Hello Lovely Readers!

It is Thursday night and I will be leaving everyone with Part 14 of P-N Series. Unfortunately, that is the last part I am able to sub, with the allotted time that I have. Starting Friday morning, I will be on a three week vacation- frolicking in the turquoise water, laying on the sandy beach and sipping on coconut juice (because apparently, according to Numfon, it is an all around great beverage.)

Enjoy what we have of P-N series so far as I leave you with their first night in Phuket. I shall return Sept. 9th and will pick up where we left off- subbing their stranded time together, alone on a secluded island off of Phuket. Perhaps by then you would already be watching the whole lakorn in Eng subs?

I know that by the time I return, my blog will be as quiet as the rustle of wind as two opponents prepare to shoot at each other (like in a western movie..) *cricket, cricket* but I hope that y’all will continue to stop by, comment on whatever suits your heart’s desires.. thank you for the momentous hits on my blog, you made me feel exceptionally special! And thank you for mutual adoration and gushing of Khun Oh.

Without no further ado, here is P-N series part 14! Until next time….

xoxo Fia