“Spark Heart Mr. Arrogant” (Spark Jai Nai Jomying) is a bite sized lakorn that follows the story of Sun (Nine Naphat), a travel youtuber on a mission to improve his viewership ratings. Once a popular influencer, Sun turned away some of his avid fans into anti fans due to his attitude. No one actually knows (outside of his two best friends) that his special ability – the ability to hear people’s thoughts – forces him to shut himself out to the world. As a result, people on the internet coined him Mr. Arrogant and roots for him to fail. As far as Peat (Moss Witsarut)/Sun’s manager and best friend, Dam (Tae Darvid), is concerned, they are going to try their best to do an image overhaul.

On the first location to shoot their documentary, things get interesting for Sun. Not only does he meet a devoted fan in Brownie (Meiko Chonnika), Sun also meets the one person whom he cannot hear, Anna (Mild Lappassalan), a rising star writer. He even wonders if Anna actually has any thoughts in her head. Most curiously, Anna finds the hero for her next book in Sun, and as she follows him around, she starts to unravel his secret with a secret of her own.

Shot in film lens, “Mr. Arrogant” brings about a relaxing, summer trip feeling. The beautiful shots of Bhumibol Dam and Sri Nakarin Dam National Park thaws you from this cold winter, and offers a quick escape from this long spanned pandemic.

Though each episodes are short – 15 mins each – with a total of eight episodes, I really enjoyed watching the bromance between Nine, Tae and Moss. Nine takes on a character that is seemingly arrogant to everyone, but the way he looks at his friends when they’re not looking at him, or those puppy dog eyes when he’s afraid he’ll really be alone, really makes you feel for him. It was gratifying to watch Sun coming to the realization that he spends way too much time hearing the voices inside other people’s head, than the voice inside his own head. The relationship between him and Anna could be explored with more screen time, given that this premise has the potential to be a full blown lakorn.

Alas, this bite sized package is enjoyable. Come see fine Nine and the cast, along with the stunning sceneries – you won’t regret it.

Watch English subs on Neko’s site. This is a Ch3 lakorn produced by Nong Arunocha of Broadcast Thai Production.