Showdowns and revelations would sum up this episode nicely. Oh and karma too, she’s a real bitch.

Aor gets kidnapped and held for ransom- a one-way ticket out of Thailand for the Ponglert’s. She really should not have gone to that last fashion shoot. There were red flags everywhere, the manager was desperate and creepy, the “agency” belonged to Mr. It (that stands for Ittiharn) but Aor being naïve, couldn’t put one and one together, which resulted in her getting kidnapped and abused by the bad guys. And there was no going back for Ponglert now. He was always a bad guy, but back in the day, he had his minions commit the crime for him, however these days, desperate times call for desperate measures and he end up doing the dirty deed himself. Killing the manager with his own gun shows us that there was no turning back.

The mystery behind Gong’s disappearance (Rabin’s brother) has finally been revealed, which isn’t all that mysterious after all because Parn had been the one to kill him. Jid (Parn’s now girlfriend) overheard him talking to Ponglert on the phone that the past will not be repeated- his friend Gong- was a bad match and that was why he deserved to die. Jid became furious because Parn wasn’t the man she thought he was- I was surprised too because I thought he was a thug but had somewhat of a romantic heart in him- but no, he has no dynamic (or redeeming quality) and beats her to the ground for daring to lash out at him. It turned out, Parn had recruited Gong to work with him, but when Gong realized that it required killing people, he wanted to opt out. Ponglert had threatened Parn to kill his friend, or else he would be killed. And that was an easy choice for Parn. Jid realized she was no match for him and threatened to tell Rabin- which of course Parn laughed and said he would be happy to send Rabin to live with his brother in hell.

Rabin and Nay had a sweet, alone time together at his farmhouse. She wanted to distract him from the “Siwat” subject so she asked him to give her a tour of his farm.

Unfortunately it didn’t last for long because the subject appeared at the farm and they were forced to confront the truth. This is a great example of three people who have some serious issues with communications. If they all just sat down and talk about their feelings, we wouldn’t be here. I guess lakorns are fraught on by miscommunications! We’ll save it for last, thank you very much!

Their love triangle was disrupted by the news that Aor has been kidnapped, so they must put aside their personal feelings to work towards a common goal. This makes for a very awkward car ride to rescue Aor. Siwat couldn’t help but take on his boyfriend duties (and ruffled his feathers) when he told Nay to stay close to him so he could protect her. Which is pretty funny considering that Rabin is the more skilled of the counter part. But boys will be boys, and god forbid if anyone would play with their toys.

So we have the whole gang to rescue Aor, even her father and Don are there to see if they could do anything. Especially Don, who feels responsible for the situation. They planned on waiting for help (from Wichate and the cops) but Don is restless and made his way to the sound of Aor’s screaming. Like any action drama, things will go down in flames, in our case, gunfire! Which could be more of a joy to watch than a joy to recap, so go on and watch it!

In Ponglert’s nest, Siwat saw hands-on how much Nay has changed. She is a badass now, saving his ass, shooting villains and all around tough. This chick doesn’t need anyone’s protection! His expression is a mix of abject horror and surprise. And she tells him that in order to overcome oppositions, there is no room for weakness.

Our great bodyguard faces multiple blows, literally and figuratively. He learns that Aim died due to Ponglert’s drug trafficking and that finally, his brother died because of Parn, a former bestie. Imagine that. Ponglert was feeling extra generous and shared the information with him, thinking he would die anyway. I felt that the information they held out on us- and when eventually fed- was somewhat anticlimactic. But Rabin looked great being angry and trying to pummel Parn’s face.

Siwat, unwilling to see Nay stand in harms way, decides to negotiate with the bad guys. He believes that the law will punish them and he could end this problem. Still naïve, and he soon realizes it. The only way to appease them is if he would let them go. News spread that the cops were here so the bad guys dispersed, leaving Nay livid because she waited too long to avenge her parents’ death. She decided to go after them.

Where there is war, there is casualty. Unfortunately, Don’s father took some bullets for him. Before he dies, he tells Don to take care of Aor. His death scene was touching.

Ittiharn is really a cardboard box villain and he meets karma. And she’s a real bitch. A timely death for him.

Rabin learns that if he killed Parn, he would be no different from the evil man, so he lets him go- with a bullet in each leg mind you- so he could recant one day. But Jid doesn’t believe he deserved to live so when Parn reached out to shoot Rabin, Jid finished him off.

Rabin remembers Nay and takes off in the other direction. The scene is a reversal of episode one, where Nay witnessed her parent’s murder. Now she’s the one aiming the gun at Ponglert. Siwat is begging her from the background to let the law punish him. Nay turns to say to Siwat that Ponglert killed her parents! This gave Ponglert the opportunity to grab a gun and shoot her. Siwat was knicked on the arm when he told her to watch out. But the second time Ponglert aimed at her, Rabin threw himself in front.

Nay is distraught by his actions, she’s crying deliriously and hugging him from behind, while Siwat witnessed the whole scene. Yeah dude, she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your bullet wound. Ah, so sad.

At the hospital, Tamrong came to visit his son. He’s ripping him a new one for risking his life, he is after all, the PM. But Siwat merely explained that he’s fulfilling his promise for Nay, to help her avenge her parent’s murder. Siwat soon realizes that everything his father does is for himself.


Whew, can you smell the finale? I’m thinking tomorrow’s episode (13) will end our ride with Hong Sabat Lai. Now we’ll have to sit back, relax and see how everything ends. Will Rabin continue to run away from her, thinking he’s doing the noble thing? Will Siwat let her go once he realizes that her heart belongs to another? Methinks the one with the biggest balls in this drama is Nay. And for that, I am grateful. There are so few tough nang eks out there.

The climax for action dramas are always difficult to create and watch. There’s gun shooting, fisticuffs, death.. tears. If done right, it could be poignant. But for some reason, this episode didn’t have me wrapped around its fist. The revelations aren’t grand- on the contrary it’s predictable- and our main couple hasn’t had much development as far as love confession goes. I know, they are waiting until the last minute!

But there’s still one more episode left, and for that, I am still hopeful. After all, it has been such a good lakorn!