~Episode 6~
Lan hears from Pad that Pim has yet to find a location and quickly hangs up when he starts on his mushy talk. She then tells P’Sucee to find out Don’s relationship with Pim. Pad tells Don not to let Pim know that it was him who let slip Pim’s plans to Lan. Don says that Pim would be angrier if she found out by herself and Pad retorts that Don is also keeping the secret from Pim by not letting her know that he’s the one who engaged the PI but Don just shrugs it off. He’s doing purely to help Pim and not to score any points so there’s no need for Pim to know.

Pad overhears the condominium’s cleaning staff gossiping about Pim bringing a man home and he angrily tells them that the man is Don and he is Pim’s husband! The news spread to the other staff and Sucee learns the identity of Pim’s mystery man from them. Over breakfast Pad demands to know why Pim did not tell others about Don being her husband but Pim does not see any need to inform others about her private matters. Before Pad can question her further, Nen calls telling Pim that Khun Suk wants to see her and she leaves hastily, leaving her notebook behind. The hotel which Pim and Lan were fighting over wrote a complaint letter to Khun Suk and rejected Naree’s request for use of their conference rooms. Khun Suk is very unhappy at how things turn out and Pim promises that she will find a suitable location by the deadline. Khun Suk asks Lan to stay behind in her office and chides Lan for her behavior. Lan blames Khun Suk for giving her job to Pim in the first place but Khun Suk counters that it was because Lan was unable to keep all customers satisfied in the past that she is giving Pim the chance this year. Khun Suk is not swayed by Lan’s threats to complain to her dad and instead tells Lan to spend more time marketing her products instead of wasting time here. Pim is upset at having failed in her job and complains to Nen in her office. Just then Don calls. He has brought Pim’s notebook to the office. Nen drags the moody Pim to meet Don and makes her go for lunch together. Creepy Driwin watches Don and Pim together and wonders about their relationship. I love Nen, she’s such a great friend to Pim. She doesn’t just support Pim and gives good advice. She’s also not afraid to call Pim out on her shit and be totally frank with Pim be it on the good, the bad or the ugly.

Don learns from Nen that Pim is sulking because she got ticked off by Khun Suk for the incident with Lan at the hotel and she’s worried about finding a location within the next two days. After lunch the group stand talking at the reception area and creepy dude Driwin decides to interrupt. Pim introduces Driwin as Naree’s marketing manager and as she hesitates on how to introduce Don, Driwin says, ‘Oh, this must be the housekeeper you mentioned right?’ (I vaguely remember Pim saying that to Driwin before in my first viewing but I must have ff when doing the recap! Oh well.) Pim has her oh-no face on and Nen stammers to find a suitable way of introducing Don but Don keeps his cool and reply, ‘Yes, I’m a housekeeper. I take care of ~~ everything~~ for Khun Pim.’ HA! As Don leaves Naree, he calls Mint to get her to check on Grandma’s whereabouts. Someone has a plan in mind for his Khun Pim!


Pim gets fired up again about work after words of encouragement from Driwin … but that doesn’t make me wanna kick him in the face less. Anyway … News of Eg and Pra stealing trade secrets from Naree makes the news and they can’t find jobs anywhere. Eg decides on the brilliant plan of looking up Pim again. Eg waits for Pim outside her apartment and when she comes back from work with Nen, he starts on his ‘I still love you so much Pim’. Pim sees right through his intentions and tells him to buzz off. As she turns to leave, Eg grabs her arm and begs her to listen to his explanation and Pim ends up being tugged between Eg and Nen, who is trying to wrest her friend out of Eg’s clutches. The commotion draws Pad and Don out of the apartment and Eg recognizes Don from their encounter at the restaurant. Eg questions Don for being at Pim’s apartment (he doesn’t believe that Don really is Pim’s husband) and Don reiterates that he is Pim’s husband and tells Eg to beat it. Faced with so many of Pim’s back up, Eg has no choice but to slink away.


