Friday is here and Plerng Toranong cannot come soon enough. The pace of this lakorn however, takes on a slow turn as we see blood and must mourn SomAng. Nut is on the run and his mom and sister is doing what they can to holler at everyone, but take no responsibility. We have Non, like a piece of meat on a platter, getting passed from Sita to Numfon and finally, we have Plerng on the set for his first appearance on TV, and things suddenly, become so very interesting.

Episode 9 starts with a shove from Nut at SomAng as she tries to stop him from hurting grandma. SomAng pummels to the ground and her head cracks as she hits the floor. Blood pools around her head. Nut freaks out, he shakes his head in denial as he cries “I didn’t do it!”

Phong runs in, sees SomAng on the floor, motionless. She asks Nut what happened and shouts for help but Nut grabs her by the neck and tries to choke her. Grandma crawls towards them and screams for Nut to stop. Nut immediately lets her go, runs out of the house, all the while shaking his head with denial. Seeing SomAng’s body, grandma passes out with grief.

Back at the Greenery Resort, Plerng and Sita were still talking under the stars, oblivious of what is going on back in Bangkok. But Plerng is restless, he doesn’t prolong their conversation as he is concerned about the party and tells Sita that they should head back. (Funny how if Numfon would be there, things would probably be different.) But the easygoing night ends abruptly as they receive a phone call from Uncle Root that grandma and SomAng is in the hospital.

Nut finds his way back to his apartment, still in denial that he did anything, fearful for what he has done. It would be three counts for him, stealing diamonds, harmfully hurting someone and finally, murder?

Boot and Nari are still awaiting for his “good” news at the Greenery Resort. But a phone call from him changes their mood immediately. Nut began frantically telling his mom that he didn’t do it and she must help him. His mom tries to clear things up over the phone, and get to the bottom of it when Nut finally tells her that he pushed SomAng and there was blood everywhere. Boot asks if she died, but Nut says he doesn’t know. Boot becomes speechless then they receive a call from Root that grandma is in the hospital.

Plerng, Numfon and Sita tries to wake Lin up but it appears impossible, the girl did take three allergy pills. Both Sita and Numfon told him to go to the hospital and Lin can find her way home. They will take care of her. So the Chatiyotin family all pile in the van and prepare to leave the Greenery Resort while Sita and Numfon stay behind to ensure that the event closes seamlessly. Boot throws in her last word before they head out, she screams at Numfon that none of this would have happened if she would only help Nut out. Plerng turns around, concerned about her. But she assures him that she knows what she is doing and that he should just leave. As the van leaves, Numfon looks on worriedly.

The doctor tells Phong that grandma is safe but she is very weak and we get confirmation that SomAng is dead- she passed away at the scene- the moment her head was impacted. Phong is horrified and she cries for her ally against grandma- RIP SomAng, you will be dearly missed.

Numfon sees the scarf that Sita had made for Plerng and asks Sita why she hasn’t given it to Plerng yet. Sita said that she feels that Plerng is not thinking about love and that he probably has a lot on his mind. Numfon tries to spite him but Sita says that it is ok because she will wait for him until he is ready to give his heart to her. (I’m afraid she will be waiting forever..) Numfon could only excuse herself to bed as she looks on worriedly. The poor thing has to worry about her psycho ex, his insane mom and sister, and now also wonder about her own feelings about Plerng. Her character at this point, draws on more empathy.

When the Chatiyotins arrive at the hospital, Phong gives them the bad news about SomAng. Boot’s nightmare came true and she can only screech “What?” Then the cops came to see if they can get a statement from grandma.

Plerng and his mom walk into grandma’s hospital room, she is still unconscious. Phong cries and says that it is her fault. Plerng tells his mom not to blame herself that no one knew that Nut was coming to the house. But his mom didn’t mean just that, she says that if she and his dad never fell in love, none of this would have happened. She regrets it. Plerng hugs his mom and says that they both can make this better.

Numfon, in her tank top and flannel pj’s, walks out to her deck and stares at the clear night. She wonders out loud what is so great about Plerng that everyone is so crazy about him. Then her phone rings. Plerng is on the other end, but before picking up, Numfon rolls her eyes.
Plerng: Are you sleeping yet?
Numfon: Not yet, what do you want?
Plerng: I want a friend to talk to.
Then Numfon remembers the hospital..
Numfon: How’s everything over there?

