Art wants to go out on a date with Jum but doesn’t want it to be obvious, so he tells her that she owes him and needs to treat him out to eat. She gets annoyed and offers to give him money to take himself out to eat, but he refuses and says that she needs to actually take him to a restaurant. She reluctantly agrees to take him out to get it over with. Now that Art has finally accepted that he has feelings for Jum, when he sees Jum and Lookjun together he is enraged with jealously but the jealously is no longer for Lookjun but now it is for Jum. While waiting for Jum, Art learns from Annie that tomorrow is Jum’s birthday so maybe Lookjun took Jum out to get a birthday gift. Turns out this gift was more of assistance in getting a new wardrobe.

Jum shows up to the office the next morning all dressed up in girly clothes and takes her whole office by surprise. Lookjun tells her that not only does she need to dress girly, but she must now learn to act girly as well. Art gets angry when a co worker comments that if he knew Jum would be this pretty, he would of courted her long ago. (his reaction and jealousy was cute here) He then mutters under his breath “Why did you have to dress pretty for others to see for???” He wanted to keep her beauty a secret all to himself! Tsk tsk.

As Art was walking home, he bumped into the thugs from the nightclub who remembers him and chases after him. Art runs through the alleys trying to escape from them and somehow miraculously conceals himself (become invisible) with a holy object he placed in his mouth. (I have no idea what purpose this scene has??) After his little adventure, Art heads back to the office and happens to walk in on the conversation of the girls in the office gossiping and teasing Jum about her secret admirer who left Jum a birthday necklace at the front desk. Lookjun comments that this guy must have been in love with the tomboy version of Jum because he dropped off the necklace before seeing Jum dressed as a girl. The more Art sees how close Jum and Lookun are the more paranoid and jealous he gets.


The cast and crew of the GRGR lakorn are doing a special charity event by painting a portrait of their choice that would be auctioned off. Pete was known to have very strong artistic ability, so when they revealed each portrait everyone was shocked by how horrible “his” painting was. Paul was annoyed that no one had offered to buy his portrait and said why don’t they compete with taking photos! As for the Celeb Mag crew, they were out partying at the karaoke bar for Jum’s birthday.

When Paul shows up to join the party, he notices the necklace on Jum’s neck being something he’s seen before. It then dawns on him that it was the same necklace he and Art fought over at the night market the other day. With Art’s odd behavior and Lookjun telling him that the necklace was a gift from a secret admirer, Paul was able to detect that Art likes on Jum. Paul tells Lookjun and Jum that the necklace is indeed from a mystery man while he kept looking and nodding at Art. The crew tells Jum to wish for a soulmate when she blows out the candles, so our cupid Paul moves out of the way after Jum blows out the candles to reveal Art standing directly in front of her. Cupid Paul continues to help out Art by saying that Art should take Jum home since they’re house is around the same area (which is not true). Art thanks Paul for the help before taking off with Jum.

Mintra and Paul bump into each other at a grocery store where she purposely convinces Paul to give her a ride to work knowing that it would infuriate Lookjun to see them together. Paul has no clue as to why Lookjun was so bothered by this. This time Lookjun was seriously hurt by him and accused him of choosing someone else over her. Everywhere he went, Paul couldn’t shake the thoughts of Lookjun being upset with him and he sees her face in every person. When Lookjun came home Paul tried to make amends with her and offered her a drink, but she refused to accept his offerings. Finally we get a hint as to why Lookjun was so sensitive and moody today because she is on her period. Lookjun wakes up in the middle of the night with horrible cramps, so Paul gives her a back massage. Lookjun is grateful for the massage and decides to forgive him.

LJ: Because you were able to help make the pain go away, I will forgive you this once. But you must not ever see another girl as being more important than me and you must love me the MOST! (Uh huh).

LJ: Why did you just now just massaged me? Why didn’t you give me a massage all those other months? Letting me stuffer like I was about to die.

Paul: I just recently learned this.

