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Ohboyohboyohboy. Not the show, but me. Looks like Dao Reurng is coming to an end this weekend, and as you can tell, we’ve only gotten to episode 6 recapped. This only means I must haul ass and catch up, no more dilly dallying and silly races. I’m committed to bringing you episodes 7-9 before this Friday so you’ll have a good idea what’s in store for the final two episodes.

Ratings wise Dao Reurng is doing really well in Bangkok, maintaining a steady 12-13 for the first six episodes, and 12.9, 15, 13.1 for last weekends’ releases (episodes 7-9). Which goes to show, that the nation loves their slap stick comedies and their Yaya. And who could blame them for a good, fun laugh in the countryside?

Episode 6 Recap

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Just when Sergeant Men and Gamnan Term think that their culprit would point them to the big guns, he gets silenced. Dao Reurng clamors by the jail cell that the man is foaming at the mouth. Everyone pale at the notion that the man is dead, which means they can’t catch the real culprit behind the drug bust.

Why Wan is still attempting or seeking out Luang Taa’s capability only goes to show his naiveté of Luang Taa’s power. He asks Luang Taa for the best day to make a certain woman his wife, but his two minions, being the idiots that they are, blurted out that Wan is referring to Reurng. But anyone should already know that he was aiming for Reurng from the get go. Some times I have to shake my head at the silliness of this village. One just can’t take them seriously. Maybe one isn’t supposed to. So Luang Taa gives him the “lucky” timing.

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But it looks like Luang Taa and Reurng has made a pack from the earlier debacle, after each saving each others back, that Luang Taa alerts Reurng and her mom that Ai Wan is intending to make her his wife. Unconcerned, Reurng asks for the day he’s planning on doing this and prepares herself. At the temple, she even Tells Mer to pick out a pretty dress for the occasion, leaving Mer conflicted, as we already know that she’s in love with Wan- she decides to purchase two of the same dress for the occasion, you guessed it, one for her and one for Reurng. But I don’t know why Reurng’s mom, Little Pian or the rest of the cast are concerned about this, because Reurng always, always outsmarts Ai Wan. Which doesn’t make the anticipation (for me anyway) all that exciting, but I am looking forward to seeing how Mer throws a wrench into Ai Wan’s plans.

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Wan and his lackeys do their anticipation talk, celebrating what is to come. Will they ever learn? They spot Khun Palat getting out of his jeep and Wan does his hip dance, and tells Khun Palat to prepare a handkerchief, ‘cause he might need it to wipe his tears tonight. Khun Palat is not amused by their shenanigans.

Reurng plots to make Ai wan feel that his plans will succeed, then he’s going to realize that his young “bride” is someone much older. She tells Mer’s auntie that someone much younger has a crush on her and wants to be with her. Mer’s auntie walks right into her hands. Reurng gives her the pink dress as well as a scarf to cover her head. She advises to play a little hard to get and don’t make a lot of noises.

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Khun Palat has lunch at Reurng’s food stall but the girl is not around, and much to his luck, the trio also arrives demanding food from Pian. Little Pian tells them that his P’Reurng is at the market shopping for a nice dress for this evening’s lucky night. According to Luang Taa, she will receive a present from the heavens. The trio chuckle at this as they know what he’s referring to. Khun Palat listens to their hooting and hawing, their instigations.

Meanwhile, Wai (Mer’s auntie) is giving facials to Phoo Yai’s wives and she shares with them that she is about to have a husband, all giddy with anticipation. They ask after the man, who he is, where he’s from etc. But Wai says that she’s never met him before. The Phoo Yai household laughs at her, obviously not knowing that they’re laughing at their son, which makes this scene for the viewers even more funny, since we’re in the know.

Both auntie and niece wear the same pink dress that night (and I must say auntie fills in the dress much better, ha) Mer sneaks out first as her auntie takes some liquid courage.

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Mer arrives at the trysting spot and gets a cloth bag thrown over her head. Wan’s minions kidnap her. Reurng watches on from the sideline, thinking that they’ve captured auntie instead of her friend. But as she turns, Khun Palat greets her with a “whatcha doing, Dao Reurng?” She tells him that she’s breathing, does he have a problem? But Khun Palat relents that he’s here to see what god has sent for Reurng, and whether that man will look like Ai Wan. Reurng replies that it is neither Ai Wan nor him- Khun Palat.

