Rak Pathiharn (Miracle of Love) Ep4

Paat asks Nichamon this question upon catching her on her lies, and voicing the concern everyone must be curious about. From episode 1, this notorious Pranom has yet to surface and like Paat says, Nichamon better be careful because the real Pranom may decide that she wants her job back.

Paat found Nichamon, whom he surmised as the person he met at the airport because of his photographic memory, and whisked her to his restaurant to quiz her on who she really is. As they sit on the outdoor patio, Nichamon divulged as much as she was willing to as no one else has caught her red handed as Paat did: she was born in Thailand, moved abroad with her parents at a young age, now that her parents are dead, she’s back to Thailand to reconnect with her parent’s roots- only to find out that she truly belonged in Sydney so she was willing to pretend to be Pranom until she saved up enough money to go “home.”

What she didn’t tell Paat is that just a moment ago, before she walked aimlessly along the roads, she had overheard information that will break any granddaughter’s heart.

Thut had been determined to unveil her true intentions by bringing her to Kon Ying’s house- to see if she was really sincere about working there. As he leaves her so he can find Kon Ying, Nichamon looks around the foyer and notices that there are only pictures of Nicha, her cousin. There were no indication that Kon Ying had any other relatives. Saddened by this prospect, Nichamon continues to hover around and notices them sitting in the garden.

As she listens closer, she overhears her grandmother saying that she wants to search for her mom and her- because she was worried about Nicha. If she passes away, she is convinced that Nichamon’s mom and daughter would come back to claim the inheritance. So she decided to search for them in order to give them the amount they deserve- but she will never forgive the person who has ruined the family’s reputation. The statement proves to Nichamon that her grandmother doesn’t care about her or want to see her.

Clasping the necklace that her mother gave her, Nichamon vowed not to come back or step foot in the house again. As she slowly walks away from her grandma’s house, she recalls what the housekeeper at Chutiman Home told her previously, her grandmother loved her grandchild-Nicha- with all her heart and will give everything to her. Why would she be interested in another grand-daughter? Hurt, she walks away until she gets picked up by Paat.

After learning of her identity, Paat told her that her secret is safe with him. He just wanted to make sure she didn’t have any evil plans against the Sonalai. When he dropped her off at the foot of the hill, I secretly hoped that Nammon saw them. But the two dispersed without being seen.

It looks like my prayers will be granted in the next episode though- what do you have when a pair are sharing secrets? More secret signals and looks, that’s what. And since Nammon has a crush on Paat and has told Panom that she likes Paat- then to see them together, oh that will break her heart. Only she didn’t know that the two are merely exchanging secrets about the other identity. Still, this will cause some tension. I love me some tension!

Even though there were no Paat-Nammon scenes in ep4, the lakorn made progress. Thut is not going to like that Panom just took off, he didn’t like that his brother is talking to Panom.. Nammon is going to catch Panom and Paat together, which will sadden her.. Poor Panom, she’s going to have some serious explaining to do.

But at least for now Nichamon is safe as Pranom, the “mae baan,” who ever and wherever the real one may be.