“New” would be a relative word, since this is a remake lakorn from its original inception in 1998, but it’s a new lakorn for our leads who are collaborating together for the first time.

Tarm Rak Keun Jai (which literally means pursue love back to the heart) is a romantic, easygoing story taken place at a farm. Nadech will take on a farm owner named Singh and with his new, rugged look, he’ll be the dreamy image that manifests itself out of the book. Mew plays Nuna who has been estranged from her long lost father, played by Au (the original hero from 1998), and she will be on a mission to find him. Then turns out, Au’s character (Rarm) will fall in love with Singh’s sister (played by Diana)– now that will be interesting!

Perhaps you would be happy to hear that P’Da Hathairat (LakornThai) is producing this show along with PaaJaew who’s directing it. P’Da has worked with Nadech from Raeng Pradthana (Desires) to Game Rai Game Rak (Evil Game Love Game) and has had him played many different characters, this time around she’s adding the alluring mustache to his character for an added rugged look, causing the young and old alike to take another look. Thank you producer, that mustache is doing wonders with my fangirling heart!

What’s even more interesting for me is that another added character to this show is the location(s) itself. Suratburi, along with four beautiful country provinces will make their cameos in this show. I love it when lakorns incorporate the setting as a living, breathing character, because it makes for a lively, stunning, and exciting watch. I would be interested to see how this character fares and what impact it will wreak on our other characters.

Tarm Rak Keun Jai commenced its opening ceremony recently and has started filming, but no scheduled air dates so far on the small screen, which, aw, long wait for me.

After watching so many gangsters and action lakorns, I am so ready for a fun loving lakorn. This is a good one to keep your eyes on if you enjoy a great romance story along with a new pairing, which is really working for me. In the meantime, here are some fitting pictures and opening ceremony videos to help pass the time.

tamruk2 tamruk3 tamruk5 tamtuk4

*pictures credit to Kapook