Pachara sees a different side of Praoploy that brings everything full circle for him, while Praoploy decides it’s best to live in the present. Even though they may have found the source of the curse, the solution seems even further away, with the cycle refusing to end. But we are close, or closer, and by golly even if everyone gives up, this writer will not.


Prim pleads for Wipu to not risk his life trying to lure Matinee out, but Wipu says he wants this to end and that he’s not afraid. Besides, Matinee has always stood by his side in the past and he cannot just abandon someone who has been good to him. Prim tells him to leave it to karma, because what goes around comes around. Wipu just looks at her pointedly and removes his hand from hers. He then notices that his flask cap is open. Uh oh.

Meanwhile Sintu undergoes surgery.

Pachara asks Prao why she is out alone, these are dangerous times. Prao relents that she hasn’t gone outside and there are plenty of officers around. He asks what’s wrong and that she can confide in him, but Prao says she’s the same. Pachara doesn’t think so because the old Prao is bright and willing to face reality head on. Prao says sometimes everyone has their own reservations. Prao thinks back to when she was Ladtha and had to witness all of his lovey dovey moments with Matira. Prao asks if the love that he had for Matira is the same as the love that he has for her.

He takes her hands and asks if she’s still not confident in his love after all this time. He says it’s been two thousand years since he loved someone. Prao wonders if it is because in the last two thousand years, he hasn’t met anyone that looks like Matira. Pachara comforts her with a hand on her hair and pulls her in for a hug. The act itself brings Prao to tears, and he says she could tell him what’s on her mind. Prao says she just came back from the dead so she’s just feeling small right now. Prao puts on a happy face and says she will enjoy the love that she has been waiting for, for a long time. Prao then asks him to take her diving again so that they may visit Tarawatburam. She feels physically strong as ever now and wants to dive before her heart gives out. After surgery she wouldn’t be able to dive ever again. So what is the reason for this temporary miracle?

And we’re back on Black Pearl Island! The two go scuba diving and there are smiles all around. Prao is on the beach sometime later when she spots a black rabbit. She thinks it’s her white rabbit that had changed its colors because of Matira. As she pets it, she asks if it’s tired since it has lived for two thousand years. Pachara overhears this and questions how she knows the rabbit is as old as him. Busted! He adds that nobody knows about the rabbit’s history, not even Sintu. Prao starts to nervously tear up but she finally says that she’s not Matira.. she is not the person that he loves with all his heart. Pachara seems to know what she is about to say as he touches her head, a smile forming on his lips. “Ladtha..” then he stops her when she tries to walk away. He says to tell him who she is first, but Prao says she’s nobody. He asks her why she doesn’t want to accept who she is, and she says how can she when in fact she’s just a sister that he loved. She has always remembered him saying that Ladtha is his sister forever. He realizes that she didn’t want to tell him because it would change everything.

Prao says that things for them are good as they are right now, and that they can leave the past in the past. But she wonders if he could forget that she is Ladtha. He keeps wiping her tears and letting her speak, but he finally says that he can never forget Ladtha. He places her hand on his heart, with the flashback of Ladtha dying in front of him, and he says he hasn’t been able to decipher how he feels about Ladtha, he just knows that she’s important to him, that he feels comfortable with her and that she’s someone he wants to protect for the rest of his life. He says Ladtha is like the air around him, the air he cannot live without. He says she is the only person that he feels this way about right now, and that he loves her “Prao”. Awww.

Prao says she loves him too and had always been willing to do anything for him, including reincarnating as Matira’s lookalike just so he could love her too. Oh! We see in a flashback where Ladtha had prayed in the temple that she wishes to love Pachara in all of her lifetimes. Pachara says this explains why she looks like Matira and that he’s happy she’s not Matira. Well I mean why not, he gets his cake and eat it too.

Pachara calls her his little girl and Prao asks not to be referred to as his sister hahaha. And so he gives her a grown up kiss, something a brother wouldn’t do. HAHAHA. Yes!


It’s been awhile since they kissed, this has gotten me feeling some type of way. He says if she doesn’t keep thinking this way, he would keep kissing her forever. Prao decides a hug is safer for now, what a spoilsport.

Wanda praises Pon for opening his heart and respecting his sisters’ decisions, even when he’s super worried about them. She advises that since he has chosen to let them fly freely, he too needs to let it go, to avoid internal turmoil. Pon teases that she sounds like an empty nester. Wanda says these were her dad’s words when she decided to pursue PI work. He just gives her one of his proud smiles, like he can’t believe she’s this cool. Hahaha. Sherlock dad gives them good news: Sintu is conscious and improving rapidly like it’s a miracle. Which makes Wanda comment that they’ve been seeing a lot of miracles recently. Dad’s all, they’re in a fantasy drama so of course there will be miracles, he thinks that no matter what evil spirit lies, it cannot overcome the good karma. He has a feeling everything is coming to a head soon.

