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One HD finally released episode 3 of Ruk Fun Thalop on youtube, despite my waiting for it on Saturday, hoping to get the recaps done. However, I am noticing that this sitcom-like lakorn doesn’t really warrant a recap. It’s one of those mindless, funny lakorns that you can sit and watch with your brains checked out. The jokes are funny, but are best left to watch instead of reading, and the plot does not thicken. But that’s really the purpose of the lakorn anyway, it’s not here to make you think, it’s a sit-back-relax kind of show. Which would be fine, but there are so many lakorns airing right now that I’d rather focus on those and put this one aside- in terms of writing full recaps. I’ll watch during my downtime (which is few and far in between) but at the end of the day, it’s not a show that I am eager to watch live and I don’t think we are missing much.

Having said that, I’ll still jump in here and there to talk about this show. For instance, in this episode, Risa and Preaw learn more about Peet’s late girlfriend and how she passed away. Peet still feels that it’s his fault: three years ago he was supposed to take Plaifun to her graduation rehearsal but only had an hour of sleep, so Plaifun suggests she take the motor cab instead. Unfortunately she encountered a freak accident on her way there, her skirt tail got stuck in the wheels, causing a horrible accident that killed her. It took him three years to find the gumption to go on the backpacking trip for his girlfriend. After hearing this story, Risa and Preaw set out to fulfill Plaifun’s wishes when she was alive. In the midst of this, Risa and Preaw are still competing for Peet’s heart, but I am of the mindset that Preaw is only pretending to compete with Risa for Risa’s own sake, but maybe falls in love with Peet for real. Her ex fiancé wants to get back with her too but is thwarted by their gay friend. Risa and Preaw think that they have enough competition trying to one man up each other, but are in for a surprise when they pick up a second backpacker, a young lady, who seems to be overly interested in Peet as well. That is one tight road trip.

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Meanwhile with Kong Grapan Naree, the leads are getting cute together. Officer Nat gets assigned to protect Aerport, which means driving her to and fro school. She starts to get used to his presence and starts to expect to see him everyday, but a couple of days go by and he is MIA. This is due in part to the officer’s mother recent demise. She was attacked and killed. Little did Officer Nat know that it was by his father, Dam, whom he does not know is his father. The baddie confirmed that he does indeed have a son and meets Officer Nat for the first time. Aerport gets investigated by Dam and his henchmen, they suspect she has the other amulet and are set out to capture her. When Aerport learns that Officer Nat’s mother died, she relents that he’s handling it well. She wouldn’t know what she would do if her father died. Those words hit too close to home as she returns to her father to find him not breathing. Even the doctor confirmed his death. However Dad was only testing out a new power, he says that sometimes playing dead is the best survival method. Can’t fault him for that. He adds that this experience will help her cope when the time comes and he is no longer around. Aer doesn’t find this amusing and warns him not to pull that act again. That ominous foretelling, and Aer possibly having to go through her father’s death again is going to be sad.

Our Officer didn’t become an Officer for no reason, even though Aer reasons that she has never experienced being ambushed before, he doesn’t take her word for it, since his gut tells him differently. Cops always trust their gut instinct. I find it adorable that Ken Pupoom plays the cop role well, along with pretending to be a weak man in front of her schoolmates. He lied that he’s Aer’s ex boyfriend and wants to get back with her. Aer plays along but explains that she’s not interested in getting back with him. Ha. Ken should always play a cop role and wear those nicely fitted tshirts. I like the simple wardrobe and the natural makeup in this show. It plays well with the gritty and moody tone. It’s a slower pace for episode two, but those character beats are necessary to learn more about these characters. I love the reversal of our ladies being tough and strong in this show, literally, she’s a heroine. Officer Nat is a sweet guy and not afraid to take the backseat to a capable woman. I want to learn more about him.

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But the more important question is.. did I watch Luk Mai Klai Ton that premiered this Monday? You betcha, but will reserve my thoughts for another article, because there’s just too much to say and it deserves an article all by itself.

For now, what lakorns are you watching? Feel free to share your lakorn check in below.