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He tells her to calm down because a tomboy like her is not his type. He is here to review the finances for the ducks. Reurng contemplates sending the ducks to the temple instead of raising it herself because ever since she’s been taking care of the ducks, she has a lot of problems. But Khun Palat tells her if she doesn’t want to raise them, she needs to tell him so he can have someone else take care of them. Which is correct, seeing that he is the one who purchased the ducks and built the duck pen. Reurng can’t be giving them to whomever she wants. Pfft. She sighs that she’s only joking and gives him more attitude.

As Reurng and Khun Palat walk away, Wai arrives at the trysting spot.

The minions carry “Reurng” to the cabin where they’ve prepared a wedding bed. Aren’t they curious why she’s not screaming and fighting them off? She is way too easy to be Reurng, but no one mistaken the trio for being smart, logical or even sensible. Wan tells them not to interfere or interrupt their night. But thankfully, as the minions step away, they finally wonder why she’s so quiet..

Ai Wan takes off the cloth bag over her face slowly but then realizes that it’s Mer! Shocked, Ai Wan steps away and says that he didn’t hex her, but Mer beckons him to the bedside and that she loves him. These two are so desperate for the other person. Wan snipes that he loves Reurng, not her. Angry, Mer gets up and says that Reurng doesn’t love him, only Mer has love for him all this time. But Wan wonders out loud if she’s an idiot for not realizing that he and Reurng are boyfriend/girlfriend. Mer screams at him. The minions overhear the shouting from outside and think that they are getting it on, it’s called slap kiss style. Lol.

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Wan is very rude and tells her to get out, she’s not even pretty, she doesn’t deserve to be a wife of a handsome man like him. Furthermore, a person like him, will never, ever love a woman like Mer. Ouch. Oh Wan, that’s why I don’t feel sorry for you one bit when Reurng always tortures you. I hope Mer doesn’t give him the time of day when he decides to crawl back to her in the end.

Wan is still delusional to think that he could bring the real Reurng to this cabin. He takes off in the middle of the night to grab her for himself. And of course waiting at the trysting stop is Auntie Wai, who’s practically simmering in anticipation and wondering what her young man looks like, is it Nadech, Boy Pakorn or Ken Pupoom? Lol.

Next thing she knows, Wan throws the cloth over her head and carries her out, and says that he would take her to heaven.

Khun Palat checks on the duck’s food ration and realize that it’s full. Dao Reurng tells him that she purchased them with her own money because he’s too busy finding fault with her and not asking her whether she needed more money. Firstly, Reurng is not the type to go and ask people for money, she works hard (whether that is legal/illegal remains to be seen) so it stays within character that she would be willing to pay for the ducks’ food, especially when she adores them. But this frustrates Khun Palat, as he probably wants to be someone that Reurng can depend on. He gives her money after her sarcastic comment and tells her to be a good “kid” so people could adore her.

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Could you blame Reurng for getting her feathers ruffled? She retorts that she’s not a “kid” and she doesn’t need anyone to “adore” her- and pushes him to the ground when he instigates that she only wants to be adored by Ai Wan. Oh men, they can be so annoying. She tells him to stop matchmaking her to people.

Wan carries his heavy “bride” on his shoulders and enters his honeymoon suite. He even throws a warning to his lackeys not to interrupt even if they hear some tousling from the room. But he’s no match for his bride, who reveals herself to be drunkie Auntie Wai and she is not about to let him slip through her fingers. Wan is screaming for help, trying to wrestle her off, and eventually his minions try to rescue him, and he comes up with a bright idea. Why not have daddy sleep with Auntie Wai instead? Ha, and daddy thinks that he’s getting a beauty pageant as a wife.

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Wan apologizes under his breath to daddy, claiming that he would rather sin than to sleep with Auntie Wai.

The next morning daddy wakes up screaming when he realizes who he slept with. He rips his son a new one, feeling violated, but the wifeys hold him back, and he is reluctant to tell them what happened. But Wai on the other hand, is announcing to the entire village that she just got a taste of Phoo Yai, and that she will be his tenth wife. The wifeys scream in unison when they find out.

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But it doesn’t go over so well with Mer, who got panda eyes from crying her eyes out last night, but only to misunderstand that her auntie slept with her crush. Auntie quickly clears it up, which shocks the group: Little Pian, Reurng, mom and Mer, that her “hubby” is actually Phoo Yai. Once the reality settles in, the fact that she doesn’t get along with his nine wifeys, she starts to sweat on whether he would accept her. She pleads for Reurng to help her marry Phoo Yai, otherwise, she would be humiliated all throughout town. Reurng accepts the challenge.

