Pim and Lan go to work separately to investigate the source of the complaints and the person leaking Naree’s product information to their competitors. Don calls to tell Pim that he has parked her car nearby the office and that he will wait for her there till she knocks off. She protests and tells him to go home first but he insists and hangs up the phone. Pim shrugs it off and focuses on work in the office well into the night till Mom calls to ask about her and Don. Pim realises that Don really is waiting for her and after a moment’s hesitation of whether to continue on with work, she leaves to look for Don. Pim finds Don sleeping in the car and is touched when he says he waited because he is worried for her safety.

When they reach home, Mom has prepared a spread for Don because she’s not sure what Don likes to eat, to which Pim replies that Don is as easy going as her when it comes to food. But about 2 seconds later Pim asks why steamed eggs isn’t on the menu and a very hungry Pad stops his mom from indulging Pim by snarking, ‘Aren’t you easy going when it comes to food huh? There’s already so much food on the table and you still want steamed eggs! Mom, eat first or you’ll get gastric pains.’ Pim is annoyed at Pad for jumping down her throat when she only asked about steamed eggs but before the sibling bickering gets any further, Don steps in and tells everyone to wait a short while and he runs to the kitchen. The family sits down at the dining table as they wait and Pim tells mom that she’s late because she stayed back to work and Don’s late because he waited for her. Pim’s family catches her out on smiling even as she says Don was crazy for doing that and they expressed their consolation that Pim has found someone as good as Don to take care of her. Don returns with a bowl of freshly steamed eggs and it’s so adorable when he stares expectantly as Pim asking if she likes it and smiles widely when she mumbles an affirmative reply, with Pim’s family staring the whole time. Lol. Don asks to learn from Mom how to cook Pim’s favourite dishes so she will like it and earns another smile from Pim. Awwww.

If anyone remembers, Pad likes Lan and after dinner he face-times Lan to wish Lan a goodnight in the usual cheesy Pad style. Pim catches him and warns him against Lan but Pad points out that it’s none of his business if Pim and Lan are enemies. He and Pim are two separate entities and he doesn’t interfere with Pim’s decisions so … and Pim ends Pad’s sentence for him that she will not interfere with his life either. She’s just warning him out of goodwill and he will be sorry one day if he insists on going his way.


Don has just come out of the shower (fully clothed, sadly) when Pim returns to her room and they talk about her work for a while till Don. Pim tries to act nonchalant around Don but her not-so-secret smiles are showing up more and more often when Don does things like encouraging her on her work and preparing her bath. Don takes his spot on the rug when Pim comes out from the bath and this time she brings a blanket to him instead of waiting till he is asleep. Don is happy at Pim’s gesture of concern and they get ready to settle in for the night when Mom suddenly comes a knocking. Don quickly hides evidence of his place on the rug and jumps onto Pim’s bed before she opens the door. Mom and Dad bring milk for them and Dad gleefully hints at grandchildren. Once they leave, Pim motions for Don who has gotten quite comfortable on her bed to get off. Don has only just bent down to retrieve his blanket when Mom goes knock knock again and he dives onto Pim’s bed just in time. Pim sends her parents off for the second time and decides to let Don share her bed tonight in case anyone else pops in for a spot check again. Pim retrieves a pair of scissors from her bedside table and warns Don that he will have an extra hole in him if he touches her but Don is happy that she trusts him enough to even have him share the bed. It’s lights off and Pim purposely pulls the blanket over to her side but Don doesn’t complain and both smile sweetly as they fall asleep.


Next day at the office, Khun Suk assigns Pim to take Driwin round the company and introduce him to the various departments. * gag gag * Blah blah blah they walk around and Driwin is impressed by Pim’s product knowledge and wants to treat her to lunch as thanks. Before Pim replies, her phone rings and it’s Don calling to ask if she has eaten.

‘Hey, you called just to ask me this? I have to spend picking up your call and answering this lame question. My time is precious you know.’

‘Hey, it’s not a question. I’m asking because I’m worried about you.’

‘What’s there to worry about?’

‘Today you will receive …’

‘Receive what?’

‘Never mind, just know that I’m worried about you. Go for your lunch.’

‘Don’t you want to know who I’m eating with?’

‘In my novel, when a n’ek asks the p’ek that question, that means she wants to make him jealous. But in real life, it’s your right to have lunch with whoever you want. I’m just your fake husband. Bye.’


