This episode marks the end of Mattana’s stint in Phuket and the two have to come to terms with their farewells. The interview or scoop of KhetTawan comes to a close but we haven’t learned anything we don’t already know. But the two has bonded over intimate details of KhetTawan’s life, not to mention how his work eventually leads them to meet each other and change each other’s lives. What I’m curious to learn is, why isn’t there any promise to see each other again? The only thing we get is Mattana promising to send him a copy of the article when it’s published. With Chane he promises to see her in BKK, but KhetTawan has not made his move as of yet. He only thanks her for changing his perception- perhaps when he’s seeing her off at the airport, some hope of a future “relationship” may occur? We’ll have to wait and see.

Mattana decides on the long skirt her older sister packed for her. She’s trying to look feminine for KhetTawan. Yet when she sees him at the lobby, he’s in jeans.

“Why are you wearing jeans?” she inquires.

“And why are you wearing a skirt?” he retorts, “I’ve noticed that you always wear jeans, in exception to when Khun Salinee (the nurse) arranged clothes for you.” Funny how each wants to dress according to the other’s taste in clothing.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.15.19 AM

“I dress like this occasionally,” she lies, one has to pull teeth for her to wear a dress, “You just haven’t seen it before.”

He is amused because clearly she’s not like that.

“Besides I’m here as a reporter, not a model.”

He tells her she’s cute dressing like that and he doesn’t understand why her parents allowed her to always dress like a boy, wearing jeans. (Hey what’s wrong with jeans?)

“My parents spoil me, they know that I love to dress this way so they don’t dare refuse me,” she explains with confidence.

“Of course, no one dares to refuse you. I speak from experience,” he says, hehe.

“You look cool dressed like that,” she returns the compliments.

They made eyes at each other again, hah, go out already.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.16.22 AM

KhetTawan takes Mattana on a walk along the beach; she wonders where the mysterious restaurant would be at.

“Follow me,” he says, I’ve arranged a meal for us on the beach.” How romantic..

They arrive at a table set right on the sandy beach, overlooking the soft waves. Khun Ak acts as their server, but when KhetTawan starts to bring up his scandalous past, Khun Ak couldn’t leave fast enough.

Mattana and KhetTawan are alone again. She asks to start on the interview while they are eating. KhetTawan couldn’t take his eyes off of hers, “I’ll be very lonely when you return to BKK,” he says.

Matt looks away shyly.

“Looks like I may have to find a cat now.” Hah.

“It’ll have to be a chunky cat otherwise it won’t be similar [to me],” she replies.

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They get started with his past, and we learn more about how he lived his life, how he entered the entertainment industry and his desire to be an artist since his school days.

While Khun Ak and KhetTawan are in school, KhetTawan has a knack for drawing. Khun Ak tries to encourage his friend to pursue it but KhetTawan decides to stick with law because it offers a stable pay.

“We all can’t achieve what we want to be when we grow up. I may end up as a poor artist with no one to purchase my art work,” KhetTawan surmises.

“So you’re giving up even before you started?” Khun Ak asks.

“Who says that I’m giving up? I’ll just do it on my free time,” this comment makes Khun Ak happy and he tells his best friend that he will be the first one to buy his artwork and the person to make his friend’s dreams come true.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.11.56 AM

Those growing days are growing pains for KhetTawan. So many difficulties and financial challenges. He even considered dropping out of school and finding a full time job so he could provide a better life for his sister. But Khun Ak, being a good friend, reminded him that people are insatiable, they will always want more. Only knowledge and education will help them move forward, according to the Abbott.

Then one day, Khun Ak receives a scholarship to continue his education. This is when their lives start to improve. But with money, there comes more responsibilities.

Mattana is proud of them, says that they are fighters.

KhetTawan only smiles and tells her that Ak stayed with him throughout the tough times and they persevered together.

“Did you work immediately after college?” she questions.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.13.16 AM

“I took a long break until I got a job..” his voice trailed off, “I barely survived that one time and Pin saved me- I’d rather not talk about it. I want to forget about it.”

“You can tell me what makes you happy then,” she encourages.

“Well then we can stop our interview now,” he says.

“What, why?”

“My life doesn’t have a lot of cheerfulness or happiness,” he replies nonchalantly.

“Don’t be that way, can you talk about what you can reveal to me then?”

He just laughs, she is her persistent self as always.

