Ahem, hello? Anyone still alive after this episode? I swear you guys, 45 minutes is just not long enough to appease my appetite for Kiew and Peat. In the last few episodes the desire to slap Peat was intense, because he was being a douche in every way possible, destroying himself and everyone around him. He found his mother’s journal detailing how his dad abandoned her during their wedding night to have a trysting with Kiew’s mom (who ends up becoming pregnant) – leaving Peat’s mom with a broken heart and she had an affair with his best friend to get back at him. Kiew’s mom stayed away from her dad for YEARs, but in Peat’s eyes, he needed to seek justice for his mom. So he sets out to make Kiew believe that he truly loves her and wants to marry her. We all knew he is vindictive and is up to something, even with the robotic way in which he states how much he has fallen in love with Kiew. (Nice job Pon!) But what he cannot lie is the way he constantly looks at her when he knows she can’t see, with the way that he gets shaken up because he made her cry. Those silent, quiet ways made me forgive him just a little. But then he goes and does all the scumbaggy things and you want to slap him.

Thank goodness for Kiew. Her spunk has returned, with the help of dad (who contrived for her to vacation in Seoul and for Peat to work abroad for a week there as well), and with the help of soju, the silent hero. They have a super cute montage of all Kdrama scenes, where he just watches her being cute, or with Kiew playing the clingy candy. Ugh I’m dead, this director and writer is obviously a fan of kdramas. But what tops it all is the heart to heart confession that Kiew throws at him, after their piggy back ride back to the hotel room, and Peat deposits her on the bed. Kiew gets aggressive and starts taking off her outerwear, declaring that she’s going to ravage him. Rawr. He tries to scooch off the bed but she removes his jacket instead and says he’s bound to be shaken after she ravages him. Hahaha. She’s super drunk mind you, but drunks are also super honest. She hugs and kisses him, making smoochy faces. Peat tells her to get a hold of herself, she’s a woman, she can’t ravage a man. Oh you just wait, Mister. Kiew argues that this is not a normal situation between a man and a woman, this is a wife with her husband, and ravaging each other isn’t wrong. And proceeds to pinch his cheeks? Lol. I’m dying you guys.

Peat tries (failing miserably) to keep his wife from tearing off his clothes. Until he succumbs but Kiew doesn’t think it’s fun when he’s willing. He just looks at her, in his own, sadly piercing but sweet way and she asks if he’s confused. Then it gets serious. Kiew says that he won’t believe anything she says anyway, always making it out to be like she’s trying to trick him. She eyes him, “do you not know how important you are to me?” And she let’s out what she’s been feeling all this time. “When you almost died from the accident, I wanted to die with you. When you left home, I told myself that I won’t let you out of my life, no matter how much you would hate me or get mad at me. When you are hurt, I am more hurt. When you cry, I want to cry even more. When you tell me that you love me, I am the one who loves you more.”

He asks, “how are you sure you love me more?” Omg.

She let’s him have it, “of course I do. When you tell me that you love me and want to marry me, but instead you left me to go to Khun Chaya. How can someone who loves the other person more do something like this?” Oof. He could see that she’s deeply hurt by the betrayal.

He reaches for her arm but she pushes it away, apparently not done talking. “What did I do wrong? You used my love against me, for something I didn’t even do.” But she conceded a little, “Right. My mom was in the wrong, but when she realizes that, she left my dad. I grew up without a dad, do you know how hard that was? Is that not enough? Why? Why can’t you choose to be happy? Forget the past?” That’s what I’m saying.

“How is it good to be vengeful?” She questions. This hits him, his eyes well up with tears but he uses his handy excuse, “it’s my problem.” Kiew notes this and says it’s because he can’t think clearly. “This time, don’t even bother thinking you’ll succeed. I will do everything to make it fail. I refuse for you to live like this, I want you to live happily. And finally, I refuse to give you up to Chaya. You are mine. You are mine, alone.” She cups his face and says she loves him. She goes in to kiss him, but Peat meets her halfway and kisses her with everything he has. It’s a long, searing kiss, and he pulls her into his arms after, with what seems like his defense crumbling down. My heart, it weeps. So beautiful.

After the sweet moment, Kiew almost throws up on him. Peat takes her to the bathroom and tends to her. As he brings her back to bed, he confesses that she misunderstands, because he’s the one who loves her more, and he kisses her hair. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

What I love most about this episode is that she showed him and told him, unlike his parents, that she places his happiness and well-being above anything else. His parents are selfish and sucked him into their own drama, using him as a revenge mechanism, that the boy, who is now a man, can’t even differentiate between someone who genuinely loves him and cares about him, to someone who is out to get him. But Kiew manages to show him, open up his eyes (to his own feelings too), that he matters to her and that she will fight for them even if he has given up. That’s more than what his parents has ever said or done for him. And for that, I love Kiew. And for that, I want both of them to be happy, to always choose to be happy.