Haaaa, Pim’s expression going from annoyed, to smiley, to exasperated, to pleased is so funny. Ding ding, Don wins this round. Don is actually calling because he will be sending something Pim’s way that will help her solve her problem at work.

Pim goes for lunch with Driwin in the end but let me utilise the ff button here.

Ging and Min go through Don’s draft of the novel that he has written and the story sounds awfully similar to what he is going through. Don gets a call from Kasem telling Don that he has gotten the information requested.

Pim receives an envelope from an anonymous sender and she is shocked by the contents. Meanwhile, Lan has narrowed down the possible mole to Nikom from the R&D department and confronts him but Nikom denies selling out the company’s secrets. Without evidence, Lan is unable to do anything to Nikom and decides to find an ally to help in the investigation: someone who is also suffering from the same problem.


Lan goes to Pim’s office and offers to work together to solve this crisis facing Naree but doesn’t forget to emphasize that it’s only for this one time only. Pim agrees and Lan shares her deduction that Nikom must have given the product samples to someone and caused the leak. Pim offers Lan the mysterious envelope which confirms Pra’s involvement in this matter.

Pim has found out that Pra is now the brand manager at their competitor Sunshine which released the copycat products. Sure enough, we see Pra enjoying her new office and happy to have earned sleezebag Eg’s affections once again. Lan wants to call the cops but Pim has a better plan. She wants a full confession from the culprit and for Naree to receive an official apology. Lan is pleased with Pim’s plan and it’s showtime for the gals!

Pra gets a call from Nikom asking to meet and she confidently tells Eg that she will return with Naree’s latest product. Pra meets Nikom at a hotel restaurant and Nikom shows Pra a lipstick that Naree has just developed. Pra wants to look at it but Nikom keeps it in his bag and says the product is still confidential at this stage but he will definitely buy one for Pra once the lipstick is out on the market. Nikom asks Pra about rumours that she has something going on with Pim’s ex-husband but Pra denies it and soothes Nikom by holding his hands, AND conveniently pushing a plate of food onto Nikom’s lap. Once Nikom leaves his seat to clean up at the wash room, Pra quickly takes the lipstick from his bag and hides it in hers. Right when Pra thinks her scheme has worked, Pim, Lan, Nen and Sucee show up.

‘Pim is not as pretty as me, so she’s thinking of buying a lipstick to see if she can do better. Do you have any new brands to recommend?’ Lan asks Pra oh so seriously.

‘The lipstick you secretly put into your handbag earlier seems fine. I don’t mind using samples.’ Pim goes in for the second punch.

Pra of course denies everything but Sucee has recorded Pra stealing the lipstick from Nikom’s bag. Pra tries to grab Sucee’s phone but she gets restrained by Nen and Sucee instead. Nikom returns and Pra plays the sympathy card to get Nikom to help her but turns out that Nikom was part of Pim and Lan’s plan. Pim and Lan assure Nikom that they will tell Khun Suk that he was tricked into giving Pra the samples and he leaves. Pra’s screams attract the restaurant manager’s attention and she complains Pim and co are hurting her. Pim is unfazed by threats of the police and says it’s just as well if the police were to get involve so they can sue Pra for stealing a patented product and they have evidence on hand. Pra sends the manager away and gets hauled back to Pim’s office by the group. They make Pra call her accomplice (the woman making complaints against Pim) and film the woman confessing to having been paid off by Pra to make false accusations against Naree and Pim. Pim and Lan show Khun Suk the confession clips and propose to release it to the media and demand an official apology, earning praise from Khun Suk and Driwin for their handling of the matter. Pra asks that Khun Suk does not hand Pra to the police, as Pra has already gotten her punishment by having her reputation destroyed in the industry and no one will hire her.

Back at Pim’s office, Nen goes through the contents of the envelope and remarks that the investigator that Pim hire did a very thorough job but Pim says it wasn’t her and speculates that it was Driwin. Nen doesn’t buy it because Driwin is too new to the company to have come up with the idea and tells Pim that though Driwin may be Pim’s type, Pim should try thinking who else knows about this matter and loves her enough to help so much. Pim doesn’t answer but the man in questions calls and the edges of her lips start going up again. Don offers to pick her up from work and Pim is pleased by the offer but refuses it saying she has her own car. Don is preparing food while on the line and says he wants to treat Pim to liver but Pim misheard it as Don wanting to get a room with her (apparently they sound similar in Thai) and hangs up indignantly. She complains to Nen that Don dare say such things and she’s gonna teach him a lesson when she gets home.