Preuk successfully clears up Diva Rose’s contract violation and came to a settlement with Namwarn, even though Rose complains that it still cost her money. Preuk says it is in exchange for peace of mind and the freedom to work on her own terms. Did I say that I love this sensible second lead? The two split their coffee tab and go on their merry way, praying that they won’t cross paths again.

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But we all know what’s going to happen next, right? Well, Rose is minding her own business when she takes a call from her new work lineup, and of course can’t multitask by walking and talking, that she literally stands in a motorcyclist way. It’s Preuk, who crashes into her.

Next, Reurng’s up to something when she visits Khun Palat’s office and sweet talks him. She even bears a dish to sweeten the deal. Knowing her, who believes that one doesn’t offer something until one wants something in return. But Khun Palat catches on to her, as he recognizes a sentence that a little girl once said to him, when he ends up almost missing his first big event. He knows to be wary when it comes to Reurng. She finally fesses up that she wants him to accompany her to visit Phoo Yai so she could demand her money over the winnings. Methinks, this has more to do with Auntie Wai than the winnings, heh, but Khun Palat doesn’t know that.

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Wan has been kicked out of the house and he finds his current sleeping abode at Luang Taa’s temple, as it was his fault. But Mer shows up and says there’s a solution to being allowed back home. He could help her auntie marry his dad (traditionally, not legally since he has so many wives already). Wan refuses at first until Mer threatens to send him to jail for unsolicited advancement, and he is forced to agree in the end.

And the scene where Wai walks to Phoo Yai’s house with her baggage, it’s so reminiscent of Barn Sai Tong, that it’s hilarious. The wifeys and Phoo Yai refuse to accept Wai and they melodramatically kick her out of the house until Reurng and Khun Palat happen by.

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The scene before Khun Palat shows him that Phoo Yai is refusing to withhold his end of the bargain (but Khun Palat doesn’t know that that end means marrying Wai, since he probably thinks it’s monetary debt.) Khun Palat steps up and tells Phoo Yai that he is wrong in the law’s eyes. (Wai and Reurng exchange winks.) Reurng even brings up Ai Wan and whether Phoo Yai wants Wan to take responsibility over it and perhaps go to jail again? At this, Momma Wieng tells her husband to take the responsibility.

A crowd of cheerers and dancers make it to Phoo Yai’s house (it’s a wedding procession). Wai thanks Reurng for helping her, which confuses Khun Palat who demands to know what’s going on. All of the wifeys figure Phoo Yai must have wanted to marry Wai from the beginning to plan such a procession and they all go after him. But after it is all said and done though, Wai and Phoo Yai marry!

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Khun Palat finally realizes that he was used. As he drops her off, she admits that she did use him, but it was a means to an end. Everyone is happy, Wai gets to live at her husband’s house and if Khun Palat doesn’t want to be troubled or burden next time, he ought to stay far away from her. Khun Palat does not like to be tricked. But he can’t be mad at her for too long, because as he watches her talk to the ducks and adoring them so, he could not help but smile.

He tells her to start naming her ducks, because she keeps calling them ‘this one’ and ‘that one.’ They go about naming the ducks together, cute. She laughs at Khun Palat’s expense, because she thinks his name is “Jeem” which is very feminine- he corrects her that it’s Jin- so they decide to name the ducks starting with the letter “J.” Khun Palat smiles at her cuteness with the ducks.

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Gamnan overhears Sia Gampon’s minions talk about their next illegal trade, weapons, and they would make their move soon. Um, doesn’t that sound a little too easy, Gamnan? These baddies would admit such a thing right in front of you? Methinks Gamnan is too tunnel vision to realize what this means.

Gamnan shares this new tidbit with Reurng who tells him not to be hasty because it’s going to be at Sia Gampon’s territory. Reurng will gather forces from the Director and they will work together, but Gamnan seems really impatient to get Sia Gampon once and for all.

Rose tells her boyfriend that she had a minor accident and is in the hospital, she’s making the culprit pay for everything and take care of her. Khun Palat is about to ask to see her when he gets interrupted with Gamjorn and keeps his girlfriend on hold. She’s already rolling her eyes about being forgotten, and tells him not to worry about her.

