A speculation on Paat and Nammon’s relationship thus far in Miracle of Love

Paat and Nammon grew up in the vast farming province of Chiang Rai. They played together since they were children but drifted apart after Paat’s father’s death, which ignited a feud between their two farms. Nammon, convinced that it was all a misunderstanding, still holds a soft spot for Paat as she reaches her young adolescent age. She finds herself determined to join his club for the simple fact that his rejection fueled her stubborn nature. Deep down she hopes that things can go back to the way they used to be when they were kids. Nammon does everything to get into his “good graces,” prove to him that she is worthwhile and at the same time still remain intact with her integrity. Paat on the other hand doesn’t fully understand their family feud but he stays away from her anyway, on the principal that their family don’t get along. His relationship with his brother is annoyance at best and lack of trust at its worst, the older man does not see who he really is, he is caught up on his own assumptions and views about his younger brother. When Thut prohibited Paat to have any association with Nammon, Paat decided to go against his brother’s command and allow Nammon in his life- at least that’s what he wants Thut to think. Little did Paat know that being closer to her again and seeing her stubborn yet valiant ways, may make him want to date her for real.

Paat does not realize that out of everyone in his life, Nammon has a true understanding of his character. She says to Panom (her housekeeper) that when Paat is at school, he is like an entirely different person. Gone are the misconception of a guy who doesn’t much care for anything. Paat takes his club seriously and does well in school. He just doesn’t correct what people think of him. Can Paat keep his brother from stopping any and all possible relationship with Nammon? Will making their relationship work means patching up a misunderstanding that went bad? Perhaps by uncovering the truth behind the feud, it will ease the neighborly drama.

So far the two are electric when they’re together but denies any feelings that they have. Nammon is convinced she wants her old friend back and Paat is only “dating” her to spite his brother. Like Jetset’er crones in the song “Tomorrow is not too late”, they must keep their feelings inside, let it slowly simmer and confirm that the feeling is true and sincere, because tomorrow will not be too late for their love.

I can’t wait for the turning point in their relationship, when it goes from rivals to friends, and then to lovebirds? There will be some heartache along the way, like in this picture:

But surely their stubborn and proud nature won’t let it be too late.

Do enjoy Proong Nee Mai Sai (Tomorrow is not too late) by Jetset’er: