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If the recent revenge lakorns aren’t revengey enough for you, or perhaps you’re missing some lip action or R scenes (really, if that is your thing..) than the Weds-Thurs lakorn, Buang Rak Salak Kaen, might be just the show for you. Channel 8 allows their actors to experiment and test their comfort level, and if the smooches, physical force, and R scenes are any indication in this show, the actors are definitely game. I personally have not seen this, and will be passing on this since it isn’t my thing, BUT so far it has stimulated the interest of Thai fans. Well, not only because of the smooches and slap/kiss nature of this show, but for the complex storyline that centers around two neighboring family, who were once friendly neighbors but grew to hate each other. There are several webs of revenge that starts with the mothers’ generation and extend to the children’s.

Buang Rak Salak Kaen premiered last week, which gives the backstory about the two families, Chuen and Bua Pan (grandma generation if you will), who work off the land together, growing and selling mangoes for the floating market, even though Cheun owns the land. She has a set of boys while Bua Pan has a trio of girls (mom generation), but their friendly relationship ends when one of Cheun’s boys drown while trying to save one of Bua Pan’s girl’s (his crush). Cheun’s remaining son (Bok Pong) goes behind his mother’s back to date Bua Pan’s girl (Mala) but things get a little crazy because of a love triangle: there’s a rich boy Pan Leu who also fancies Mala and a crazy girl Dao Rai who fancies Bok Pong but takes it up a notch by using black magic to capture him. She succeeds, but it gets worse – her black magic causes Bok Pong to R Malai (the youngest sister) who had been there to scold Bok Pong for making her sister pregnant (who then miscarried). Anywho, this is the marriage status: Pan Leu marries Mala (they go to have 2 boys together), Malai marries Gong Pop (they have a daughter together), and Bok Pong ends up with Dao Rai (and they go to have 3 children together, although the second daughter “Ban Wat” happens to be Dao Rai and Pan Leu’s lovechild.) Still with me?

The two families go on to have their own successful trades after selling the farm, but things don’t rest there because the older generation fuels the hatred fire to the younger generation. Mala’s family happen to be the most wealthy (since she married Pan Leu who happens to be the son of a millionaire) and their youngest son is our hero, who comes back from studying abroad to take over the family business, while his older brother is more interested in photography. The hero seeks retribution on behalf of his mother, once he learns that our heroine’s father (Bok Pong) had hurt his mother in the past. It’s fifty shades of crazy. The hero enacting the r scene with our heroine will take us back several years, so be prepared for that.

Here is an interview about the show, the leads discuss their stories and scenes. This is also June’s first lakorn. Sittha plays Chai Pon (I think that’s the character’s name) and June plays Ban Dao.