He gets into the story of how he got into the entertainment industry.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.12.55 AM

The talent agent saw him at the firm he was working with at the time, her eyes got big and if she was a pup, she’d be salivating too.

She approaches him and introduces herself.

“Are you interested in being a star?” she asks him. She sees potential in him even though he isn’t interest or has no confidence in his ability.

At home Khun Ak encourages him to try it. Parn is slowly getting sicker and looking even more depressed.

We know why, but Mattana doesn’t, so she inquires about Parn.

“I’m just curious. At first she’s all good and willing to study hard then now she’ s all depressed.. How did she die anyway? What illness?”

KhetTawan doesn’t want to talk about it but she persists.

“Do you want to stop the interview now or continue?” he threatens.

She nods her head finally.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.14.30 AM

He tells her that the talent agent keeps pursuing him, she says she won’t give up until he agrees to join her agency. Soon though, she spoke his language: money. That if he acts, he can bring even more money than he could work in a month at this firm.

Because Parn is getting sicker, due to the drug that Chane has been screwing her up with, they didn’t have money to treat her. KhetTawan decides to join the industry so he could find his sister the best detox help.

He tells Mattana that at the time, even if they asked him to buff their shoes, he would be willing to do it.

But of course it is all too late, his sister passed away (the same scene yet again. Stop dwelling in the past!)

KhetTawan explains his life afterwards- that he acted and modeled etc, he hated it, but it reaped a lot of financial rewards. Enough so he could help the temple, help the orphans as well as make his dreams come true.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.10.32 AM

“And what was your dream?” Mattana asks.

“To work as an artist,” he replies.

“So you created the brand Tawan? You get to work as an artist, as well as make Parn’s dreams come true,” she surmises with a smile. “No one knows that you’re’ Jantira.”

“Except for Ak and my employees,” he says.

“And those special few models,” Mattana couldn’t help but add. “Everyone is so great at keeping it a secret.”

“It’s because they love me and Tawan’s brand. They want it to grow.”

Mattana decide to tell him about her first experience with Tawan Brand, and that it changes her completely too. She hated being an entertainment columnist; she hated the fact that she would have to write about other’s sad affairs so she could make money. But she was naïve, prejudice and right out of college. She wanted to quit. Her sisters of the Three Musketeers tell her to persevere.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.05.37 AM

The boss became angry when he caught wind that Mattana wanted to quit. He tells her to do one last article before she leaves: that is, going to the opening of Tawan Brand’s fashion show, and finding out if Jantira is indeed a romantic tie to KhetTawan.

“So you weren’t in my fanclub at the time and you decided to re-join?” he asks.

“I’m Jantira’s fan actually,” she retorts, and continues her story.

“I intended to write that article to be my last piece at Siam Sarn (if they weren’t going to give me a different topic to write about.)”

“Then the design changed you?”

Mattana tells him about the time she talked to her boss. (Mee and Waree were eavesdropping at the door.)

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.08.39 AM

Her boss doesn’t stop her from quitting, Mattana feels that perhaps he doesn’t like her because she’s not his best writer.

“A mark of a good reporter is that even if they are writing about something they don’t like, the work comes out good anyway,” the boss lectures. “You haven’t even proven yourself, you barely started,” you tell her boss!

“I put you in the entertainment column because I want a fresh, youthful perspective. I’m really disappointed in you,” he continues, “Ok it is my fault, I read you wrong.” He peers at her with disappointment and exasperation, “You need to prove yourself and what a good reporter you are. Do you know that I have so many applicants for the political column?” he takes out a stack of applications. “If you really want to be a political columnist, then you need to show me that you have skills. So everyone will know that you deserve it and is suitable for the job.”

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.07.58 AM

She looks downcast and embarrassed by her immaturity.

“Will you do the news or not?” he asks her.

It turns out, Mattana perseveres. The night of the fashion show made her so proud of Tawan’s brand. (Bot was actually the top model then too, haha.)

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.05.09 AM

Mattana explains that the fashion show helped her decide to continue writing for the entertainment column. “Despite the dirty news that exists within the industry, there is beautiful artistry as well. I was just too prejudiced at the time to see it.”

KhetTawan could understand that, and doesn’t blame her for the way she felt. “You were prejudice because you experienced the dirty aspect of it before.”

She agrees. And they smile at each other. They are now face to face, the past linking them together.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.06.21 AM

“Thank you, young lady,” he says, “you made me believe and feel proud of my work.”

