Brought to us by GTH (Grammy cable channel one), Hormones the Series follow the lives of nine high school students in modern Thai society. It’s a bold and refreshing take on your not so average teen drama, beyond the typical teen angst, and delving into the gritty teen reality. It’s a bird’s eye view into the good, bad and ugly- yet never placing judgments, only revealing what is. For only when you open your eyes to the real problems in society, you can then finally resolve the issues.

That is indeed the goal of this Thai series, one unlike any primetime lakorns and should not be compared to as such. Hormones the Series has taken Thailand by storm, as well as making waves internationally, accruing fans of the young and old alike. Let’s see what the hype is all about, do stay tune to the 14 episode series, and currently, my newest recapping project. This popular, boundary pushing (the media likes to coin this show, controversial) has already acquired its second season.

Director Songyos Sugmakanan decided to bring his uber popular 2008 movie with the same title to the small screen. He selected a young and outstanding cast to play 11th graders, each person representing different perspectives, allowing us (the audience) to contemplate our own experiences through their eyes.

Starting with our hero- who seems to be more like an antihero- Win (Peach Pachara), is the big man on campus, a well liked, popular boy who is naturally bright. The world seems to revolve around him. Only KhongKwan (Patti Ungsamalin) is not a fan. She’s his senior and the idyllic perfect girl. Beloved to many, teachers and students alike admire her. These two are rivals and part of the appeal between them is the electric attraction, yet fervent denial of their feelings.

The second relationship(s) of interest is the love between four people: Tar (Gun Chunhawat), Toei (Punpun Suttata), Phoo (March Juthawut) and Thee (Tou Sedthawut). Three boys and one girl, how can this get any more interesting? Tar is an aspiring performer (who doesn’t want to be a rock star?) and he crushes after Toei, who feels more at ease befriending boys than girls. Trouble is, Toei’s ex-boyfriend is Phoo, who is a band member at school. Bigger problem is, Phoo is confused as to how he feels about Toei: should he proceed with the old flame, or confront his feelings for his fellow band member, Thee? Which only means he would have to face his own sexuality: does he like boys or girls?

Oh boy. Four way love, sexuality confusion.

Beyond this, there is a bromance to look out for (not in the literal sense of course) between three best friends, Win, Tar and Mok. Win is the ring leader, while Tar is the wannabe and Mok is just an introvert who has everyone convinced that he has an imaginary girlfriend.

There is the daydreamer Dao (Fon Sananthachat) who pens her own romance stories just for a taste of romance itself, since she has a strict, controlling mother.  She spends a lot of time with her head in the cloud, and enjoys matchmaking her fellow classmates. Unlike Phai (Tor Thanapob) who prefers to settle disputes with his fist. Or the sexual exploratory girl Sprite (Gao Supassara) who believes that woman are entitled to sexual explorations as much as men.

There is the interesting slew of teacher and parent casts- the modern minded versus the old fashioned, and the people whom by and large, shape the lives of their own students/children whether good, bad or ugly.

It’s a difficult and large cast to wrap your mind around, but the series will delve into these individuals’ lives, explore their choices, and consequences. It would be interesting to see how all of the stories unfold and how the characters inadvertently affect one another. So keep your eyes wide open and watch this series challenge authority (and its complacency), offer food for thought, and hopefully entertain us to the very last minute.

This recapping installment will be brought to you on a weekly basis (one episode per week that is) so we can explore the themes, the thought provoking happenstance, and any/all discussion you’d like to partake. I don’t know about you, but I am excited to be watching something different.

The Hormones Series is English subbed in full on YT, but this platform will allow any followers/readers who prefer reading recaps, to get together and digest this chockfull meal. Hopefully we’re not too late to the party..