Maya Tawan (Tawan’s Deception) starring Aum Atichart and Yaya Urassaya, who are collaborating together for the first time, have finally come to an end. It is a story of overcoming past struggles and trust issues. I do hope it was everything that you had hoped for. Cheers.

Ep 13 Recap – END

“I don’t want you to live in hell like me,” Bot says as she looks at her cellphone.

She recalls earlier that Chate threatens her not to tell KhetTawan. Will she save the greater good?

“Can you tell me now where my pearls are at?” Chate is screaming this at her, Mattana is scared. “I had my people searched your entire house and they cannot find it.”

She finally realizes who the true culprit is.

“That was your doing?” Mattana asks.

Well, thanks for clearing things up Chate, because as we know, if you don’t spell things out for Mattana, she can’t come up with it on her own.


“That’s not all I’ve done,” he boasts, “I ordered someone to shoot you. I need to shut you up, in case you talk about the pearls, and I’ll frame (the murder) on Ai Ponn.” Don’t you love how the bad guys like to flaunt just how smart they are? Hehe. “You do have those photos, don’t you? The ones with Ai Ponn’s sister on it?”

“You’re really thinking about killing me?” Mattana questions.

“Heck yes!” Chate replies, “do you really think I was attached to you that much? You really think I have fallen in love with a woman like you?” he’s all disgusted, “I’m not stupid like Ai Ponn. It’s good my attempt failed because now I can use you as a means to punish my disloyal friend! This time around it would be like burning to death. Don’t think you’ll beat me, Ai Ponn. Whether it is your mom, your sister, or your lover..” he looks at her, “I’ll get all of them.”

Mattana realizes she’s in the car with a psycho person.

Chate’s vocabulary has disintegrated to the rude and trashy, “where the hell are my pearls?!” She tells him that she doesn’t know.

“Of course you know! I was the one to give them to you!” he grabs her by her shirt, Mattana repeats that she doesn’t know. He aims his gun at her, threatening to shoot her right then and there.

“I really don’t know, I gave them to my younger sister since I got back from Phuket..”

Oh, he’s pissed now. “I’ll have to wait until she gets back then. Fine, the man will be happy with two sets of valuables.”

Bot scrambles to KhetTawan’s condo but no one seems to be home, the maid is literally tied up in the bathtub.

Chate grabs Mattana by the face, “Do you think Ai Ponn will save you?” he laughs, “Right now he’s probably waiting in front of Siam Sarn. I’d like to see his face when he finds out that you came with me. It would be so satisfying.”

“A woman named Churabot, does she work for you?” Mattana asks.

“That dirty woman. Ai Ponn thinks he could clean her up and heal her, but he’s an idiot.”

“She did it because she was threatened, even when she hated it. You made her sell her body, use drugs, forced her to take those lurid photos and made her work for you!”

“Well you’ve seen those photos already haven’t you, aren’t they beautiful?” he grabs her wrist, “don’t you worry, it’ll be your turn soon enough. And your collection will be sent to Ai Ponn, he’s going to love them.”

“I’d rather die!” she exclaims.

Bot leaves the condo and attempts to call KhetTawan, as she reports it over the phone, thinking that it’s connected, she gets a nagging suspicion that his phone has been compromised.

Back at the car, Chate is caressing Mattana, telling her that the angrier she gets, the prettier she gets. He’s not surprised that KhetTawan is enamored with her. He also tells her that he was never bored the times that he has spent with her, ew. She shoves his hands away from her. This angers him and he tries to kiss her.

Mattana is saved by the bell when Chate receives a phone call. Someone reports to him a news, probably regarding Bot, because he says that no one who has betrayed him can survive.

Bot is packing her bags furiously, but Chate’s hired hands come after her and silenced her. Good bye Bot, I know you tried, but it was too late.


When Chate and Mattana reach her home, they learn that Sittee has invited a few of her friends over. Chate threatens to kill all of them if Mattana so much as reveals her predicament. So Mattana tries to act normal, Sittee friends think that Mattana is so cool to have attracted two handsome men. Hah, if only they knew. Chate puts on his friendly face as he wai’s her mother. Mattana tells Sittee to meet her in the hallway, Chate couldn’t help but observe that Matt’s mom is anxious to have KhetTawan as her son in law.

“The pearls I gave you- I’d like them back,” Matt says to her sister.

“What? But you’ve already given them to me.”

“It’s necessary. This is Khun Chane, he’s the owner who gave them to me, he needs to use them. I beg you, please give them back to me.”

