Catchy title to be sure. Miss Unlimited Surname is actually the English title for Nang Sao Mai Jam Gat Nam Sagon, which aired two episodes thus far this week on OneHD. It’s a romcom with Mai Davika and Ter Chantavit at the helm, centering around Riam (Mai Davika) who is unlucky in love but gotta get lucky in order to kick her diagnosis to the curb. Riam has always been boy crazy, however she got burned three times and vowed not to get married.  

We open the series with Riam’s voiceover about how nonexistent her love life is. The first time she fell in love was during high school where she took it more seriously than the guy, who flirted with another girl. Riam is a pretty girl and she knows it, but unlike the quiet and unrelenting heroines in a lakorn, Riam is boisterous and fearless. She strikes her first boyfriend in the nose, declaring that they’re over. But Riam is not one to dwell in the past, in fact, she believes she’s gotta move on, and her second love will indeed become her husband and baby daddy. Funny enough, her second love is already a husband and someone else’s baby daddy. LMAO. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh.  

Riam hasn’t become jaded yet since she met her third love, the perfect man in every way. So perfect, in fact, that no women is good enough for him. Since he’s gay. Riam practically raises her fist to the heavens and vows that love and marriage is bogus. She wants to spread that wisdom to everybody and proceeds to embarrass herself by getting roaringly drunk at one of her best friend’s wedding, then into an altercation with her third gay ex-boyfriend and his new beau.  

That same drunken night, she stumbles back to her apartment but mistakenly goes into her new neighbor’s apartment instead, Ongsa. Who, get this, is her childhood classmate that she teased relentless because he was pimply faced and refused to help her cheat on tests. Ongsa, many years later, is an established chef who has clear skin and no glasses. He’s the ugly duckling. Though Riam doesn’t recognize him immediately, Ongsa knows which pretty face he’s staring at.

As morning comes, Riam gets reintroduced to her high school friend and makes him take her to work, as she’s already running late. They catch up in the car, where Riam tries to make light of his profession – that he’s a “cook” – but then seems to talk up about her own job – that she’s in sales. Ongsa gets to the bottom of this though, and we all learn that she works for a dog store called Good Dog. Ongsa roars with laughter as he mocks that she must talk like this to her customers woof woof. LMAO. That scene is hilarious. But Riam thankfully takes it in stride as she’s not embarrassed by her job per se, just that the guy she always makes fun of is doing better. Which in the grand scheme of things, isn’t surprising to Ongsa, as he always worked hard for everything, while Riam skates by, making ends meet. 

Unfortunately, Riam collapses during a work meeting from what we learn is called Chocolate Cyst, which is an ovarian endometrioma, a fluid filled cyst that forms in her ovaries. It’s not a terminal diagnosis because it’s usually noncancerous, with a 1% chance of it becoming cancerous. The doctor relents that there are two prognoses. The first one is to have surgery, but there’s a chance that it may return. The second option, a more holistic approach if you will, is to have a baby. Pregnancy lowers the risk. At first Riam doesn’t think her condition would likely escalate, but come to find, cancer is hereditary in her family, which makes her diagnosis even more grim. Her own aunt has recently been diagnosed with cancer that derived from Chocolate Cyst. So, lo and behold, Riam decides she shall go husband hunting and kick potential cancer to the curb. 

This lakorn gears more towards the slapstick comedy, but OneHD is also known for finding poignancy amidst humor. With Ter Chantavit already making me laugh so hard, I hope they let him make more riffs during the show. Mai is stunning, though her acting can be a little over the top, it somewhat calls for it. Her character is outlandish, but it’s situational funny. Riam is obviously a beautiful woman, and doesn’t have problems attracting men, she has the confidence, the gumption, but I’m not sure the self-awareness of what’s causing her to be unlucky in love. Now that she has to find love in order to live (so to speak), this journey is taking on a whole different meaning (with a whole host of yummy selections!) Because husband shopping isn’t that fun, unless morbid fate is nipping at your heels.