Louis Scott and Pream Ranida will be headlining a weekend lakorn following Kularb Tud Petch on January 1st. This one looks cute and funny, and quite a lighthearted lakorn that will mark the start of the New Year.

Louis plays Gamonchanok, aka Nai Mon, who’s a chef but also an heir to an elegant hotel owner. He was heart broken by the love of his life that chose to marry an elderly millionaire. This caused Nai Mon to believe that ALL women must be gold diggers. Until one fateful day Thongra (Pream Ranida) comes along and makes him believe in true love again.

The only problem is, her brother is his best friend, and he has to cross over her mom’s dead body. Nai Mon decides he’ll pretend to be a poor cook at her house so that mom could hire him (below minimum wage) and he could win her over. Right, that always works out in the end. It’ll be fun to watch him try.

You can check out this lakorn on Ch3 the first of the year.

Here’s a teaser: