~ Episode 4 ~

Pad spots Don at the beach from his car and approaches his brother in law. Don is surprised to see Pad and asks why he’s here to which a suspicious Pad replied that uh, I live here and why do you not know this is Pim’s hometown? Don quickly pretends he does but big brother is not so easily done with him. Pad keeps probing when he realises Pim did not come with Don and Pad isn’t convince by Don’s lame excuse that Pim did not want to take leave from work so he came to look for Min by himself. Despite Don’s denials, Pad is sure that Don and Pim had a fight and reports the same back to his parents. Dad reacts immediately by wanting to drag Don back to Bangkok but Mom thinks that force is not the way to go. It’s more important for the couple to come to an understanding no? They have already settled the business related issues they came back for and now it’s family time!

Back in Bangkok, Nen asks if Pim’s parents know about Pim chasing Don away and Pim lays out her plans. Since her parents are far away in the province, after enough time has passed she will claim that Don went to another country, fell in love with someone and therefore they split up. The incredulous Nen chides Pim for conveniently pushing the blame on someone else but the harassed Pim just wants it all to end. Not so fast lady. Pim’s phone rings to hear her mom announce that she will be coming to Bangkok tomorrow with Pim’s dad in tow for a 2,3 week stay so as to get to know their new son in law better and Pim freaks out because she has no husband to show for.


On the other side, Don is moping at the resort and Min tries to cheer him up to no avail. Mid-conversation, Don’s phone rings and who else is it but Pim who is calling to ask for Don to return to continue the charade for her parents. Don may have been pining for Pim the past few days but he isn’t about to let her know. He coolly reminds Pim it was her who called him a trouble maker and chased him away and she needs to try harder if she really wants him back. The exasperated Pim ‘begs’ by shouting into the phone and Don retorts, ‘if you think you can settle this over the phone, no way. Come chase after me to soothe me, do you know how? If you can’t do it then we’re over.’ Pim is flabbergasted and has no choice but to ask for Don’s address. She rages to Nen after hanging up the phone only to have Nen remind her who caused this mess in the first place.

Min is surprised by how harsh Don is with Pim. Don explains that Pim is too used to ordering others around and getting her way and he doesn’t want her to think that she can do that with him.

As Pim drives overnight to the province, she is still mighty pissed that she does not have the upper hand for once and even have to go beg a silly man for favours. Nen may be Pim’s best friend but she doesn’t sugarcoat anything for Pim and suggests that Pim comes clean with her parents if she is not willing to beg Don. Pim is having none of that and vows to have her cake and eat it too. She will show Don who’s the boss!

Don waits by the phone anxiously and Min says he should just call Pim if he’s so worried but Don has already figured out that Pim will climb over those who are soft towards her so as worried as he is, he has to stand firm to teach Pim a lesson on being considerate of other people’s feelings. As if on cue, Pim calls Don and says she has reached the resort so get his ass down here now. Don continues playing cool by saying he isn’t feeling well to see her now.

‘Are you unwell or are you doing this on purpose? I don’t have time for this!’ Pim shouts angrily into the phone.

‘Good, I don’t like to lie either.’

‘Hey, I didn’t drive all the way from Bangkok for this crap ok?!’

‘ I didn’t beg you to come. You’re the one who rushed here without asking me. So, you. wait. I’ll see you at the pool side at 9 tomorrow morning.’

Pim demands to see Don right now but he says nope and hangs up after repeating their meeting time tomorrow. Nen stops Pim from exploding in the lobby and drags her to check in to their room. Pim can’t stand not being in control and she is unable to wait a whole night without doing anything and informs Don she will go wait by the pool now no matter what he said. Don is walking near the pool area when he receives Pim’s text but he doesn’t reply much to Pim’s annoyance. She huffily sits down on the deck chair and continues with her wait for Don. You gotta give her credit for being this stubborn!


Pim soon dozes off and Don approaches her carefully. Gazing at her sleeping form, Don explains himself.

‘I kept you waiting because I wanted to give you time to consider if you want to continue with the lies or to tell your family the truth? I’m worried about you Khun Pim.’

‘If you’re that worried about me, why keep me waiting till 9am?’ Pim suddenly replies and wakes up to grab the surprised Don. She practically demands Don to return with her but Don refuses to budge and walks away. Desperate, Pim resorts to jumping onto Don’s back to stop him from leaving while continuing to holler that he must return with her. They fall into the pool and cue intense staring as they emerge from the water. I think that this is the first time Pim becomes aware of Don as an attractive man, and not just some guy who’s only useful for the play acting required.

The moment is broken by Nen who comes searching for Pim. Once out of the water, Pim’s claws come out again and demands to settle things here and now. Don is having none of it and in the end Pim still has to wait till the next day for any discussion. Pim is aware of Don’s good intentions in making her wait but she is too proud to admit it.

Unbeknown to Pim, another storm is brewing in the office. Someone claiming to be a user of Naree’s products has posted nasty remarks on a forum complaining about the quality of Naree’s makeup and the attitudes of the store staff. Turns out the store in question is managed by Pim and as Lan discusses with her team how they should react to this, she is called to Khun Suk’s office by the ‘marketing manager’. As the position is supposed to be empty, Lan anxiously heads to Khun Suk’s office wondering if it had been given to Pim. There she is introduced to Driwin, the latest industry hotshot who is now Naree’s brand manager. If you’ve read my reaction posts you’d know I can’t stand this guy so I’ll skip his parts unless necessary to understanding of plot!

Pim is woken up by a call from her subordinates informing her of the customer complaint and arrival of the new marketing manager. Pim instinctively wants to rush back to handle this work crisis but Nen calms her down and tells her to do things one by one. Realizing that Nen is right, Pim runs to find Don though it’s an hour away from the appointed time. She continues demanding in her usual manner that Don returns with her and Don continues rejecting her.

‘2 persons become husband and wife because of love.’

‘Why make it so complicated?? We’re just putting on a show!’ Pim still can’t see what Don is driving at.

‘If someone asks you what do you love about me, how would you answer? Can you lie that you love me?’

‘It’s just words, what’s so hard about it? I can say it. I love you!’

There is sadness and disappointment in Don’s eyes when he finally replies, ‘I thought you are an intelligent lady despite having some flaws but it seems I was wrong. You can’t even appreciate the meaning of the words you just uttered. Forget it, my expectations of you were too high.’ And once again, he turns his back on her.


Pim chases after Don asking why why why can’t he just join in this simple lie?

‘That’s your business. For all that you’ve done to me since yesterday, can you at least leave me some dignity?’

Pim finally sees how much she has hurt Don and bursts out, ‘I’m sorry I called you a trouble maker! I’m sorry I spoke to you harshly! You’re not a troublemaker. It was me who dragged you into this, it was me who lied to everyone! I’m sorry I am a selfish person. I was wrong, wrong wrong! Now the person who is in the wrong is going crazy. Mom and Dad are going to find out the truth and there are problems at work. I’m really going crazy here!’

Don turns back to look at the sobbing Pim and quietly says he’s going to pack up and follow her back to Bangkok. Pim is stunned by Don suddenly agreeing to help her. Don says all he wanted was Pim to acknowledge her mistakes and apologize to which Pim wonders why doesn’t he just say so in the first place? Ahh Pim, seems like you have not fully understood the lesson.

As Pim waits for Don, she muses that she has lost. ‘No, you didn’t lose, you just know that you’re in the wrong.’ Nen as always hits the nail on the head. Pim gets a call from Mom reminding her about visiting Bangkok and Pim reverts back to her ways of ordering Don to get their asses back ASAP. On the car ride, Pim gets a call from Lan sarcastically asking if Pim needs help with the customer complaint. Pim wins the war of words but she’s made even more anxious by what Lan could do while she’s away. She’s therefore incredibly annoyed when Don stops along the way for lunch but Don disregards her complaints and gets out of the car with Nen anyway. With no where else to go Pim gets off as well, insisting it was only because it’s too hot to wait in the car and stomps off towards the restaurant. Pim is too blinded by emotions to see Don’s good intentions but Nen thanks him for holding Pim back so she doesn’t return to Bangkok clouded by anger, though the cost is Pim venting that anger on him. Don shrugs it off and says it would be a loss for Pim to loses her temper with her colleagues but it doesn’t matter if she does it to Don. Sigh, Don where do they make men like you? I’d like to sign up for one. Despite her claims of not being hungry and in a hurry, Pim ends up ordering a ton of food and tells the waiter to serve it quick ‘cos she’s hung… Err, her friends are hungry. Don remarks that Pim is cute when she gets angry after losing face and Pim smiles despite her best efforts not to.

Lan approaches Driwin and gets him to allow her to settle the complaint with the customer tomorrow. That night, Pim and Nen analyses the forum posts with Don sitting in on the discussion.

The incident described in the posts happened when Pim was at the resort after the wedding so it was obviously made up and Pim is determined to face her accusers head. Before they can proceed further, Pim’s family arrives.