LJ: Learn? Learn from where?

Paul: Tribal people.

LJ: Tribe people? Where did you go meet these people? From the lakorn?

Paul: Uh Yea…..Massaging is just a temporary fix, it doesn’t really help, why don’t you actually go see a doctor?

LJ: Pete!!!! You always say that every month, you well very well that for it to heal completely, I will need surgery. I don’t want to have surgery.

Paul: Well how come you don’t want to have surgery?

LJ: Because it hurts! I’m scared.

Paul: When you have surgery, you’ll be asleep when they put you under anesthesia.

LJ: But when I wake up, it still hurts doesn’t it? No way.

Paul: Oh ho then come how you dare to do your beauty treatments? When they thread your face you don’t seem to be scared by it?

LJ: Ohhhh Pete….how can you compare the two? The importance of the two things are different. Listen up, having chocolate cyst is doable even without surgery, it’s bearable. But if don’t thread my face, it will sag down. And I cannot tolerate that!!!! And another thing, the doctor told me that having chocolate cyst is not truly curable without having a child. And you expect me to have a child with those asshole men out there in the world? No way! ….Or do you want me to have a child with you?

Paul’s face instantly lights up….Hey hey you have to go that far? And when will we do this? And do you think this is will be a good idea? He is literally jumping for joy with excitement and happiness that he can hardly contain it.

LJ: Good….they said that children born from IVF can be chosen from the best sperm. Our child will come out just perfect.

Paul: A child that is created from IVF?

LJ: If not IVF then how will it work? Or do you want to actually really do it with me?

Paul: Crazy? No…eww!

LJ: I know….I know..I remember you told me that girls body are too soft and flimsy you don’t like it, you prefer men with big muscles who are strong.

Paul: Uh yea…..I like guys with big muscles. Now that you’re tummy is better you go can back to your room now.

LJ: Oh yeah that’s right tomorrow morning I have a big meeting too!

Paul: Okay so go to your room now.

LJ: I’m not leaving….tonight I’m going to be sleeping here!

Paul: Heyyyy??

Off to bed they go….Paul lays there starring at Lookjun’s face while his heart is pounding so loudly. He is so distracted by her face that he tries to turn the other way so he can get some sleep.


LJ: Pete!!!! You cannot turn the other way, you must stay facing me the whole time! I am not feeling well and I need some attention, turn around right now!

Oh poor Paul….he reluctantly turns around to face her. As if he’s not struggling enough to control his temptation, she puts her hands on his chest causing his heart to thump even louder. In the middle of the night Lookjun starts to caress his chest and face when suddenly she yells out in horror as she discovered that his face was in bad condition due to the punch he took earlier while boxing.

LJ: AHhhhh Pete! What happen to your face???

Paul: Oh it was just a little accident.

LJ: Pete….I don’t want to believe this! You need to be more careful, you utilize your face as a source of income…oh gosh. Here let me put this on for you (applies cream) How did this happen? You’re all bruised and blue. Don’t tell me that you were too distracted because you were thinking of your special someone?? (Paul is smitten by her nurturing ways).

Paul: Wah?? No there’s no one.

Lookjun sarcastically says, “Uh huh okay I’ll believe you…you don’t look one bit suspicious at all!”

LOL Paul wakes up in the middle of the night thinking that his snoring was out of control only to learn that it was Lookjun causing all the loud snoring sounds. He rolls her over on her back in hopes that it would stop the snoring and provide him a peaceful night sleep, but unfortunately she rolls back over to face him and snores even louder once again. Due to the lack of a good night sleep, Paul wakes up the next morning to brew himself some strong coffee. (how many times do we have Paul making coffee in this lakorn?? they might as well have done a sponsorship deal and showed the brand). Lookjun eventually wakes up and greets him in the kitchen, when she saw his face she yelps out in shock.