Sita’s room is next to Numfon as she gets ready for bed. She sees Numfon on the deck talking on the phone and wonders to herself who would be calling her sister this late at night?

Numfon: Poor SomAng.. She shouldn’t have died.. Nut is so mean, how can he do this to an old person? What about your mom?
Plerng: She’s fine, except that she’s crushed. She loves SomAng. I’m worried about grandma. I’m afraid it would be rough on her.
And the two talk throughout the night. Plerng, from outside of his small home in the garden and Numfon, from her resort deck. Plerng appears to feel better just by talking to Numfon and the two continue to talk late into the night. I smiled from ear to ear.

Back at the hospital, grandma mourns the death of SomAng and wonders out loud what sin she created in life to have everyone leave her.. The doctor emphasizes to Plerng and his mom that he must watch grandma closely and don’t let her be sad. Grandma says that she was ready to talk to the cops.

Numfon receives a phone call in the early morning from her sister which resulted in a lunch together. Numfon is trying to stop her sister from leaving the Greenery so soon. But Sita is worried about Plerng and is impatient. Numfon pleads for her sister to stay longer because what would the employees think if all of management left? Numfon finally asks, do you like Plerng that much? Sita said that she never felt this way about anyone before and Numfon should know. Numfon looks away unhappy. Sita changes the subject and says that she notices that Numfon is close to Non- that they sit together, took Lin to the room together and that last night, she must have talked to Non too. But Numfon shakes her head and says that there is no way that is possible, she doesn’t like him in that way. Poor Non, no one wants you. They are passing you back and forth like a piece of unwanted Brazilian BBQ.. Numfon is quiet when Sita asks her who she likes, and if it is no one, Sita tells Numfon that she and Non should like each other, Non is a good person and he would be good for her. Numfon just smiles awkwardly.

Back at the hospital, everyone peaks into grandma’s room, wondering how the report with the police is going. The cops would like to go back to the scene of the event and see if they can find anymore evidences.

Lin slowly stirs awake and recalls what happened the previous night. She accuses the two sisters for making her take three pills. Barefoot, she storms out looking for Plerng, shamelessly screaming his name, banging on his door and when he doesn’t answer, searches the resort for him. She sees Numfon and Sita and accuses them for hiding him. She further didn’t believe them when they told her that Plerng had already left- they filled her in on what happened.

Boot tries to get a hold of her son and let him know about SomAng, but she had no luck. To top it off, the cops are here and will be needing to interview everyone. Soon, they congregate by the front door. Non and the rest were wondering why Boot didn’t tell them that she was in contact with Nut. But Boot denies everything and tries to blame it on Plerng and his mom. But Plerng was having none of it as he will report her for defamation if she continues on. Root said that she can’t say anything without evidence. Boot is scared. Afterward, she later follows Plerng and his mom to their small house. She approaches Phong from behind and slaps her until she falls to the ground. As Plerng tries to stop her, she threatens Phong that she will kill her if her son goes to jail. Root and son came to help and Boot continues saying that ever since the two came into their lives they had only problems. Boot and Nari stomps away.

Mom and son are left holding each other, crying (there are times I would rather be the mom, she gets all of the hug.) Phong turns to Root and son and apologizes for everything. She still feels it is her fault. But Root said that it is because of Boot, her heart is filled with envy (I would also add greed..envy and greed are BFF.) Non said that they should thank her instead..Plerng feels horrible at his mom’s retched state and says, “I will take you back to Ranong, I can’t stand you being hurt this way.” But his mom responds with, “I can take this, we can’t lose because we haven’t accomplished what we set to do.” Plerng looks at his mom, “I was determined that we won’t go back until grandma forgives us-” his mom interrupts, “exactly, how can we leave then?” but Plerng said that he can’t stand to see her like this, and hugs her again. We see deeper into Plerng’s character, he would rather be hurt then to see his mom hurt. Root foreshadows, this won’t go on for much longer.

Boot and Nari decides that they must warn Nut themselves. They sneak out by the back door in case the cops decide to follow them and takes a cab to Nut’s condo. Upon getting there, they find out that the door is unlocked and Nut is no where to be found. He leaves his sim card and a letter to his mom, stating that they should not worry about him, he is running from the police. Boot weakens at the thought.

