I can’t get enough of this couple. Call it an obsession. But I was curious how one would create subtitles on a video. If you haven’t already figured it out, google is your friend. So I researched google, downloaded the necessary programs and went to town.

I have put together Plerng-Numfon-only moments and scenes with English Subtitles from Plerng Toranong. You will be able to understand what they say, as they are saying it. Much to my dismay however, I didn’t realize that taking on this subbing endeavor (just 12 minutes) my friends, required a total of 5 hours. I would imagine my inexperience has something to do with it, but I found the result to be pretty worthwhile, not too much the process itself.

There is a first time for everything (even got my first youtube channel. What’s next, a twitter account? Do I dare?)

Without further ado, I present to you, Part One of “A Plerng and Numfon Series.” (It’s a compilation from episodes 1-3)