We are in our third act, an episode away from the climax, where Love Scheme Evil Scheme will come to a closure, ending our Exact series to fourteen episodes. Payia’s greed has pushed her to the point of no return, where she will do the last desperate act to gain all of the inheritance. Korya will do anything to protect the person she cares about, that’s Khun Dara, who soon discovers that Korya isn’t just “someone else” to her, but that she’s her own blood. As usual, this episode is intense, fast paced and keeps me excited for the grand finale. Oh, and Toomtam is really hot in this episode too, hah.

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Episode 13 Recap


Previously Payia promises to take the DNA test once Khun Dara signs her name on the new will, allotting Payia as the sole benefactor. Then she plans on killing her off. But Khun Dara balls up the will and tosses it to the carpet. She tries to race for the door, but is caught and proceeds to have trouble breathing.

“Don’t make me angry!” Payia threatens as she looms over Khun Dara.

“Why, what will you do to me? Are you not afraid that if anything happens to me, you won’t receive a dime of the Siwawong’s inheritance?”

It occurs to her, “Don’t die mom!” she calls out and starts searching for the medicine.

This gives Khun Dara the opportunity to scatter and she locks the door on Payia as she runs. Hah, smart move!

Khun Dara stumbles along, trying to make her way to the outside, where Korya and Khun Id awaits in their van. She eventually crawls her way there, with Payia close behind, but finally seeks refuge in the van.


Khun Id and Korya takes her to his condo, where she remains quiet and depressed. The doctor examines her condition and they leave Korya and Khun Dara alone.

“I never imagined that Payia would do this to me,” Khun Dara mutters, sad.

Korya tries to comfort her, “Don’t be this way please..  don’t think too much.”

But Khun Dara continues, “I protected her, I believed all along that she’s my daughter! Even though I had my suspicions, but I always knew that my daughter isn’t dead- that she’s still alive.”

“But her actions are very clear that she’s not your daughter,” Korya admonishes.

This seems to get Khun Dara riled up, “If she’s not my daughter, then where is my daughter, Korya?!”

Oh, right there in front of you Khun Dara!

But Korya could only rest her head on Khun Dara’s shoulder, offering her a hug. Such a sweet scene. Khun Id peers at them from the door way and leaves, disinclined to disturb their moment.


In a different city, Chiang Mai, Chisanu visits Khun Mae Wan Pen. He is determined to get to the bottom of the ties between the ring, locket and Korya. He questions the nun on whether she recalls where Korya conceived the ring.

“Khun Mae Yupha once told me,” Khun Mae Wan Pen begins, “the ring was attached to Korya since she was little. The first time we met her, Korya had the ring and locket on her.”

“Do you remember what the locket looks like?” Chisanu asks. Khun Mae Wan Pen thinks carefully and begins to describe the locket. With that information, he calls Whang Siwalai, intending to tell Korya. Unfortunately he learns that Korya has been kicked out of the Whang. He phones Taeng to search for Korya and find out what had transpired at the Whang.


Khun Id returns home where he finds his assistant waiting pathetically at the drive way. Subahn tells his boss that it is a strain atmosphere in the house and he ought to check it out. Apparently, Payia isn’t about to let Khun Id take her “mom” away from her without a fight. Khun Id forces a smile as he approaches the conniving girl.

“Where did you take my mom?” she questions.

“Some place safe,” he answers without missing a beat.

“I need her back- you must bring her back to me.”

“Nope, she’s never returning,” Khun Id says plainly. “And you’ll never see her again.”

Subahn puts a hand on his boss’s arm, trying to prevent him for saying anything illegal.

Payia is pissed, “What does that mean?”

“I’m just helping her out.”

“She’s my mom, you have no right or I will-“ she starts to threaten.

“What will you do?” Khun Id retorts.

Subahn explains to his boss, “She has a right to inform the cops.”

Khun Id smiles his arrogant smile, “She won’t dare, Subahn, I’ll place a wager on that.” He looks at Payia challenging her, “ You don’t have the guts.”

“You-“ she spat angrily.

“You can’t run fast enough if you see a cop,” Khun Id says. Haha.