“Do you need them right away?” Sittee questions.

“Yes,” Chane’s voice is rough, “right now.”

“Sure.. I’ll grab them for you,” Sittee makes her way to her bedroom, where the pearls sit in the turtle tank.

Chane is pissed. “Are you nuts?! Take them out now!”

Sittee grumbles rudely and Matt tells her to speak more politely. Hah, why is she teaching her sister manners at this time? I’d be like, curse him out, girl!

Sittee collects the pearls and she notices how Chane manhandles Mattana.

“The people in your household are all idiots, treating valuable pearls like that-“ Chane mutters.

“No matter how much it costs, it’s worthless because it is dirty. (She meant to say that it came from dirty hands.)”

Chane demands for her passport, he knows that she has one because she used to report on news in Korea, despite her denying it otherwise.

As she takes out her passport, she sees the silk shawl that KhetTawan had given her and she stuffs it into her bag along with the gun and passport.

Chane gets his dirty pearls and Sittee and Matt exchange looks. Matt receives a call on the homephone but Chane tells one of the friends to report that she’s not home yet. Sittee is fearless, she questions why he’s lying and that he looks real suspicious.

“Why are you in a rush? Are you running away from the cops?” haha.

Matt warns her again not to be rude. Matt answers the phone anyway and it’s Mee on the other end, who hands it over to KhetTawan.

Matt pretends as if she is talking to Mee.

“Ai Chate is with you, right?” KhetTawan questions.

“Yes,” she replies, Chate is telling her to hurry.

“Try to stall time and kick everyone else out of the house. I will head over there with the cops,” says KhetTawan.

“You don’t need to come, I just came home to pick up some stuff and will be heading out soon.”

“Where are you going?”

“You need to call P’Nok’s special patient that we talked about earlier. I think she would know best.” Then she hangs up, Chane ushers her out of the house, leaving KhetTawan on the other end frustrated.

They try Bot’s number; he finally realizes that his cell phone is missing.

Before Matt leaves, Sittee chases her, “you won’t tell mom where you’re going?”

“Tell mom that I’ll come back asap,” she lies.

“I will never let your sister go now,” he tells Matt as they walk away.

The Sarawat(Boy Pakorn) is calling on his forces to help, KhetTawan says he can’t just sit still without doing anything, so he immediately leaves. Mee and Sarawat follow suit. Meanwhile Khun Ak goes to Bot’s hotel room, not realizing that Bot is on the other end, dead, her blood coursing from her veins. Not getting a response, Khun Ak goes to his suite and finds the maid tied up in the rest room. She tells him that she overheard Bot telling Khun Ponn over the phone to help Mattana. Khun Ak asks her where to find Mattana.


Chane takes her to his office with a secret passageway. It’s a secret room with a bed and camera.

Mattana is still curious why Chane hates KhetTawan so much when they grew up together. They are supposed to love each other.

Chane grabs her by her hair, “Love does not exist in this world, only profits and lies. Don’t you know that by now?” He pushes her against the bed. “My life has never received love from anyone, only trickeries.”

“That’s not true,” Matt says, “Khun Parn loves you.”

“Love?!” he explodes, “Women loves only money (he says it in a very derogatory way, sort of like the female species who are wifey materials only love money, something like that.) They aren’t capable of true love. That’s why I must expose all woman. Even my mom,” he starts telling her about his mom, the history we already know. So is this a hatred for women or for KhetTawan? All of the above? His hatred is all over the place lol. That’s why his character isn’t too compelling, it doesn’t make sense.

As he’s telling the story, Mattana gets up and tries to walk towards the door.

“Where the hell are you going?” He turns to her, menacingly.

Mattana is terrified, but she thrashes a vase against his head. He falls unconscious and Matt makes a run for it, taking his gun with her. Smart girl.

She escapes down the stairs and tells the man to put his hands up. Another man shows up, she shoots but misses, “Stay there and don’t follow me!”

They come after her and apprehend her anyway. Risa appears from the doorway, snickering, Matt is shocked.

“I’ll answer it quickly, because you’re young and good looking. I admit that Khun Ponn will never take me as his wife,” Risa says, “I’ve given myself to him for free and in the event that he doesn’t’ have anyone else, I am his number one. So therefore, he shouldn’t have anyone else.”

“What about Khun Chane?”

“I’m the type who loves to catch fish with two hands (two birds with one stone) I’m afraid of disappointments.”

“So Khun Ponn hasn’t seen any other models besides yourself? I’ve seen so many models spend the night.” Matt asks in confusion, there are even more things she doesn’t know about KhetTawan. She has her own biases against him and they falling by the wayside, in a good way.

“Why, are you suddenly possessive of your boyfriend?” Risa asks, taunting. “You don’t need to worry about that. No one could get close to Khun Ponn, not even Bot.”

“So you knew all along that he’s Chate, Khun Ponn’s enemy?”

“Absolutely. I’m the one who’s helping him keep his plans on target,” and we get another flashback of how she has helped Chane in the past, how she erased the picture from the maid’s phone, how she pretends not to recognize Chane at the restaurant etc.

“You are evil, the clothes that were stolen were your doing!”

“That is now obvious.”

“You were aware like Khun Bot. How can you double cross him like that?!” Matt is still shocked at the turning in events.

“Don’t compare me with that dirty girl, she’s probably dead due to her stupidity by now.”

“How could she die?” Matt wants to know. Of course Risa is willing to oblige and tells her how she reported Bot’s betrayal to Chane.


Matt falls on the sofa, shocked again. Chane comes out of the door, stumbling. He slaps Mattana immediately and proceeds to throw her against the wall and beat her to a pulp.

Risa is a little afraid at what she witnessed.

Cops appear at Chane’s office, Risa, always looking out for number one, switches the pouch of the real pearls with another pouch, probably fake. She’s good at this double crossing thing.

“Watch her, tonight the man will take her away, she’s going to be a good price.”

Matt is looking bloody and blue. Risa tells her that the necklace was specially made for the black pearls that she will be wearing them to Korea tonight.

“What are you getting out of this?” Matt questions.

“Firstly, after we sell the necklace, we’ll travel to Canada immediately.”

“He loves that pearl, he won’t sell it, he’s using you.”

“Don’t pretend to be a know it all- when you get to Canada, you will be treated like the other models before you. A product for him to sell, it’ll be like living in hell.”

Risa doesn’t believe it, “he won’t dare. I have all of the evidences that he used to kill someone. If I go missing, my best friend will expose him.”

“He used to kill someone?” Matt asks.


Risa smiles, “you’re such a reporter, looking for answers until your last breath. I’ll tell you for merit, he used to kill Nang Pin. Ai Chate is a psycho killer for sure. I’m not stupid to date him without protecting myself. If he thinks about hurting me, he won’t get away either. He’ll go to jail for life.”

“A heartless woman and an evil man,” Matt says, “going to Canada this time he won’t plan on returning to Thailand. You really don’t see his plans? It’s so easy to see. No matter how many evidences you have, in Canada, he’s not going to be afraid of you. If you still think about going with him, then you’re stupid. He’s going to sell you, and then he’ll change his name and create a new identity. He’ll live a new life.”

Risa starts to think about it. “That is reasonable. I’ve decided now, I won’t be used by him. I won’t go to Canada. Thank you,” she says. But she doesn’t look too thankful, as if she’s planning another course of action.

The cops search the office but to no avail.

“We should run away-“ Matt advises.

“Who’s running?”

“We are,” Mattana says.

“I am, but not you,” Risa snickers.

“What about me?” Matt asks.

“You’ll go to Japan as planned by Chate,” Risa tries to take the bag from her, she searches it and finds the gun. “This is Ponn’s gun.” Risa locks Matt in the bathroom and says goodbye.

Sittee phones the Sarawat that Chane is untrustworthy and she’s concerned. They came by to pick up the black pearls from her, she explains that Matt told her that it was fake.

On the other end, Sarawat asks her to draw what the pearls look like. He tells her that Matt is safe, how does he know? He surmises that it is the same missing pearls that Japan is looking for.

Matt tries to find her way out of the bathroom.


KhetTawan feels helpless. He stares up at the skyscraper’s windows. Khun Ak discovers him and fills him in regarding Bot. Sarawat and Mee approach the two and fill them in on the case of the missing pearls. Sarawat says that Chane used Matt as a means to bring the pearls from Phuket to Bangkok. Mee adds that he made Matt trust him. Khun Ak realizes that maybe the pearls are the same ones that Chane’s minion tried to sell to them. Ah, so it’s all coming together for them.

“Can we use this against him then?” Tawan asks.

“Yes,” Sarawat replies, he adds that Tawan’s sister’s case ought to condemn him as well.