“So will you agree on me revealing the true identity of Khun Jantira?” Mattana inquires.

“That is up to you,” he says, and then says the sad forbidden words, “now that we’re done, are you going to return to BKK?”

She looks down, “Probably tomorrow, I’d like this article to be published soon.”

“Do you have an idea when?” he asks.

“I’m not sure, it may take some time to write it. But I’ll try to hurry.”

“I’ll be waiting for it. Since I have kept the promise I made to you, I do hope that you’d do the same.”

She makes her silly promise, her rabbit badge of honor.

They smile at each other, not wanting for their moment to end.

He suggests that she purchase some gifts for her family and friends back home. KhetTawan takes her shopping. After she purchases enough goods, they walk to a boutique that has silk shawls.

KhetTawan becomes mesmerized by a shawl he saw, it has a picture of a couple looking at the sunset.

He tells her he has a final stop before he takes her back to the hotel. They reach the cliff, their trysting spot.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.04.31 AM

“I thought I was dreaming, I never imagined that I would get the chance to come here again,” She peers at the sea.

“It’s such a beautiful landscape, especially to be here with someone,” she looks at him.

“Nature doesn’t run away from us,” KhetTawan says, “you’re just too busy to look at it.”

“That’s true,” she agrees. She looks sad.

“Are you cold?” he asks.

“A little..” she rubs her arms to warm herself.

“Do you want to leave then?”

“Can we stay a little longer?” she asks, “Once I go back to Bangkok I won’t get the chance to see this again.”

Ah, farewells are tough.

He tells her that he’ll be right back.

Alone, Mattana lectures herself, “Your work is done, everything is over. Prepare yourself to immerse in your new work..”

KhetTawan returns a little later with the silk shawl, the one that reminds him of them. He hides the sheet behind his back and slowly, he spreads it out before her.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.04.08 AM

She sees it and smiles. It’s beautiful.

KhetTawan drapes it over her shoulders, “I know it won’t help much, but it’ll keep the wind at bay.”

“Do you have business to attend to? I don’t want to keep you..” she says.

“Zero. Today I don’t want to rush.” Heeh. “It’s such a nice atmosphere; I want the time to go by slowly.”

They look at each other.

“Thanks for everything that you’ve done. You make me feel that I have value within my repertoire, my intentions. It makes me realize that I am an inspiration to some, and at least to you.”

She smiles, touched by his words.

He continues, “thank you for making my life so worth living, I can’t explain it.”

She tears up, “thank you too for putting up with a stubborn kid like me. This interview will enhance my resume (experience)- I truly thank you.”

She cries and he wipes her tears away, “Don’t cry young lady, and remember- you are a good and talented reporter, don’t make me be disappointed in you.”

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.04.18 AM

At last, he takes her in his arms and they embrace.

The night falls and they are driving back to the hotel, smiling and talking.

He walks her back to the hotel and tells her that he will be taking her to the airport.

They bid their temporary farewell and Mattana, with her overactive imagination, envisions him stopping her in the elevator and pulling her into his arms, and kissing her on the forehead.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.02.35 AM

She chastised herself again and walks into her hotel room. She decides to text him before she heads to bed, “Kub rot dee dee na ka (drive safely.)”

KhetTawan receives it and smiles.

The next morning Mattana could not leave Phuket without a swim in the beach. Creepy Chane is watching her from behind the tree. KhetTawan arrives at the hotel to pick her up, but learns that she is not in her room. Soon a crowd forms around him, he starts to feel uncomfortable. Mattana returns after the swim and feels guilty for putting him in such a situation. She offers for him to wait for her in her hotel room while she gets ready. The receptionist informs her of the photos that have been developed for her.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.01.44 AM

Once in her room, she realizes that it is in complete shambles. Mattana quickly stuffs her clothes into her luggage and clear out her living room.

KhetTawan waits for her while she gets ready and she tells him that he can take a look at the pictures.

Hm, I wonder what’s in that stack of pictures? A picture of Chane perhaps? Will Mattana really return to BKK without any prospect of a “see you later” from KhetTawan?

Well, not a huge plot development in this episode per say, but the two is able to talk and spend time with each other. I must say though, that the pacing is so slow.  I find my thoughts trailing off so many times, but must bring myself back to recap those scenes and conversations. The script isn’t all that compelling but fans of this pairing would probably enjoy the fact that they are together a lot? I prefer quality over quantity (that is if I can’t have both!)