No hanky panky waiting for Pim at home though, just a plate of carefully prepared minced liver. Pim expresses her dislike for liver but Don says that’s precisely why he chose to make liver because she needs the iron boost from eating liver. He shows her how to eat it with bread and low fat salad dressing and Pim’s grab the slice of bread from Don’s hand before he can eat it. Haa. She takes a bite and her expression says it all despite her comments on it being so-so only. Pim pouts adorably that this bit of food is not enough and Don offers to make her a nice cool smoothie to help with her tiredness. Oh Pim, where on earth are you going to find such a wonderful man if you let Don go??

Pim settles down in front of the tv after dinner as Don cleans up the table and remarks that it was all thanks to her boss (Driwin) that her problem at work was solved. Don is visibly disappointed but doesn’t clarify anything. He asks Pim if he should move out since her parents are back in the province but Pim says if he doesn’t mind he can continue staying here, just move to another room, and Don’s spirits soar immediately.


It’s the weekend and our fake couple suit up to clean the house. They have an almost accidental kiss and though no words were spoken, their subtle expression changes are soooo adorable~~~ After they are done with the chores, Don asks if Pim is hungry and she looks expectedly at him but this time, Don wants Pim to work for her dinner by going grocery shopping together. She pouts at him but no no, Don is getting his way. At the supermarket, Don tells Pim to choose the ingredients for what she wants to eat and she complains that he is bullying her because she is clueless about such things. So in the end it’s still up to Don to bring Pim around and pick out fresh ingredients. Back in Pim’s kitchen they spend quality time together cooking – ok, Don cooked as Pim watched – and I belive it’s a refreshing experience for Pim who is so used to having her food delivered to her whether by her mom or at a restaurant. Don smiles in satisfaction seeing Pim happily slurp down the mussels he cooked and I too have a big smile plastered on my face.


All the things Don did for Pim and all the times they have shared are not lost on Pim and she ponders over them at the office the next day. Nen breaks her train of thought when she comes in to ask Pim out for lunch, which reminds Pim that she brought spaghetti from home. Pim brings out her packed lunch to share with Nen and Nen asks if Pim made it herself. Pim paused for a brief second then nodded, prompting Nen to refuse the food for fear of dying. Lol. Pim then admits that Don made the food and also prepared an extra portion for Nen. Nen immediately does an about face and gets excited for the food and praise Don for being such a good guy. Pim sighs and says no matter how good he is, it’s still all one big fat lie and they have to go their separate ways eventually. Nen states the obvious and tells Pim to make Don her real husband but Pim refuses.

‘Then why are you letting him stay at your house now? Your parents aren’t around.’ Nen makes a good point Pim.

‘Well … in case my parents suddenly visit. Then I won’t have to ask him over.’

‘I say you want him by your side.’ Nen is not buying Pim’s excuses.

‘Yea … oi! Stop thinking so much Nen!’

‘Pim, why are you suppressing your feelings?’

Pim sighs and says Don is a mistake.

‘A man walks into your life and you think it’s a mistake? Why don’t you think of it as you getting lucky?’ If every n’ek or p’ek had sensible friends like Nen, we would save ourselves a lot of hair-pulling and head banging.

Nen’s words are food for thought for Pim and her perception of Don and their relationship slowly shifts. Their counselling session is cut short by a call from Khun Suk who ask to see Pim in her office. Khun Suk puts Pim in charge of organizing Naree’s annual company event where Driwin will be introduced to the press. Khun Suk emphasizes that this event is extremely important to Naree and Pim promises to find a suitable location for the event within 3 days. Sucee sees Pim walking into Khun Suk’s office and reports back to Lan, making Lan wonder what is up.

Pad is in Bangkok and lounges around Pim’s apartment. He tells Pim that he’s here for some R&R but Pim wryly retorts that she knows what he really is here for, i.e. Lan. Pim doesn’t bother with her brother and starts looking through magazines and hotel brochures. Pad looks on in interest and Pim tells him she is sourcing for a location for Naree’s company event and she will need to go round different hotels tomorrow. Pim looks expectedly at Pad and the moment she says P’Pad, he immediately refuses to be her driver tomorrow. Haaaa, Pim’s family sure knows her inside out. Pim initially turns down Pad’s suggestion that Don be her driver but Pad is persuasive and Don is set for some husbandry duties.

