Tono Pakin and Nychaa are reuniting with Broadcast Thai Production to headline the upcoming primetime lakorn, Duangjai Nai Montra. This is an adaptation from a book with the same name, by Praenath who penned Wayupak Montra, Khunchai Ronnapee and a slew of other successful almost made for TV stories. She’s a talented romance writer and I look forward to seeing how her characters come to life in the lakorn depiction.

The premise of the story is rather poetic, Tono plays Pachara, an immortal being who has lived for some two thousand years now. His goal in life is to find its ending. He was cursed once upon a time by his then girlfriend Matira, who not only jinxed him to live forever, but that he must live forever “heartless”. By this, I wonder if it means he has no feelings? Cannot fall in love? Literally has a hallow spot where his heart should be? Whatever the case may be, he remembers her, both in pining and in anger, and he’s waiting for her to reincarnate so that she could take it all back.

Voila 2000 years later, he thinks he meets the one! That is, he believes since PraoPloi looks like his crazy ex-girlfriend, that she must be the one. Apparently, he has not seen Buppae Sanniwas because one can reincarnate into anything/anyone, because reincarnation is tricky business. Funny – well not so funny – but could be tragically funny, is that PraoPloi is born with congenital heart disease and her biggest wish is to live long enough to see another day! Good god, the lakorn gods are out for blood in this story. Pachara kidnaps PraoPloi to his island (because you need one-on-one time to do jedi mind trick) and this is where they get to know each other better. BUT.. she has heart disease, remember? So she fell sick, and he has to take her back to the city. Upon which, Pachara learns that PraoPloi isn’t actually his crazy ex-girlfriend of two thousand years ago! Oopsies!

The REAL slim shady ends up kidnapping PraoPloi (poor girl seriously) and makes Pachara choose between reversing his curse (meaning he would be human and can finally die) or save his beloved from dying. Such terrible choices! At the end of the day, who will Pachara choose to save?

My money is on Pachara choosing PraoPloi since we’re on this poetic route, because does it matter that you get your ultimate wish (to end your life), but have to give up your beloved instead? The bigger question to me is, even if we (yes we’re in this together) save PraoPloi, how do we cure her heart disease?! It’ll be interesting to see how this whole story plays out. You can come on back since I’ll be doing recaps on the 27th. I love Broadcast Thai and I love Tono-Nychaa together, so kyaa, do stay tuned dear readers!