After dinner Pim and Nen continue calling through their list of resorts but none is available and Pim is ready to flip. Pad looks on guiltily because he had a part in causing Pim’s problem by telling Lan about Pim’s work but no worries P’Pad, your brother-in-law of the year is here to save the day. Don gets a call from Mint and he happily announces to Pim that he has found the perfect location for her. Don shows Pim pictures of a resort on their website and while she agrees it has style, she thinks it’s not luxurious enough. Don and Pad both tell Pim that picking a cookie cutter luxurious location shows a lack of creativity and a place does not need to be luxurious to fit her needs. Nen is even more forthright by telling Pim that beggers can’t be choosers but even so Pim is unsure and worried about it not working. Don doesn’t try to give Pim any more reason to choose the resort. He looks her in the eye and simply asks, ‘Khun Pim, do you trust me?’ Pim doesn’t reply Don directly but instead turns to Nen and tells her to inform the PR department that they have a location and Pim will go there first to set things up. Don offers to go with Pim and of course, P’Pad wants in too! Hmm, for some other ulterior motives which everyone is aware of. Haa. Don drives Pim and Pad to the resort in the provincial area and Pad wonders why Don is so familiar with the area and needn’t refer to maps or reply on GPS. Don makes up an excuse that he visits this area because he likes it here. When they reach the resort, Pim expresses concern that Naree’s budget may not be enough for this place but Don tells her to check it out and it might not be so expensive after all. He walks in ahead of Pim and Pad to greet the manager and we find out that the resort is owned by Grandma. Don tells the manager to greet him as a normal guest and though the manager doesn’t understand why the young master is going incognito, he does as requested. Pad notices that the resort staff is especially respectful towards Don (wai-ing him whenever he passes) but Pim dismisses it as the staff being polite to guests in general.


Pim is happy with the banquet hall and Don tells Pad he is happy to help Pim in whatever way he can. The manager calls Don aside to inform him that Naree’s budget is not up to the resort’s pricing but Don tells the manager to take Naree’s budget and he will make up the difference. Pad’s suspicion is aroused by Don secretive talk with the manager and later when Don and Pim discusses the set up of the hall, Pad catches the manager aside and asks who owns the resort. The manager honestly says it’s owned by Madam Chupida Wongboribun and Pad immediately realises that Don has the same surname. Yup, he’s her grandson! The manager doesn’t know how to lie. Haa.

While Don is busy at Grandma’s resort, Grandma meets up with her childhood friend and her friend’s granddaughter Garaged. Grandma likes Garaged and intends to set her up with Don. Once Grandma leaves though Garaged shows her true colours and she isn’t the gentle lady that Grandma thinks she is.

Back at the resort, Pim calls Nen to settles things at the office and muses to Pad that Don had better know the people at the resort or it’s gonna cost a bomb. Pad realises that Pim does not know Don’s relationship with the resort owner but he doesn’t tell Pim anything and keeps it to himself. Instead Pad looks up Don and confronts him as to why he is keeping his identify as the resort owner a secret from his ‘wife’. Don stutters and says they got married too fast and didn’t have time to get to know each other. Don quickly excuses himself to find Pim for dinner but Pad remains suspicious of this couple. Pim calls Nen and her team to assign their work for the event. Don and Pad overhears her stressing that Driwin is the highlight of the event and Don is Not Pleased. Pim doesn’t realise anything is wrong and agrees to go when Don curtly asks her for lunch at Pad’s prompting. Sensing the tense atmosphere, Pad decides to remain at the resort and the clueless Pim is surprise when Don walks off without waiting for her.ks604

Pim is in good spirits at lunch but she finally senses something is off when Don only gives her one word answers. Don is obviously angry at her but he wouldn’t say why and Pim gets exasperated. She refuses to eat if Don doesn’t clear things up and he’s like, fine, you don’t want to eat? Don leaves money on the table and walks off, leaving Pim flabbergasted. Don drives in silence on the way back to the resort and Pim forces him to stop the car to clear the air once and for all.

‘Did you set up this event for Driwin?’

‘So what? What’s your problem?’ To Pim introducing Driwin to the media is the main point of this year’s event i.e. part of ther job and she doesn’t see why Don is getting so worked up over it.

‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ Don’s jealousy is clouding his assessment of this matter. When he overheard Pim emphasising Driwin’s role at the event, he jumps to the conclusion that Pim is doing the event for Driwin, instead of Driwin being part of the event.

‘Why do I have to tell you everything? We’re not even anything towards each other?’

‘I thought you were doing it for work, but you’re doing everything for a man!’

Pim slaps Don for the insult to her work integrity and in the heat of the moment, Don grabs Pim and kisses her. That, earns him another slap.

‘Khun Don, I know you are an artist full of emotions but you’re only my fake husband, please don’t get too absorbed in the role.’ Pim’s words are like a bucket of cold water poured over Don and he walks away in defeat. Pim doesn’t realise Don’s feelings for her and she honestly does not understand why Don is getting angry at her over her work.

‘Why am I angry at you? We aren’t anything to each other.’ Don is saying it as much to Pim as he is to himself. Don continues walking away from Pim and she rants that he is not thinking of others if he simply walks away like this. Don can’t believe that Pim just accused him of being selfish when he has been putting up with her self-centreness for so long. He turns around angrily but is at a loss of words. Pim scolds Don for being petty and he finally says, ‘You know what kind of person you are right?’ Don is tired of arguing with Pim and continues walking away in silence. Pim follows him in her car and asks him to get back in but Don ignores her. After while Pim gives up and angrily drives away.