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Preuk and Rose’s bickering is kind of cute. She tries to guilt trip him to feed and be with her for every meal, but Preuk said he wasn’t in the wrong and he’s not her slave. Lol. He won’t succumb to her wishes and she’s so used to getting them. Preuk argues and scolds her that she’s not the Sudawadee if she can’t even be strong enough to get back to work. He gives her a reality check that she’s so spoiled in her profession that she doesn’t realize the trouble she causes to others. Rose blurts out that she’s being this way because she doesn’t want him to go. Aw. (She doesn’t want to be abandoned, she’s lonely. Ultimately she’s still reeling from the loss of her management and the neglect from her boyfriend. Just a girl who wants some attention.)

The confession that she wants him to stay shocks him for some time. Preuk calms down and gets her food warmed up for her. He’s so sweet!

Things are not easy at Phoo Yai’s household. Phoo Yai doesn’t want his son near him, the wifeys are uncomfortable with Wai around and now, Mer is bringing her things to stay with them too, which makes wan uncomfortable. Wan admits he has hated Mer since they were in school together (Aw, poor Mer who looks on like a sad puppy, I say MOVE ON!) Momma Wieng agrees for Mer to move in, which causes a lot more (supposed hilarity) verbal abuse from Wan. He draws a line that she may not cross but Mer perseveres that he can’t draw a line in her heart. (I’m going to stop saying poor Mer, because she’s totally signing up for this shit!)

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Reurng storms into the police station to chat with the Director, but he’s out of town. Since Reurng doesn’t tell Sergeant Men why she’s here to see the Director, he assumes they are hiding something. He tells her that the director has a family already (what a dirty mind!)

Gamnan stops by Reurng’s food booth and after two hours, he is too impatient to wait. He leaves a note with Momma Bancheun of his destination, who forgets to tell Reurng when she returns. (Based on a conversation between Momma and a customer, we know that Preuk should be finished with school next month. Ooh.)

Reurng eventually sees the note from Gamnan who made a beeline for the wood mill. Gamnan mentions that he is sneaking inside to see if he could take pictures and incriminate the assholes.

She hops into Khun Palat’s jeep and gives no explanation, only that they would need to take care of her issue first before they could go where he wanted to. Reurng is getting frantic that they are taking too long to get to the woodmill, as we see Gamnan racing through the woods. She has Khun Palat hide the jeep and he spots Gamnan’s motorcycle, she says that Gaman’s life is in danger and they needed to hurry and save him.

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Gamnan arrives at a dilapidated warehouse and wonders how weapons of mass destruction could be so slim in production. But never you mind, he takes photos of the exterior boxes anyway. But much to his chagrin, the guns are all fake. Suddenly a voice is heard, “you must be terribly disappointed!” That’s Sia Gampon’s voice!

Gamnan immediately tosses his camera into the mix of the boxes as various guns aim at him.

“I didn’t think that a man like you can be so easily fooled,” Sia Gampon snipes. He takes Gamnan’s gun and punches him to the ground.

As Reurng and Khun Palat crosses by the trees, gunshots go off. Khun Palat takes her hand as they race back into the woods.

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The baddies split up to make chase and as Reurng and Khun Palat hide, they spy the men tossing Gamnan’s wounded body into the lake, followed by an extra shot to the body. Reurng screams out Gamnan’s name and Khun Palat tampers down her voice with a hand over her mouth, less, you know, they too become ghosts that watch over the lake.

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I honestly don’t really care for the conflict between Wan trying to get with Reurng and inevitably fails, because been there done that. I’m not sure why it’s necessary to spend so much time setting up the premise of Phoo Yai earning wife #10, aside from the comedy aspect, but we know that it should allow Wan and Mer to get close now that Mer has moved in.

Wan’s behavior is not endearing to me AT ALL, kidnapping someone to make that person your wife? That’s totally illegal, and I don’t find it funny at all- except well, when it backfires. I hope he gets taught a more drastic lesson, aside from getting kicked out of the house for a day. This boy needs to grow the hell up. (Even though I find Kong so cute as Wan, but STILL guys!)

What I love most about this episode is Preuk and Rose, he’s the only person who can give her a reality check and make her listen. I also like their chemistry, a lot.

I’m still a little indifferent with the pairing of Yaya and Por (although I think they’re both doing a good job portraying their roles.) I just don’t see the chemistry, I do think that their smiling scenes are cute, but I’m not jumping up and down. Also, I can stay somewhat objective with each character (which goes to show how into these characters I am to remain objective.) For instance, I can understand where both characters are coming from and their source of frustrations with each other: Mr. Know it all- often times than not- comes off being the “adult” who knows everything, but is actually getting schooled by this person he keeps calling a “kid,” but who really isn’t a kid- and I so want him to come to terms with that. I also hope to see more screen time and chemistry! After all, I want to love this show!