An officer announces that they found a way in. They released a flurry of innocent women from the hidden space. Sarawat takes Mee to Bot’s condo to report on the death.

Matt searches her bag for something useful. She finds the silk shawl that Tawan had given her and uses it as a flag to alert the people outside. She then writes on toilet paper about her abduction.

KhetTawan is in the process of getting into his car when he sees sheets of toilet paper falling from the skies. It’s coming from one particular room upstairs. He rushes to help. Creeping upstairs, KhetTawan skillfully takes down a guard with the help of Khun Ak. He orders the man to take them to the secret room.

Risa and Chane come for Matt.

“I changed my mind. Why are we running? There are only Ai Ponn and Ai Ak, this will be an opportunity to claim my vendetta.”

“I won’t do it, I don’t want to get caught. I’m running,” Risa exclaims, but she doesn’t get to, haha.

Matt could only look at her with a smile LOL.

“You’re gonna die, why are you smiling?” Risa asks stupidly.

“I’m happy that I may have a friend to join me on the tour in Japan,” Matt replies.

“Shut up if you don’t want to get hurt even more,” Risa says.

Chane waits for the two guys. It’s his time. He looks excited.

Tawan and Ak find the hiding spot.

Mee and Sarawat clear the space, wondering that if Khun Tawan left, his car should have left too. He gets a suspicion and they rush back inside.

Tawan and Ak creep inside, guns ready. They see Risa and Matt, Matt looking beat up. Just as he is about to go to her, the hired men stop them.

“Welcome to your dying place,” Chane says to Tawan.

“Let Matt go, she doesn’t have anything to do with this,” Tawan says.

Risa chimes in, “Me too!”

Chane wants to spit, “all women are deceptive.”

Tawan tells him to let the ladies go and they can talk, which makes Chane laugh. “I want to throw up.” He punches Tawan in the stomach a few times.


Chane takes Tawan to a full size mirror. He takes out a knife and Ak yells at him to stop.

“I’ve waited so long for this,” he slices the knife across Tawan’s cheek. There is a deep gash. “You’re handsome. Too handsome. Can’t have one side nicer than the other.” He prepares to cut him again but sirens are heard. They take them out of the building.

Cops swarm the secret hiding place, led by Sarawat.

The rest of the gang makes it to the rooftop where they fight to the death. Chane takes Matt to the edge of the building, Tawan tells him to let her go, he can’t get away.

“I’ve ordered my minion to pick me up, I’m not stupid. I want this chick to fall from this building-“ Chane exclaims.

Meanwhile Risa tries to run off, she grabs her purse and tells the guard that the cops are surrounding them. If he doesn’t run away, he’ll be in jail too. Khun Ak fights the guard, trying to free them. But the cops come in on time, Khun Ak tells Sarawat that she’s with them, Sarawat is suspicious but he puts his gun down.

Back on the rooftop, Tawan tries to talk his way out.

“You’re jealous of me!” Chane exclaims. “You tried to kick me out of the temple.”

“If you want to blame all of your unfortunate things in life on me, then there’s nothing I can say.”

“Then shut your mouth! Did you know what that bad foreigner did to me?” We get a flashback of his time abroad. Chane was raped by his adopted father. It’s a terrible ordeal for anyone, but for him, it changes him and made him worse. The old man gave him drugs and he became under the influence quickly. He sold drugs for the older man, he was raised like a dog. He was willing to be used because he knows that one day it’ll all be his. And the rest as they say, is history.

“Now it’s your time,” Chane aims the gun at Matt but Tawan rushes to her in time, taking a bullet for her. “Love each other that much?” Chane orders the hired hand to get Matt.


Tawan fights with the guard while Chane watches, but ultimately Tawan wins as Chane ends up shooting his own guard.

The two stand facing each other, with the gun held at a standstill.

The sun is setting, how fitting, and several cops appear, standing in a straight line aiming their guns at Chane. They both set their guns down, but before Chane’s hit the ground, he aims at Tawan. The cops open fire.

Tawan screams at them to not shoot at Chane, but the man’s body has already crumbled to the floor.

But Chane still has an ounce of revenge, when he pulls the trigger. Tawan hears the click of an empty gun chamber and looks over at Chane, has he finally accepted even with Chane’s last breath, Chane would never ever be good to him?

Well good riddance! We have finally rid the world of a pesky, pesky insect.

KhetTawan and Mattana reunite with an embrace beneath the setting sun.