Her eyes got huge, unable to argue.

“Therefore I’ll do whatever pleases me,” Oh Khun Id. “You can’t do anything to me, Khun Payia,” he challenges her again.

“You just wait and see. I won’t give up easily,” Payia replies.

They have a stare down and she finally leaves in a huff. But before she exits his property, she runs into Sukkuna and gets an idea on how she will get the information she needs.


Taeng discovers where Korya is at and brings Chisanu to the condo. Chisanu is annoyed that Korya is staying at Id’s condo, but seems resigned to the idea that he won’t win her over. Clearly, she called Khun Id when she needs help and not him. The condo is under high security as they make their way to the room.

He questions Khun Dara about the locket.

“Why do you want to know about that locket?” she asks.

Chisanu explains, “When the time is right I will tell you the whole truth, but right now I want you to trust me. That locket, means that Payia is your daughter, what does it look like?”

Khun Dara thinks about it, “When I took it off for my daughter- gosh I haven’t seen it in years.”

Korya chimes in, “But you do remember what it looks like right?”

But it turns out, Khun Dara doesn’t have a picture of it. However, no matter how long it has been, it’s still photographic in her memories.

Taeng mutters about how they will be able to see it.

Korya has a bright idea and we learn that Khun Dara will draw the locket- who knew she’s such an artist? Hah.


Later that night, Korya takes a look at the picture.

“It’s so familiar,” she mutters.

“You must have seen it on Payia,” Khun Dara mentions.

“No,” she shakes her head, “Definitely not. I’ve seen it longer than that. A very long time ago..” as she tries to conjure up the memories, her head begins to throb.

Flashbacks of the locket comes to her. She was wearing it in her memory.

She shuts her eyes as she lays down, the night of the accident comes to her, the swerving car, her ejection out of the car.

“I see, that night,” Korya mutters and starts to cry from the excruciating head pain. Then she gets an image of Payia stalking her and knocking her against the head with a tree branch.

Korya screams. The events of that night came back to her and she knows Payia was responsible for her amnesia.

“I saw Payia taking the locket, after she hurt me,” Korya says.

Khun Dara tucks her in the couch and as Korya sleeps, she thinks to herself on why Payia would hurt Korya.

The idea that Payia thought of came in the form of Khun Sukkuna. Nop ambushes her on her drive and threatens to tell her husband of their relationship if Khun Sukkuna doesn’t help him. She finally agrees.

Then Payia receives a call from Korya, but it turns out to be her mom instead, requesting for a meeting at the park tomorrow. Payia concedes nicely because she knows better. But she is still uncertain so she calls Nop. He tells her that tonight their little helper will commence the plan and they won’t have to fear what Khun Dara is up to tomorrow.


That night Khun Sukkuna accomplishes her task by embedding an iPhone into the trunk of Khun Id’s car, where the GPS app is turned on. She sneaks back into the house but finds Khun Id standing in the kitchen. Who is, as always, looking mighty fine.

“What are you doing down here at this time?” he questions.

“Nothing,” she says, nervous.

“Liar,” he retorts. “Why are you sneaking out the back door?”

“It’s my problem-“ she says.

“It’s not dark, it’s practically morning now. What did you do?” He surmises that based on her night gown, she was out getting laid (haha.) He tells her, “My father is blind to you. Don’t show yourself off too much, feel pity for my dad since he’s your husband.” So the boy does care about his pops.

As she watches him walk away, she mutters that the rest of the deed is up to Nop now.


That following morning, Korya prepares breakfast for Khun Dara and recalls her conversation with Khun Id the day prior.

“It’s too risky right now for Auntie to meet with Payia,” Korya said. “She’s weak right now, if Payia does anything to her.. “ her voice trailed off.

“Payia won’t dare,” Khun Id said, they were standing by the window overlooking the city. “She knows better that if anything happens to Auntie, she loses the inheritance.”

But that didn’t give Korya peace of mind. “What if she kidnaps her and threatens her, or tortures her?”

Khun Id looked at his beloved, and questioned what she wanted to do then.

“I just want her to miss the appointment, that’s all,” Korya says plainly.

