This evening lakorn from Channel 7 is pretty delightful, even if it’s about life, death and the afterlife. Pisat Hansa tells the story of Prat who mistakenly passes away after a traffic accident. You see it isn’t his time to go, but the Grim Reaper made a mistake and took his soul before his due time. This is an irreversible blunder but since Prat is a good person and has made many merits in life, the Grim Reaper gives him a second chance to live. Prior to getting hit by a truck, Prat had wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Ae. At 26 years old, he has a bright future and like he told the Grim Reaper, he still has so much left to do. But this second chance at life isn’t for Prat to go back and live his former life; he’s going back into a different body that has recently passed away, and therefore must move on.

Unfairness doesn’t only exist in life, but also in the afterlife. In order to remain in the new body, Prat has a year to track a group of depressed souls. He’s tasked with not only finding them, but also resolving their issues. He gets a handy tool in the form of a black beaded necklace that will turn white one bead at a time as he accomplishes his tasks. Since Prat essentially came back from the dead, he has the unique ability to see souls and ghosts, but more importantly, he is empowered with the gift to send the souls back to the Grim Reaper and meet their judgment call. And because of the ability to see souls, the wandering souls also attract themselves to him and he finds himself at their disposal.

Prat’s new body is the recently deceased Kob who is the youngest child of a millionaire hotelier. We can say goodbye to Prat – played by the handsome Win Kongtoranin– and say hello to Kob – played by Mek. So Kob is a gay man who overdosed due to heartbreak, but since it is Prat’s body now, Prat uses the excuse that he lost all of his past memories in an effort to remain as himself (a man). The new family readily accepts this excuse because they are too happy to question their good fortune. The new family consists of a mother, older sister, estranged father (who lives with a mistress) and his mother’s love interest (who is not a good guy).

Prat figures that in order to accomplish his mission, he needs to be out and about to make himself available to the souls, so he asks mom to work in the hotel restaurant as a server. He reasons that it will give him the opportunity to learn the business from the ground up. First day on the job, Prat introduces himself as a distant relative of the owner, so as to ingratiate himself with the staff. But one particular employee isn’t impressed with him using connections, and she’s a bit of a thug anyway, so she shows him the ropes of running a restaurant with a side of sass. That is Bang-Orn, played by ChingChing, who is the head of household, what with an ailing father and a very pregnant older sister. The responsibility of taking care of them falls on her shoulders. At first she comes off as being a bit snarky but I think she just doesn’t want to waste her time bonding with a new employee who isn’t gonna stay awhile, even if he happens to be a cousin of a cousin-in-law to the owner or whatever. Though she’s poor, she has a lot of guts.

She starts warming up to him once Prat shows what a kind, considerate and capable person he is. To be honest, Prat truly is an angel from above. I cannot imagine what it feels like to find out you can never go back to your old life (your body is cremated), but also remembering everything about your old life, and that your old life is just a reach away. Isn’t there a forget tea he can drink? He has been reminded to focus on his mission, and to not dwell in his past, but Prat cannot help it.

Prat goes to see his family but introduces himself as an old friend of Prat’s who has stayed in contact from a distance. His mother really takes to him because he reminds her so much of her son, and his younger sister Da also welcome her brother’s old friend. The messed up part though is that his younger brother Min (bros can either be best friends or enemies) loves Prat’s girlfriend, Ae. Not even before his body cooled from the cremation, Min and Ae are hand in hand. Prat is amazingly resilient. He wonders about his misfortunes but never let his heart dwell on it. He’s a positive force, but also one who is observant and astute.

Pisat Hansa, despite its heartbreaking premise, is really a heartwarming show. I’m enjoying Prat handling the souls of the day, and working at the restaurant with the gang of awesome employees (especially all of his scenes with ChingChing, they are adorable). But more importantly, I’m enjoying the fact that Prat, who is essentially a dead person, can breathe life to the living. It makes you think about how short life is, and that not everyone gets a second chance. But I guess if anyone deserves it the most, it would be Prat, who is the best of us.

*Airs every M-F (premiered 3/11/2019)