Mee comes to see her little sister, “You’re safe now!” she looks at Tawan’s arm that was shot. “It’s a good thing Sarawat noticed that your car is still here. Things wouldn’t turned out this way.” Heeh, she keeps complimenting the Sarawat.

“Please thank him for us,” Tawan says. They head to the hospital.

Matt gets a nightmare at the hospital, she’s feverish. Tawan is by her side, calming her down. She opens her eyes to see him, “we’re dead right?”

He shakes his head, “not yet. We’re at the hospital. You’re safe.” He brushes her hair from her forehead. “I can’t let you die,” he tells her. “I love you.” Oh, the love confession.

Matt smiles as he kisses her forehead.

“I must really be dying,” LOL. Oh Matt. Then she fell asleep immediately.

The following morning Matt receives a note. “Chane is dead. There is no point in keeping this. You may be able to use it towards Khun Ponn’s case. Goodbye. –Risa.”

Khun Ak brings Salinee to watch her closely. Matt teases him that he’s just using Khun Salinee as an excuse. He tells her that there is Tawan’s Brand fashion show event tonight. The name of the fashion show has been a secret. Salinee says that she couldn’t help but be proud on Matt’s behalf when she heard of the name.

“Mattana’s Paa-taa: designs of the roses.” Cute.

Mattana asks after Risa’s case. Ak tells her that they won’t pursue the case, at one point in time, she did save Ak’s life. Now Risa has disappeared along with those black pearls. Mattana has an idea but she doesn’t say anything.

Risa is trying to take off with them at the airport, but the security guards caught her before she left.


At the jagged rocks overlooking the beautiful beach, Mattana stands with KhetTawan.

“Did the doctor tell you whether the wound would leave a scar?” she asks him. He has a bandaged on his left cheek.

“Why? Afraid you’d have a scarred boyfriend?” he retorts with a smile.

“I’m worried about your feelings. You’re a leading man in movies, you’re good looking. You shouldn’t have a scar on your face like that. I’m afraid you’d feel uncomfortable,” Matt explains.

He smiles, “Thank you for worrying about me. But don’t forget that I grew up in the temple since I was little. I was taught by the Abbott that the outward appearance is not as beautiful as the inside.”

“I’m happy that you can think like that-“

“Good, my former manager, if she hears my reasoning she would star me in a movie as a villain, then I won’t have to be a hero. So I can be evil,” he pretends to be evil and Matt pushes him away.

They get all serious now.

“I have a present for you, but you have to close your eyes first.”

Mattana turns around so she wouldn’t see.

He takes out a box, “you can turn around now.”

She smiles at him.

“This is a special present for you,” he offers her the box.

“Thank you.. but you don’t need to,” Mattana says, looking at the beautiful box with a bow.

“Who says? It’s necessary. Open it please.”

Matt obliges and smiles at the silk shawl. “You kept it for me.” She fans it out, “I didn’t think that the sheet you’ve given me would save my life.”

“But that’s not the only gift in there,” KhetTawan mentions.

She peers in the box again, curious. She opens the tissue paper, and gasps at the wedding dress.

She looks at him with surprise etched on her face.

“This is the best dress from Tawan’s collection, Mattana’s Paa-taa.,” KhetTawan says, “It’s the best design from Jantira. It doesn’t need to be showcased. And it’s not going to be sold. There is only one dress. I’ve designed it for only you.” Aw.

She’s touched.

He takes her hand, “Mattana,” she’s already tearing up, “will you marry me?” he asks, looking into her teary eyes.

Mattana beams and hugs him in answer. She cries tears of joy as they embrace. The sky is a shade of faint pink.

KhetTawan kisses her forehead and they watch the sunset together. This sun finally isn’t deceiving. It is as clear, as bright and as true.

The story flashes back to the scene where the three musketeers celebrate their new cases. Mattana cheers for her elder, Waree to shock the owner of Koh Yanok (Yanok Island) with her beauty so he would be willing to give her an interview.

“You already know it, my dearest,” Waree says with sass.

The music blares in the background as Mee chimes in, “And let’s hope that you keep your cool and conscience about you and not cause any problems!”

Waree is annoyed, “You spectacle auntie! Are you wishing me luck or cursing me?” Lol.

They clink their glasses together and cheer to Waree’s impending departure to Koh Yanok, with the exciting event that is about to unravel, Waree needs all the luck she can get.

Mon Jantra is the next stop in our three musketeers series. Woo!

Thanks for tuning to this recapping project!


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