And what she says goes, Khun Id dares not hurt her feelings (hehe.)

So that morning Korya drugs her “auntie” by putting her stress medication into her glass of milk. Khun Dara is prepping the voice recorder app on her phone.

And now, Korya is preparing herself to go in Khun Dara’s place by phoning Khun Id.

Who, by the way, happens to be shirtless with a towel wrapped around his hips, fresh out of the shower.


He answers Korya’s call, “I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”


Nop is able to track Khun Id’s car, and follows him to the condo. He seems to be proud of his recent bright idea.

In the condo’s garage, Nop watches Khun Id entering the scene with Korya, they are hand in hand. So cute! Why walk alone if you could hold hands?

Nop reports this recent news to Payia. She tells him to stay there and find an opportunity to kidnap her mom, while she humors Korya in their “meeting” at the park.

Nop discovers that Chisanu is in the premises as well. He sees the other man talking to the security guard in the lobby. They both decide to enter the condo to ensure Khun Dara is safe, because Korya would never allow her to stay alone.


Chisanu calls for his Auntie but only silence greets him. He enters the room and finds her out cold in the bed. He shakes her awake slowly and tells the security guard to summon a nurse.

Khun Dara wakes up slowly and sees Chisanu.

“Where is Korya, why did she leave you alone like this?” he asks her.

“She’s not here?” Khun Dara questions, then she pales. “She must have gone out to meet with Payia!”


Indeed, Korya is standing at the park searching around with Khun Id for Payia- who is actually watching them from her car. When she receives a call from Korya, she instructs her to wait for her at the park’s bench- alone.

Then Korya receives another call from Chisanu. Khun Id immediately perks up and take the phone, answering it in her stead. This is when Chisanu gets confirmation that Korya is meeting with Payia.

“She shouldn’t risk herself like that,” Khun Dara says, worried.

“She did the right thing,” Chisanu replies. “You’re weak, if you go, you’ll lose to Payia. And Khun Id is there, nothing will happen to Korya.” Oh, I’m glad to hear that you’ve realized the truth, Chisanu, you never really got the girl!

“I hope it is like you say,” Khun Dara says quietly. “Korya is just someone else (meaning, someone unrelated to her), if anything happens to her, I’ll be devastated.”

Chisanu takes the opportunity to share the truth with his aunt. “Maybe she’s not just someone else for you.”

“What do you mean?” Khun Dara questions.

Nop makes it to the hallway of the condo and he takes out his gun, ready to proceed with the plan.

“Khun Mae Wan Pen told me that Payia never had any locket on her growing up,” Chisanu reveals.

“That doesn’t surprise me, she fooled us all,” says Khun Dara. “But where did she get that locket?”

“It belonged to Korya,” Chisanu says, letting the revelation sink in. Khun Dara is shocked. “She told me that when they first met Korya, she has the locket and ring on her.”

Khun Dara seemingly begins to have a panic attack. Chisanu shows her the picture of Korya and the nun. She’s wearing that ring- in which Khun Dara recognizes immediately. “The star shaped ring! Her dad gave this to me.”

Khun Dara tears up, “Korya is my daughter?”

Chisanu nods his head in confirmation.

Khun Dara is ecstatic and cries tears of joy.

“If I’m not correct, Khun Prab was taking Korya to BKK to meet you, but along the way everyone who knew all died. So Payia used the opportunity to steal the locket and fool everyone.”


Khun Dara utters, “Korya..” and places the picture to her heart. Then she realizes that her daughter is in danger and they immediately rush towards the door. But too late, Nop enters with a gun.

Chisanu wrestles it away from him but at the end of the day, Nop wins and he pulls a pillow to silence the gunshot that he makes. It hits Chisanu in the lower abdomen. Khun Dara tries to cry out for help but Nop threatens her that if she squirms, her daughter who is with Payia will certainly die. This confirms to Khun Dara that they know the truth behind Korya’s true identity. Nop kidnaps Khun Dara as Chisanu falls to the ground, his blood pooling on the floor.


At the park, Khun Id and Korya peer around them. Korya tells Khun Id to leave because Payia wants her alone. Korya is afraid that if they don’t abide by Payia’s rules, then they may ruin Khun Dara’s plan.