LJ: Pete….what’s wrong with you? Last night, you didn’t sleep or something? Why are your eyes like a Panda’s? Oh yea….speaking of last night, it seems as if last night I was tossing and turning, I was sweating, having nightmares, and it feels like I couldn’t really get a deep sleep. (This annoys the crap out of Paul for he was the one who couldn’t get a deep sleep. She is totally oblivious to the fact that she caused his lack of sleep).

Paul: Oh really?? You couldn’t sleep well at all really?? (Sarcastic response).

LJ: It must be because I’m stressed out trying to think of a concept for the next issue. Our last issue, did so well so now I must try to come up with something better to drive the sales even higher.

Paul: So your last issue did well, so that means that this issue must be better, which means that if this issue comes out good then you’ll have to stress again to try and make the next issue even better? You’ll have to keep stressing, will you really ever be happy?

LJ: Yes..I will because it means that I’ll be number one and beat Line. This coffee smells so good, let me have this cup okay (takes big sip before Paul can protest). Pete I want to thank you for taking good care of me last night…..I love you..I love you (Kiss..kiss…kiss).

Paul:……(still dazed by her kisses) I’m not Pete…sighs*

When Lookjun reaches the office, she learns in her meeting that their client has requested to have Pete featured on the cover of their next issue once again. The product will be a unisex fragrance and they want Pete to be paired up with a model for this shoot. When Art shows up to the meeting fitted in his riding gear, Lookjun suddenly gets inspired with a theme for the next issue. She calls to tell Paul that he will need to do another photoshoot for her wearing motorcycle gear. (I love the music and exaggerated facial expressions of the characters in this lakorn…LOL at Rome riding the motorcycle).


Meanwhile the backstabbers at the office: Mintra and Bibpo plan out another scheme to ruin Lookjun somehow. They plan to go visit her hometown because surely she must be poor since she lives in the countryside. What’s funny is when Mintra excuses herself to take a phone call – here we learn that she is a big hypocrite. While she’s trying to bash Lookjun for being poor from the countryside, she has a phone conversation with her relatives from the countryside in the native Issan dialect telling her relatives to stop asking her for money.

Paul and Lookjun play a pool game that she typically plays with Pete. Lookjun boasts about how every time they play together, she always wins and her prizes ranges from purses to shoes to sunglasses. She tells Paul to prepare to lose, but little did she know that she is playing with Paul this time around not Pete, and Paul is determined to win her.

The next day, Paul arrives home to find a table full of food consisting of roast pork, duck, chicken, and so on, but this is all a big tease. Lookjun makes Paul eat nothing but salad for dinner while she teases him by eating all the other food in front of him. She tells him that he’s her model so he has to watch his shape and eat only salads. Lookjun continues to prep her model for his photoshoot by applying a clay mask for Paul and then forces him to do the same for her.

They next day at the photoshoot, all crew members and men on the set all have a bloody nose because the model posing with Paul is so hot. Paul is so distracted by her boobs that he can’t seem to focus or pose properly.


Everyone is frustrated with Paul’s inability to do the job, so Lookjun tells everyone to take a break while she goes to coach Paul. He owner of the fragrance saw the chemistry that Paul and Lookjun had together posing, so he tells Lookjun’s boss that instead of using the model, he would like for Lookjun to do the photoshoot with Paul instead. Lookjun refuses to do the job at first but eventually her boss was able to convince her. (Matt and Rome’s posing is so hot, they are so cute together). Once again this photo shoot featuring Lookjun and Paul is hugely popular. Lookjun has caught the attention of the country after their ad was featured on huge billboards all around town. Lookjun is not excited by this at all and prefers to stay behind the scenes rather than in front of the cameras.


The success of Celeb Magazine, has Line Magazine owner and his lover Nut stirring in their seats with jealously. The big boss, wants to recruit Lookjun to be the new chief editor for his new Magazine that he is about to launch. Nut is not happy with this decision until the boss tells him that he will have a small share in the profits.

All pictures credit to RNJJH IG ~ Uhrenah