Nut is at the convenience store and learns his demise on the newspaper, it was a close call with the police as he almost ran into them, but he gets away in time.

Grandma requests to attend SomAng’s funeral, everyone is reluctant to let her go because they were afraid she would get worst, but Plerng agrees to take her there because the doctor said that if you give her what she wants her health will improve. Which it did.

Numfon, Sita and Lin finally leaves the resort. Lin is very rude to them and Numfon wasn’t having any of it, she threatens to leave her on the streets if she doesn’t say things that is nice to the ears. Which shut her up.

The doctor said that grandma can go home tomorrow, and Phong was determined to stay with her at the hospital but grandma declined, saying that she would like to be alone. In the end, Plerng orders his grandma a special nurse to care for her.

Nut goes to see Pairod. Unhappy, Pairod told him not to come see him and that his difficult time was his own. Nut begs him, he didn’t want to go to jail. Then he tried to blackmail him by saying that if he gets caught, then Pairod would have a hard time too. Pairod strikes a deal with Nut, he wants Nari.

Numfon and Sita drops Lin off at the Chatiyotin house, but Lin refuses to thank them. Sita said for Lin to stop seeing them in a bad way, but Lin claims that they will never be on good terms. As Lin walks away, Boot and Nari shows up and blames Numfon for everything again. “Nut is missing and you must be happy because you’re trying to catch Plerng,” Boot continues to say that she will never lose, she will bring Nut back and Numfon will be sorry.

It’s nighttime in Bangkok as Numfon stares into the night. Sita joins her and wonders what she’s thinking about. Numfon says she’s thinking about what Boot told her and that she doesn’t want Sita to misunderstand. Sita says that it’s nonsense and she doesn’t care because she feels that Numfon and Plerng are unsuited. That they are more “opponents” because they always argue. Sita tells her sister to not worry about what Boot says, pinches her cheeks and tells her not to think too much. This made Numfon smile. Clearly, the sisters love each other. What to do if one gets their heart broken?

Root calls for Phong and asks her to take care of grandma as SomAng is no longer here. Phong is reluctant because Grandma didn’t even want her to stay at the hospital, but she agrees and will do her best.

Numfon is in a meeting with her customer who demanded that Plerng be featured on the show. Numfon says that Plerng is having a hard time right now so he might not agree. When asked what hard time, Numfon says that his grandma is in the hospital, her customer says that we are taping Plerng, not his grandma.

Sita learns that grandma is back home and visits her. Non is there as well, says that he took the day off to take care of grandma. She apologizes that Numfon can’t make it because she has an early meeting with a client.

Under the pergola on a sunny day, Plerng and Numfon meets. (It’s their spot!)
Plerng: What? We’re doing the show tomorrow?
Numfon: Yes, I’ve already agreed with the customer.
Plerng: Weren’t you going to ask me if I will agree?
Numfon: I’m asking you right now.. So you’re ok?
Plerng: Where I come from, they call it commanding.
Numfon: But you’ve already agreed with P’Sita that you would do my show.
Plerng: Yes, I agreed with her. But Numfon I have work to do. If you tell me like this, what if I’m not free?
Numfon: Fine, if you’re not free, I will close my business, my employees won’t have a job. So what say you?
Plerng: If you say it like that then how am I supposed to refuse?
She runs to him and grabs his hands
Numfon: Really? Thank you!
She beams.
He looks at her hands, holding his.
Plerng: If you do this, I’m at a disadvantage/lose face (a girl usually says this, hehe)
She lets his hands go.
Numfon: Sorry.
He smiles at her and they look at each other. What are we going to do with these two?

Back to Non and Sita. Sita says that Non is cute for staying with grandma. Non says not as cute as Plerng but immediately regrets it because Sita looks uncomfortable. Non says that Sita and Plerng are well suited and if they were to love each other, he will be happy. Sita thanks him for understanding her.

Plerng tells his uncle that he has to tape with Numfon tomorrow and he would cancel if it is an inconvenience. But Uncle Root cheers him on and says to do it for Thai Diamond. Plerng turns and gives the camera a smile.