Sucee reports to Lan that Pim is taking a day off tomorrow and this immediately arouses Lan’s suspicions as Pim almost never takes time off. Just then, Pad calls for his usual harassment wooing of Lan and Lan has an idea. She meets Pad for dinner and sounds him out on Pim’s plans. Not knowing any better, Pad lets slip that Pim is busy with the company’s annual event.

The next day Don follows Pim to a hotel on her list. She tells him that Lan was in charge of past events and used to hold them at 4 star hotels. Since this year’s event is very important, she wants to use a 5 star one. And this year’s event is important because…? Don asks. Pim holds back from saying that it’s for Driwin’s introduction and instead replies that it will help Naree’s company image and most importantly she wants to win over Lan.
‘Aren’t you tired from being so competitive everyday?’ Don remarks.

‘You can’t progress if you’re casual about things. If we want a place in this world, we have to be competitive to get it.’ And that, is Pim’s philosophy in life.

‘Everyone has his own place in this world but the place you want is to be above other people.’

‘And what’s wrong with that? I’m working hard for my success.’

‘Nothing’s wrong with it but standing above others means to be alone. Do you like that kind of life?’*

Pim retorts that she has to work and has no time for his philosophical questions. She approaches the hotel staff to ask to see the manager for her 10a.m. appointment but is told that Naree’s representative is already speaking to the manager. Lan walks out with the hotel manager having already discussed the event details and Pim angrily says that since she is in charge of the event, only she has the right to make the decisions. Pim and Lan argue over who is in charge but the manager tells them to sort it out themselves and walk off. The ladies continue arguing in the hotel lobby and almost starts fighting but fortunately Don holds them back by reminding them that they are in public. He introduces himself as Pim’s friend (after a warning stare from Pim) and says they should take their argument to their boss and let her decide. Lan stalks off leaving Pim fuming that she has lost this project but Don reminds Pim that this is not the only hotel on her list.

Kasem goes to Pim’s apartment to look for Don but is met by Pad instead. Don promised Kasem to an autograph in return for investigating Pim’s case and Kasem is here to get it. Pad is curious as to what Don was investigating that involves Pim and Kasem is initially reluctant to share until he hears that Pim is Don’s wife and Pad is his brother-in-law.


Don drives Pim to a restaurant and she pouts that she is in a hurry. They have a conversation reminiscent of the one they had on the way back to Bangkok but this time instead of throwing a temper, Pim agrees to stop for food since Don is hungry. Guess who shows up at the same restaurant? Eg and Pra walk in from the other side of the restaurant and we learn that Sunshine company is recalling all the copycat products from the market and is demanding compensation from Eg. He blames Pra for his problems and Pra blames Pim for interfering … and speaking of Pim, Pra spots her at another table. Eg sees Pim too and eagerly goes up to her in an attempt to get back into her good books. It amazes me how shameless and stupid some characters can be. Anyhow, Don announces that he is Pim’s husband and defends Pim from Eg’s grubby hands and Pra’s insults. Pim walks to the car in a huff and Don says Pim must love Eg a lot to be so angry. Pim replies angrily that she’s feeling vengeful towards Eg who humiliated her in front of so many people but they have gotten their comeuppance now so she wins in the end.


‘Khun Pim, do you know that you’ve lost?’ Don shows Pim the reflection of her face wrinkled in anger on the car window. ‘You let that man get the better of you till you lost control of yourself. That’s why you lost.’

Pim’s mind is cleared by Don’s words and calms down, then they leave happily for lunch somewhere else.

My favourite MK restaurant! I make sure to visit MK whenver I’m in Bangkok!

They return to Pim’s apartment at night and Pim offers to help carry one of the many bags of things Don is holding as they walk back from the carpark. Sucee hides in the background taking photos of Pim and Don together. At home Pim and Don continue their search for a location as the hotels and resorts on Pim’s list are all fully booked on the date she wants. Pad realises what he had done when he hears Pim complain about Lan stealing the hotel function room and quickly slinks away when Lan calls. The perceptive Don follows Pad to the kitchen and overhears his conversation with Lan.

*The translation for Don’s lines at this part differs quite significantly between the Chinese and Eng subs so I went with the Eng subs which sounds more possible.


OOTE ep5


I love this outfit! Too bad I’ve never seen anything similar to the blue top/dress thingy that Chompoo has on here. ~Jia