Paat walked away.

“And how much longer are you going to run away from your own feelings?” she asked to his retreating back. “Have you not thought about fighting for love? You chose the easy way out by running away from your problems. You’re a coward!”

The thought resounded in Paat’s mind as he walked away from Nichamon.

But it brought him to confront his feelings to Nammon and served as a wakeup call for him.

At the rushing stream, he found Nammon alone.

Paat explained to Nammon about the reason why Panom is living at his house- feeling the need to finally end her misunderstanding.

But Nammon didn’t care to believe him. “After the project of building the dams end, I’m quitting your club. I understand how you feel now. When you hate someone, you don’t want to see his face or be close to him again. From now on you can be happy, I will not let you see my face again.” Nammon stormed away.

Paat called after her as they made their way across the stream.

“I’ve never hated you,” he told her when he caught up with her.

“If you don’t hate me, then why do you consider me your enemy? You can’t even extend friendship to me!” she said, exasperated. “Did I do something wrong? Or is it simply because I am my father’s daughter, in which there is no evidence that uncle died because of my father!”

“But P’Thut believes it wholeheartedly. Our families will be enemies until the very end.”

“Then how come we were friends before? All of a sudden you changed. You refuse to talk to me or even look at my face,” she turned to him. “What happened?”

He looked deep into her eyes, “Because the way I feel about you has changed.”

“So that means we can’t go back to being friends? The good feelings that we have for each other has ended, am I right P’Paat?” she searched his eyes. “I never meant anything to you right?”

Paat linked his hands with hers, as he allowed his true feelings to reach his eyes. “You’ve always meant something to me. But if we continue to see each other, I can’t stop at being just friends.”

Surprised, she turned to look at him.

Meanwhile Nichamon is arguing with Khun Thut. He kept insisting that she was trying to decide between Paat and Pongtape, which one she wanted to grab. Indignant, Nichamon told him that her patience is wearing thin and that she understands why him and Paat never saw eye to eye.

“Don’t pretend that you understand the complexity of my family!”

“I can see beyond what you think, actually. How much do you understand your family? Do you really think you know Khun Paat?”

He looked blankly at her.

“Let me tell you something, you don’t even know your own brother!” with that being said, Nichamon stormed away.

Back at the area by the stream, Paat followed Nammon.

“Nammon, say something,” he prodded.

“Everything you told me earlier, what did it mean?”

“With Panom, I like her as a friend… with you, I like more than a friend. And don’t ask me ‘since when’ because even I don’t know that. What I do know, is that when I realized that these feelings I had for you- has changed (to something more)- I decided to retreat.”

Ha, music to my ears!


He stood by her side. “Because I know that we can never be. P’Thut will never allow us to see each other. I know how it will end so I decided not to start it. So we don’t have to be hurt more than this.”

“So our story should end even before it began?” she asked him.

“But we can start over.”

“Why are you telling me this now? It’s too late.”

They look at each other.

She continued, “I don’t care if you like me or hate me, but I have cut you out of my life now.”

Nammon tried to walk ahead, but Paat held her wrist.

“You can never cut me out completely.”

“I hate you. No matter how much you will hurt me, I will still hate you!”

Paat tugged her back to him.

“Let me go!” she yelled at him.

“I will not.”

They tugged back and forth until they came face-to-face, unable to move. And they stayed like that for awhile.

Back in the forest, Nichamon told Khun Thut the reason why he doesn’t know his brother. She explained to him that Khun Paat is no longer the kid who’s irresponsible. He gets good grades and is head of his club. She will show him- then realized that they will be seeing Paat and Nammon together, so she pulled him away.

“Nammon-“ Paat called after her. “I’ve confessed everything from my heart to you. Why are you still mad at me?”

“I’m angry! And I’ll always be angry at you,” she retorted. “You made me misunderstand P’Nom and make me lose a good friend!”

“You didn’t lose her. She was never mad at you,” he explained.

“You decided everything on your own. You’ve never considered my feelings,” she stepped away from him. “You don’t realize how devastated I was- to see the person I care about- hate me and see me as his enemy.”

Paat looked remorse. “I’m sorry.” He walked up behind her and linked his fingers through hers. “I will never hurt you again. From now on I will no longer be afraid. I will follow my heart. No matter what happens, I will protect you. Come back to me.”

She turned to him, fingers still linked.

“Ok.. we can go back to being friends.”

He held both of her hands in his, “No.”

“Just friends..” she warned him, “if more than that, I have to think about it.”

“No. We cannot be simply friends- we’ve come too far.” He gave her a wide, happy smile.

The main duo, Nichamon and Khun Thut, fell into the stream as she prevented him from seeing Paat and Nammon reconciling.

Ok, so I’m a sucker. I still like Paat and Nammon haah. What a fickle fan I am. I’m even beginning to like Nichamon and Thut, imagine that. This heart is not made of stern stuff.

Another happy thing also occurred in this episode, Nammon’s mom reconciled with Pansorn as well! And no R scene like the preview indicated- thank god- it was all an imagination, by none other than Nichamon.

Stay tuned for the eng subbed version of Paat Nammon scenes as well as the preview for next week!