Khun Id paces, anxious. When she rejected his offer to wait by the chair, he finally relents, “Fine. But don’t be afraid,” he says, and takes her hands, “I won’t lose sight of you.” Aw.

Korya gives him a pretty smile.

He releases her fingers slowly as she walks away, Payia watches them and smiles evilly.

She takes a gun out, geez, clearly in this show, the person with the gun has all of the power. Methinks Id and Korya need to get a pair.

Korya is alone now and wonders why Payia is taking so long to appear. The girl finally does. Khun Id watches them from behind a tree, further away.

“What do you want?” Payia questions Korya.

“Auntie wants you to admit that you’re behind all of the deaths in Whang Siwalai.”

“And why should I?” Payia retorts.

“If you admit it, then she will give you money- 200 million baht.”


“What?” That surprises Korya.

“You wanted me to admit to it right? Give me the phone and I’ll talk into it.”

“It’s that easy?” Id wonders, “not possible.” Yeah don’t trust her.


Payia proceeds to talk on the phone, but what she says is not conducive to a confession. She tells Korya not to act restless or indicate anything is wrong, otherwise M.L. Noppadara will die.

Korya tries not to panic. Payia continues, “Nop has already kidnapped her, come with me nicely.” She shows Korya the gun in her purse.

Id watches for a reaction, but all seems fine.

“I know that your handsome bodyguard is watching us,” Payia says, even she notices the good looking man, hah. “Take my arm,” she instructs. Korya follows and they walk together towards Payia’s car.

Id, this would be a good time to start chasing them. But he wonders where they are going. He sneaks behind another tree.

Korya warns her, “Don’t make another mistake.”

Fed up, Payia exclaims, “Get in!” And tries to push her into the car.

That alerts Khun Id and he hears Korya calling for his help. He sees Payia knocking her unconscious and that’s when he races to the car, but too late, four wheels are faster than two legs. He phones the cop for back up. Hah, and he tells the cops that someone has kidnapped his girlfriend. Oh, Id, couldn’t resist could you?

Chisanu wakes up in a hospital ward and immediately asks for Korya. Well, at least he’s alive!

Khun Id calls his assistant Subanh next and instructs him to wait at the condo, in case Khun Dara turns up.


The police and Khun Id found the car abandoned, and they are searching the premises for Korya. Both Khun Id and Subanh surmises that Payia is probably taking Korya to Khun Dara. And in addition to that, she’s probably using Korya as collateral (that’s coming from me anyway.)


Korya has been moved into the back of a utility van, tied up and unconscious. Payia and Nop are in the front seat.

“Where did you take mom?” Payia questions.

“You’re still calling her mom?” Nop calls her out. Hah

“I’m just used to it.”

“Just hang on tight, you will be rich soon.”

That is always a bad premonition. They’ve been lucky thus far but it will expire soon.

Finale preview:

“Why do you make your face like that Mom, we haven’t seen each other’s face for a whole day, you don’t miss me?” Payia asks Khun Dara, at their hiding spot.

“Don’t you call me mom! You’re not my daughter!”

“Good. I can stop pretending.”

Korya is thrown at Khun Dara. They are both on the ground, Payia pointing the gun at them.

“Are you hurt, Auntie?” Korya asks.

“I’m ok, daughter,” she utters, gazing at Korya.

“Can you sign my will now?” Payia questions, with the gun aiming at them.

“Please give me some time so that I may be with her, I’ve waited for twenty years,” Khun Dara replies, caressing Korya’s head.

Korya turned to her “auntie” in shock.

Are you ready for the finale? I can’t get past the juicy scene of Toomtam, haha. Id-Korya are simply adorable, Exact does such an amazing job pairing these two, and giving us spazz-tastic moments. Let’s hope there is more in store for us. The revelations in this episode is not shared by us, since we already know the whole plot point. All in all, a good episode that propels us closer to the finale and wrap this bad boy up!

And we get to anticipate this:


**Pics courtesy of PrinceTamGroup on Twitter. Recapping is so much easier when the screencaps are already done for you!