The world of thai lakorn is unstable and the status of one’s popularity can change drastically and quickly. However, there are actors and actresses that has accrued loyal fans due to their skilled acting, good looks and consistent performance over time. My personal favorites are:

  • Aum Atichart
  • Ken Theeradeth
  • Tik Jessadupohn

I’ve recently discovered Aum Atichart (I’ve been away from thai lakorns for years..) and would have to say that he is my new, most favoriteactor! He captivated me from Jam Loey Ruk with Aff Taksaorn and has earned my loyal fandom from various lakorns that I’ve watched after that. A unique obsession of mine is when I like a particular actor or actress, I follow all of their movies. It is the same with romance novels, if I like a particular writer, I would read all of her books. So it goes without saying, that I have tried to watch all of Aum’s lakorn. He is an amazing actor, his eyes express his emotions so well. Another reason why I like Aum is because of his choice of characters in the lakorn, he chooses strong, stubborn, romantic and very authentic characters. This shows his versatility in acting.

 Whereas Tik’s character primarily is lacking in confidence of the n’ek’s. He’s always listening to what others are probing and interfering. Ken’s characters are too uncaring, meaning that he doesn’t make the effort for the girls. Aum on the other hand takes control and what female fans don’t like that?

All three pr’eks have a few things in common: nice body, very good looking, all can act and all allow the viewers to hope and anticipate a soulmate just like the characters they portray in their lakorns and that is truly the purpose of romance novels/movies/lakorns. However, each pr’ek have their own flaws that makes them seem more human.

It has been said before that lakorns pose a negative influence among the viewers in Thailand (source: wikipedia) distorting the reality and encouraging viewers to lead their lives as melodramatic as the lakorns i.e. manipulation etc. Because I can’t speak to the entire lakorn community, I will speak to my personal experience. Lakorns, movies and the romance novels did not cause me to be distorted with reality. I live in reality every day, however, lakorns allows me to take a break from the world and lose myself in the lovers’ story. It is a unique, wonderful experience to be able to tune in. It also allows me (and many viewers) a positive outlook in relationship and marriage- that there can be a happy ending and that we should seek for it in our own lives. I am very fortunate to say that I have found mine, so don’t give up 🙂