Back at home, he tells Lin and mom that he will be on TV. Lin is excited that he will be famous and that she will be a famous person’s girlfriend. But she realizes that he will be on Numfon’s show and doesn’t want him to go. But Plerng tells her that his mind is only on work. She is excited that after three months, he will go back to Ranong with her, but Plerng doesn’t look all that certain anymore.

Phong tries to stay with grandma but grandma refuses and tells her to leave. Lin volunteers to go but Plerng thinks she will make matters worse so he ends up sleeping outside of her door. After telling him to leave and he refuses, grandma gives in and tells him that Phong can take care of her- only until Root finds SomAng’s replacement.

The following morning, Numfon’s phone rings incessantly. Her assistant/director calls her, wondering if she’s awaken yet since it’s 7am. Numfon jumps out of bed and cursed the clock. She was running completely late as she tries to rush out of the condo. Sita asks her why she was in such a rush and Numfon tells her that she will be taping Plerng’s interview today. Sita asked if she could go, in which Numfon responds with of course. Sita will join her later in the afternoon after her meeting.

As Numfon rushes into the hotel that they were filming, she starts talking smack about him (that he wasn’t responsible), not realizing that he was sitting there, waiting for her.
Plerng: You are the one who has no responsibility.
She takes off her sunglasses, stunned and turns around.
He walks towards her
Plerng: You let your guest arrive first.You really can’t handle this. You’re a producer and you’re late. This is what they call irresponsible.
Numfon controls herself. Hey, Plerng, I’m sorry that today I didn’t come before you. I’m not an owner of a company who’s here and still doesn’t know what to do.
The customer waltzes in (Khun Sunya.)
Numfon: Khun Sunya, you came too?
Sunya: Of course, Khun Plerng is appearing on the show. And you just finished with your business?
Numfon: What business?
Sunya: Plerng said that you had business to attend to.
Numfon: Uh.. yes, I’m done.
Sunya: Great then, he waited for awhile, let’s be conscientious.
The customer walks away.
Numfon looks at Plerng.. Uh..
Plerng: You going to say something?
Numfon: It’s that I’m sorry.. and thanks for helping me.
Plerng: What did you say, I didn’t hear you?
Numfon: (loudly) I said that I’m sorry, can you hear me now?
Plerng leans in closer: huh what?
Numfon: Eh! Stop messing with me this early.
Plerng: People, when they scold they are so loud, but when they apologize, they speak so softly.
Numfon: Stop it, I’m not talking to you.
And she walks off.
He smiles.

Grandma continues to mourn SomAng. Lin approaches her and says that Grandma looks lonely. Even though the house is huge, it is not warm, like their house in Ranong. Grandma asks Lin if she wants to stay here and further her education. Lin says that she will have to ask Plerng because where Plerng goes, she will go. She even asks if grandma wants to go to Ranong with them, the house is small, but filled with warmth.

Sita and Non meets with Root to show him the new jewelry design for their European customer. Root loves the new design. Non actually tells Sita that he was sorry Plerng wasn’t here to see the design. To make matters worse, Sita tells him that she is aware of that- as a matter of fact, she will be going to his taping today and that Non should go too, as her friend, someone she can talk to.

And the show commences. Numfon is dressed in white, with her hair up. She introduces the viewers to the hotel and Plerng, the new businessman. Plerng looks nervous. When she calls his name, he doesn’t enter, she repeats, and he stands there, unsure. After the new take, he enters, but was able to respond with only a yes for every question that she asks:
Can I call you by Plerng? Yes.
You must be excited about this show. Yes.
The atmosphere is great here, so you would visit here right? Yes.
Does that mean you enjoy the countryside more? Yes.
So um. Do you think we have a way to get more Thai’s to visit in Thailand more often? Yes.

Numfon: How come you can’t remember your lines? This is a lot of takes.
Plerng: I’m nervous.
Numfon: Why so nervous? Just speak the way that you would speak to your friends.
Plerng: Numfon, you don’t have a first time?
Numfon: No, I’m pretty and talented.
Plerng: I’m not as talented as you.

And cut, only this time by the show itself… until tomorrow folks! Will Plerng redeem himself on the show? Will Numfon ask more than yes/no questions? Will they keep prolonging the island scene? Gah…