Matinee orders Wipu to meet with her, and Prim follows him closely. She calls her brother about the location, but doesn’t wait until he gets there. Matinee has a gun in her hands and she’s angry, she says he would not accomplish anything without her. She says he can’t wash his hands off everything just because of the press conference. Wipu says he doesn’t expect to get away with everything but they’re almost at the end. Matinee reminds him that he had promised to be her little man and listen to her but look what’s happening now. He says he’s not abandoning her now. He urges her to come with him and everything will be over, in a little bit. Just when it seems like she would cave in, Prim appears, and this pisses her off even more. Matinee fires and Wipu blocks Prim and inadvertently gets shot.

Prim blames herself for Wipu getting hurt and Pon says it’s a good thing she made them aware because now Matinee has been arrested. Pachara interrogates Matinee but she doesn’t seem to understand what he he’s talking about. Pachara relents that whether she is Matira or not, only he could end this whole thing. He adds that the person behind her attempts is using her, that she’s just a revenge tool.

Wipu gets brownie points for taking a bullet for Prim. Wipu worries that if Matinee doesn’t take the blame and puts it all on him, he fears that everything he’s been trying to do would be for naught. Wanda tells him not to worry since all of the evidences point to Matinee, unless there is something revealing from Matinee’s interrogation. Wipu recalls his phone call with Matinee who demands to know what he’s trying to do. She shot Pachara but he didn’t get hurt at all. She wonders why this information doesn’t surprise him. He plays dumb. Matinee questions if he’s using her to take revenge on Pachara. Someone hit the nail on the head! She asks how they are related and that she never doubted him. She had wondered why he was so curious about Pachara and Prao, and why he allowed the whole family to stay at the resort. She threatens to ask Pachara if Wipu doesn’t confess the truth. When they hang up, Wipu says he can’t let her do that.

Prao asks Pachara what he intends to do regarding Matinee. Pachara says that if she’s Matira, he will make her reverse the curse so he could give his heart to Prao. Prao says while she wants him to be human, she does have one request. She makes him pinky swear first, lol. Once they do, she wants him to stop thinking about giving his heart to her. Pachara says no can do, they already made a promise about this. Prao argues that it was before she knew who she was, and she can’t let him do that. He says her heart is weak and if she dies, how can he live on. Prao asks him the same question, if he dies, how can she live on. She tells him not to ask for something that lovers would never consider and runs to her room in tears.

At the door, Pachara says that he knows she’s mad at him, but that she must understand why he must do this. He has lived for two thousand years in turmoil; he can’t endure losing her too, it would be doubly painful. In her mind, Prao says he doesn’t understand her either, because how could she live on without him.

During Matinee’s interrogation, the officer wants Matinee to confess her crimes, and especially who has ordered her to do this. Matinee says she will tell them everything under one condition: she must see Pachara first. But Wipu shows up instead and Matinee immediately tenses up. His mouth seems to be chanting something behind the doors, which causes Matinee to keep her mouth shut. He says it probably is a good idea to get Pachara.

Meanwhile Pachara approaches Prao, who thinks his presence means he has agreed to do as she wishes. Pachara merely wants to inform her that Matinee has requested to speak with him and that she is going to confess everything. Prao says in that case she wants to go too, she’s not completely unreasonable with her sulkiness. Lol.

As they enter the interrogation room, Matinee is barely hanging on, her body twitching. When he asks what’s wrong, she mutters “I AM MATIRA.” And she repeats it over and over, louder and louder each time. Everyone debates on whether they can believe it, Pon thinks since she admitted to it, it must be true. Wanda finds it strange that she didn’t say anything else. Prao thinks maybe she has really lost her mind. Wanda asks Pachara if Matira has been like this in the previous lifetimes because it doesn’t make sense for her to lose her mind in this lifetime. Wipu suggests maybe Matinee has some sort of mental issues, because there are times she’s a bit bipolar. Prao wonders how they will reverse the curse if Matinee has lost her mind.

Prao tries to comfort Pachara, she wonders when Matinee would be reborn again. Pachara says it doesn’t matter to him if he has to wait another couple hundred years, because he’s used to it. But he’s sorry that he can’t give her the heart in this lifetime. He intended to give her the heart so she could do whatever she wants to do. Prao tells him not to blame himself because even if Matira could reverse the curse, she would never accept his heart. As fate has determined this much for them, Prao suggests they spend their remaining time together. Prao says that she doesn’t know how many lifetimes she’s spent with a weak heart, even died before she could ever meet him, but this lifetime is different, she knows the reason why she has taken care of herself all this time. Pachara says that it is to meet him. Oof, why does this scene hurt so good.

Prao tries to be positive and says a miracle always saves her whenever she is close to death. Pachara says miracles don’t always happen. Prao suggests they both pray that a miracle happens to them, that she will remember everything in every lifetime and come back to be with him. He says that from now on, he will take care of her, and they seal the deal with a kiss.