Over dinner, Nen who wasn’t clued in on Pim and Don’s story beforehand almost gives the game away and Pim quickly sends Nen home before she does more damage. While waiting for the lift and away from Pim’s family, Nen asks if Pim is able to take it – not the lying but being in close proximity with Don who is so hot and manly, not to mention those abs! Lol

Pim sends Nen off and returns to find her family bringing out pillows and sheets. She expected them to sleep in the apartment next door as they usually do but they have having other ideas and Pim can’t refuse her family staying in her apartment for the night ‘cos after all she shares a room with Don and the others are empty right?


Share a room they do and Pim huddles under her blanket staring at Don, not daring to sleep. Don tells her to sleep and swears he will not touch her, and lies on the rug at the foot of Pim’s bed. She finally lies down properly on her bed but creeps up after a while to check on Don. Pim isn’t as heartless as she seems and quietly gets a blanket to cover the sleeping Don. The next morning Pim’s family is impressed by Don waking up early to whip up a restaurant worthy breakfast. Don continues ratcheting up those brownie points! He insists on following Pim to work despite her protests and she is secretly pleased when he says he is worried for her as she will be facing those who made the complaints today.

Pim gets Don to wait for her at a nearby cafe as she doesn’t want people at her workplace to know about him. She goes through the forum posts again to prepare for her meeting with those who complained. She tells Nen that she will not apologize because if she does it’s as good as admitting the complaints are true when they are not and she is determined to face off with those people to get to the bottom of the matter. Nen wants to go to the store earlier to prepare but Pim tells Nen to go first and Nen wonders if that has something to do with a certain Don? Heeh. Pim is embarrassed and true enough after Nen leaves, she calls Don to tell him that she’s coming to meet him. Before Pim leaves her office, she gets a phone call telling her that Nen has fallen in the toilet and hit her head. Pim rushes to the toilet to check on Nen but it’s actually a trick by Lan’s minions who locks her up to stop her from going to the store in order for Lan to take over.

When Pim doesn’t show up after a while, Don heads over to her office and ask for her. The receptionist calls Pim’s office and gets no answer but doesn’t let Don go up to look for Pim as he is not a staff. Don calls Nen to get her to vouch for him and is finally allowed in. As he walks towards Pim’s office, he hears someone who sounds like Pim shouting. Alas Don is not to be the hero this time ‘cos Driwin gets there first to open the toilet door for Pim. She falls into his arms and he is immediately captivated by this beautiful stranger. OMG. I want to punch Driwin’s stupid face so much. erm, ok moving on. Pim has no time for Driwin and runs off after thanking him. She runs into (literally) Don at the stairwell and hurries him to leave for the store.

A group has gathered in front of a Naree store to protest against supposed poor treatment by Pim, with the media in tow. Lan arrives and attempts to placate the crowd by apologizing and offering gift vouchers but the woman in charge demands that Pim be the one who apologize. Lan agrees to get Pim to apologize and the crowd disperses for now. Nen angrily confronts Lan but Lan says she’s only trying to clean up Pim’s mess and leaves to report her day’s work to Driwin.

Don drops Pim off at the store and goes to park the car. At the car park, he overhears Pra talking to a woman about making trouble for Pim and sees her give money to the woman. However when he tries to tell Pim about what he just saw, Pim had just learnt about Lan’s interference and is too angry to listen to him. She tells Don to take the car and rushes back to the office with Nen so our hero Don enlists Ging’s help to do some digging of his own. One of Don’s fan is a private investigator and he passes the investigator photos that he took of the women at the carpark.


Pim storms into Lan’s office and confronts her for interfering with her problem. Driwin walks in and takes Lan’s side and Pim ticks Driwin off not knowing that he is her new boss. Though even after finding out who Driwin is, Pim doesn’t go soft and argues her case convincingly. Lan realises that she screwed things up with her interference when more negative posts on Naree shows up on the forums after she apologized. Pim walks back into Lan’s office after her meeting with Driwin and scolds Lan for being so desperate as to damage the company’s reputation just to get back at Pim but Lan says she is just as concerned for her dad’s company. Nen shouts at the arguing duo that the company is in trouble now and they are still fighting?? Pim and Lan don’t suddenly become friends but they now agree to compete to settle the problem of the company mole and the false accusation.


OOTE ep4


I like the jacket but not a fan of Chompoo’s hair parted down the middle and pulled back in a low pony tail. Makes her look too severe.

~Jia of Scribblings of a Fangirl