My heart really aches for Don here as he looks down the long empty road where Pim has just driven off. Pim obviously has attitude problems but the way this argument started was really more due to Don’s jealousy than Pim actually doing anything wrong. That said, I can’t help but feel sad for Don who is trying so hard to reach Pim’s heart yet in the end he is still insignificant in her eyes. I really liked how the director chose to shoot this scene with Don in the middle of no where, dwarfed by the mountains. Does feel like a reflection of how his is feeling at this moment, lonely and small.

Pad is enjoying his lunch at the resort restaurant when Pim returns in a huff. He is appalled that Pim left Don out there alone wants to go look for him but Pim is still angry at Don and is annoyed that Pad is siding with Don. To that, Pad gives a great reply. ‘At least, I believe that Don will never leave you there like you did to him.’ You hit the nail on the head there P’Pad! Pim starts to get worried when Pad raises the possibility of Don getting hurt and follows Pad to search for Don. They drive to where Don and Pim separated but there is no sign of him and Pim is unable to reach him on his cell either. Now Pim is really worried. Don has actually made his way back to the resort and is discussing with the staff on how to decorate the banquet hall. The manager observes that Don is working so hard for Pim and Don admits that Pim is an important person to him and he wants Pim’s work to be successful. That’s what I love about Don. He may be angry and disappointed with Pim but it doesn’t shake the core of his love for her.

Just then Don sees Pim and Pad returning and tells the manager not to let Pim know he’s back. When told by the manager that Don hasn’t returned, Pim wants to make a police report but at this moment Pad spots Don signalling to him from a corner and Pad tells Pim to continue with her work while he ‘makes a police report’ with the manager. Pim is of course unable to concentrate on any work and continues calling Don with her face creased in worry.

Do you want to know what Eg is up to? Probably not but it’s kinda plot related so here’s an update. He went for an interview with Garaged and it’s the meeting of liked minds. Man whore, meet slut. Garaged gives Eg a probation by having a, erherm, work out in the car and she is satisfied enough by his performance to give him the job. Eg spots in invite by Naree to their thank you party in Garaged’s car. Naree wants to open an outlet at the department store Garaged’s family owns thus the invite. Garaged isn’t interested in going but Eg manages to persuade her to. Ok, done with this good for nothing.

Pim waits anxiously at the resort entrance but Pad returns without Don. Pad asks if Pim is worried about Don and though her worry for him is written all over her face, Pim continues insisting she is only worried about her event tomorrow as she doesn’t know who to contact to continue with the set up. Pim tells the resort staff to inform her once Don is back and returns to her room. Don finally shows himself and tells Pad that Pim is too often self-centred and petulant, and he just wants to teach her to be and he just wants to teach her to be considerate towards others. That gets Pad’s stamp of approval and like Nen, he thinks Pim has met her match! Back in her room Pim keeps calling Don’s cell to no avail. She doesn’t want to worry about Don but she does anyway and finally drifts off to sleep thinking about their argument and that kiss.

Next morning Pim checks the banquet hall’s set up and is impressed by the resorts creativity and attention to detail. Pad tells Pim cryptically that it’s because the resort’s owner took great care with the set up overnight and if she wants to know, she can check it out tonight.

Min returns home from her work in the province and is shocked to see Grandma. She is further shocked when Grandma says that she will be returning to oversea her resort now that is done with business in Bangkok. Knowing that Don is at the resort, Min fakes a headache to delay Grandma’s schedule and quickly calls Don with the update.


It’s nightfall and Pim continues calling Don’s cell when she suddenly notices him setting up the flower arrangements at the banquet hall. Pad approaches his sister and reveals all that Don has done for her, from being the resort owner and topping up the budget difference out of his pocket to personally setting up the banquet hall overnight. Pim is touched but refuses to admit it in front of Pad. The next morning Pim learns from the manager that Don stayed up till 6 in the morning doing flower arrangements for the event.


She approaches Don who is napping on the sofa at a corner but before they can talk proper, Khun Suk and co. arrives. Hmm, am I the only who thinks Rome looks really hot here, lying on the sofa and answering Pim in a lazy tone?


Don quietly leaves, dragging Pad along but Lan notices and recognises Don. Lan challenges Pim to a competition to see whose product will sell better at this event and the loser will have to resign. Pim accepts, and the game, is on.

~ End ~

No OOTE for this episode ‘cos nothing strikes me as particularly outstanding. I do like the dress Pim wears in the last cap during her face off with Lan but I think it only looks nice if you have a great figure like Chompoo! ~Jia