Pachara meets up with Wipu next, who wonders what he plans to do about Matinee. Pachara says he’s going to try to heal her because this isn’t about him and Matira anymore. Prao is also impacted in every lifetime because Matira had used Prao’s blood to curse his heart, so Prao has to endure a weak heart in every lifetime. Therefore, by reversing the curse, this would help Prao too. Wipu is surprised (or acts surprised) to hear that Prao is Ladtha. Wipu comments that it means Pachara can’t let anything bad happen to Prao. Wipu asks if Pachara has regretted not following Matira’s wishes. Pachara replies that he’s sad about it every day, but if he could turn back time, he would make the same decision. Wipu clenches his fist and says if it were him, he might follow her wishes, because at the end of the day, we all have different thoughts. Pachara peers at him and asks Wipu to tell him more about Matinee.

Pon is still somewhat sad about being lonely without his sisters, so Wanda offers to marry him, but he rears back thinking she’s a woman, she shouldn’t be proposing. Nukun wants a word with Pon privately, which makes Samornsee worried that Pon is trying to snag her man. The two snoop around, thinking the two men are doing the dirty, then decided to celebrate their newfound single status. But instead, Nukun proposes to Samornsee.

Pon says to Wanda, come here drunkie we have things to talk about. He asks her why she still thinks he’s gay after all this time. Haha. She explains that the situation made her think so. She says it doesn’t matter if he’s gay or not, it’s not like they are going to get married. He asks if she’s being sulky because of this. Wanda says she’s man enough to handle it, if they aren’t serious than they can just break up. She says to let her know when he wants to break up. This made Pon smile.

And Prao moves back to Black Pearl Island and Pachara’s home. He says it’s her home now too so she could do whatever she wants. The first activity she chooses is to watch a movie with him at home. I can’t help but notice, wow these two have nice teeth. Agh they are so cute. Prao says that sometimes people just need these small, happy moments. She wants everyday to be like today. Then Pachara says they will spend the night together. Kyaa.

Prao says they can practice just sleeping together so that when the real thing happens, they won’t be so awkward. Pachara scoots over and tells her that nobody practices these things. HAHAHA. She doesn’t realize he’s that close, so when she turns, his face is right next to hers. She says she just wants to do things normal couples do, without revenge or curse. Pachara lays down and offers his arm, and she lays on it. I don’t know how anyone is going to get any sleep.

Sintu tries to utter more words, but Sherlock dad is struggling to understand. He gives the man an iPad so he could type what he wants to say. Sintu types that he wants to see Pachara right away.

The two get caught under the covers by Kala. Haha. She asks if they are making a baby. Prao tells Kala that she doesn’t want a baby yet. Pachara tells Nukun to ensure Sintu is well and that he will visit when the time comes. Even though Nukun had already told Pachara that Sintu is adamant about seeing him. He updates Pachara on Matinee, that the officers will send her to see a psychiatrist and then they will proceed with the ruling. Prao says she wants to head back too and meet with Matinee. She believes that all of them should go and forgive Matinee.

When they see Matinee again, Prao says that no matter if she’s Matira or not, they need to forgive each other. When Wipu shows up though, her condition worsens, and she spouts the same words “I am Matira.” The police say they will proceed with the ruling and the therapy, but another issue that hasn’t been resolved is the missing heart of knight and Clarissa. Pachara says if he’s Matira, where would he hide Clarissa. Wipu gives him one of this cryptic looks.

Later Prao asks Pachara why he isn’t convinced Matinee is Matira. He says it’s too simple, Matira is more conniving than this. Prao tries to suggest that he’s overthinking it and they all know at the end of every lifetime, what Matira faces. She asks him to drop everything, but Pachara says that if he does, then their chances of reversing the curse is nil. Prao repeats herself, that if he wants to reverse the curse so he could be human, she’d want that too, but if he intends to give his heart to her, than he already knows how she feels about it. She says that in two days she’ll get her heart surgery and will come back to spend the rest of her days with him. But Pachara says he’s afraid, he’s afraid that he would lose her and spend the rest of his immortal days without her. She reminds him to stay in the present and forget about the past.

She suggests they set a new target, in that he would wait for her until she reincarnates, and she would find him again in every lifetime.


Ah it’s driving me crazy waiting for answers. Whatever happened to the vial Pachara stole? How long do test results take? Why does Pachara seem suspicious of Wipu but we don’t get any other indicators that he’s doing anything about the suspicions? How come Pachara isn’t actively looking for the heart of knight – or maybe Nukun is looking – but isn’t the heart of knight one of the keys to reverse the curse?

And I get that Prao wants him to relax but I’m not sure I agree with her telling him to keep waiting every lifetime. Waiting is its own kind of suffering; I wouldn’t even wish that on my enemy. This is exactly what Matira wants him to endure, watch the people he loves die in every lifetime. But on another note, I am glad to see that we got more screen time together. Pachara can clarify his feelings to Prao, and that he doesn’t love her like a sister.

The end is near! But what I am most curious about is why everything in this lifetime is so different than the others. The teaser for next episode brings us familiar faces. People from the past lifetime are making their appearances one by one, Ruthara, Ruthara’s dad! I keep thinking Matira IS Wipu but they keep pulling my leg! My money is still on Wipu, so let’s see how this all plays out next week. Til then, my lovelies! Thanks for reading.