Good golly I am quite pleased with this bodyguard type storyline. The screen time between our two leading heroes are just fantastic, the script is compelling and poignant and the pacing remains fast. How could I ask for more?

Episode 4 Recap

Rabin was sweeping the dead leaves in the yard when Nay approached him. She asked if he could to teach her how to use a gun.

“It’s a gun, not dead leaves that can be released easily. It’s dangerous,” Rabin replied.

“I know, but I want to learn so I can protect myself.”

He turned to her, slightly appalled, “if you’re going to the extent of using a gun to protect yourself, why did you hire me? I’m going to lose my reputation,” and he headlined, “a bodyguard loses his edge, as his boss holds her own.”

“Don’t over think it,” Nay said, “I want it handy to protect myself. What if something happened to you? Who’s going to take care of me?”

She’s got a point, Rabin.

“You speak so morbidly, nothing’s going to happen to me.”

Nay proceeded around the leaves to face him, “Come on, I just want to practice, teach it to me please.”

Who could say no to that?

At the gun range, Rabin showed Nay the functional aspect of the gun: trigger, proper way to hold the gun, etc.

With a serious look on her face, Nay donned the glasses and headphones that would protect her from the bits and sounds of the gunshot. As she aimed the gun at the target however, she panicked, set the gun down and stepped back.

“I thought you said you were ready,” Rabin chided as he leaned in.

She glared at him.

Rabin decided he would show her how it was done. Wearing his gear, he aimed, fired, and got all 9’s, which is right by the bull’s eye. No 10’s Mr. Commando?

It was Nay’s turn and at first, she reached the outer rim of the target, but after several attempts, she shot an 8, which is not too shabby.

Rabin complimented her on a job well done. Nay could only smile and stare at the target with a vengeance.

Siam Prattana Party was fully under way to campaign for voters. Don and Or were at the internet café earlier, he was acquiring enough articles about Siam Pattana so he could find a way to meet his sister, while Or pleaded to join the beauty pageant. Don adamantly told her that there was no way he would allow her to be a beauty queen: her only priority was school. As they crossed a bridge, they noticed a bus slowly parading through the streets, announcing the Siam Pattana campaign. Don noticed Siwat at the center and right behind him, a woman with sunglasses.

“That’s P’Nay!” Don exclaimed as he raced across the bridge, keeping his eyes on the bus while he ran.

But two feet could not measure to four wheels as Don came to an exhausted stop, hands on his knees. Disappointment crossed his face.

In the midst of unstable political haven and corrupted politics, the Siam Prattana Party was ready to step forward and change the future. They were prepared to change everything, starting with Siwat, candidate #3. This jingle was announced as the bus meander through the streets.

Both Siwat and Rabin were pleased and proud to see that Nay could withstand the heat and sun and they told her so. Nay replied that if one wanted change, one needed to endure.

Don and Or finally made it to the conference center for the campaign but unfortunately missed Siwat and Nay by minutes. One of the fundraisers asked if he could take a message and Or wanted to tell him that Don was Nay’s brother, but Don stopped her in midsentence. As they walked back to their home, Or asked why he didn’t reveal the truth.

“I’m afraid it would be a big problem. I don’t want my story and P’Nay’s to be the center of attention. It could be dangerous,” Don replied.

“That is too bad, we made it all the way to the party,” Or said.

“At least I was able to see P’Nay’s face.”

“P’Nay is beautiful and she seems talented,” Or surmised.

“A testament to the hardships she has faced. It is like what happened to me,” Don said, “It makes me the person you see today.”

“That’s right,” Or relented with a smile, “that is why you are my hero- and you must fight!”

Don nodded his head, “I am already fighting.”

The campaign made its way to a temple, with citizens abound chatting and listening to the announcer. When it was time for Siwat to make his speech, it was already dark and rain started pouring. The thunder rumbled in the background while the crowd cheered for him.

At the podium, Siwat thanked them for the warm welcome. He promised to better their lives by offering ability to work, live well and happier. All they would need to do is vote for him, #3. He also wanted to better the education system and have a major in all prospective careers. It is interesting to see a lakorn that is taking us on a journey of political campaigns. I don’t think we’ve ever experienced this before.

By the end of the speech, Siwat promised that as long as the people didn’t leave him, he and Siam Pattana would not leave them as well. The crowd cheered and went on their feet to hand roses to the candidate, namely, Siwat.

So much love between Nay and Siwat. Across the podium he smiled at her when he finished his speech, and Nay encouraged him from the sidelines. Standing in the downpour however soon became troublesome for Nay as she sneezed from the cold. Rabin tried to get her to wait in the car, but she refused, wanting to support her man.

The group walked into a building drenched from the rain but ecstatic from the campaign’s success. Nay’s happiness for Siwat was short lived as Tee appeared, she said that she had prepared some clothes for him and started to dry him herself. Nay looked away with awkwardness. Tee even invited Siwat to dinner afterward, claiming that his father had made reservations for them. Nay looked at her with shock and hurt. Tee pretended to invite Nay along, knowing full well she would decline. Rabin could only look on with a knowing smile, as if saying he knew her game!

Rabin and Nay walked along the streets that night, Nay holding herself from the cold.

“Don’t blame Khun Siwat,” Rabin advised, “even he too could not say a word.”

“I understand. You no longer need to speak about this.”

“I’m not trying to meddle, but sometimes you should express that he is your man.”

Janie became frustrated. “I trust P’Siwat.”

“He is trustworthy,” Rabin lamented, “but Khun Patiporn, not so much.”

“Then what should I do?” Nay asked rhetorically, “it is not as if he would reject her. It’s useless to talk about this.” Nay looked away, “I’d like to go home, I’m tired.”

When they reached home, Nay was fast asleep in the car. He called out her name to wake her, but she didn’t stir. As he touched her shoulders, her temperature seared his hand. Feeling her forehead next, Rabin decided that she was burning up.

When the affluent is sick, she gets taken to the hospital. A fever should be taken seriously..

As Rabin prepared to make a phone call, Nay muttered weakly that he couldn’t tell Siwat or anyone else, she didn’t want them to worry, including him.

“I’m your employee, how do you expect me not to worry about you?” Rabin chided. “Fine, I promise not to tell anyone. But you must sleep so you can get better. Otherwise I will tell everyone.”

“Are you ordering me?”

“Well, this particular patient is a little stubborn. Besides, Doc ordered me to make sure you get enough rest. That way everyone won’t have to worry about you. Don’t be stubborn, ok? Rest so you can get better.”

Awe, he’s always by her side. Even though he’s paid to do it, he’s still nonetheless so thoughtful.

Nay tried to empty her mind, and closed her eyes.

At the restaurant, Siwat decided to cancel their dinner. Tee is begging him to have dinner with her while Siwat stood his ground and told her that he is considerate of Nay’s feelings. He called Nay to check in with her, make sure she’s home safe. Struggling from the hospital bed, Nay made it to her phone and lied that she was at home safe. When she asked him where he was at, things got interesting. He lied that he just finished having dinner with his father, Tee snickered in the background when she heard it. Ah.. white lies to make the other feel better but never really helps anything in the end. Siwat walked Tee into the restaurant..

Rabin had been observing their phone conversation from the door. He came to her bedside to pull the sheets over her.

“You are really too much,” he said, “acting out a scene so your beloved thinks that you are well.” Apparently Rabin didn’t get it either.

“You have experienced love before, right?” Nay asked him.

Rabin nodded his head.

“If you love someone,” Nay started, “wouldn’t you be willing to do anything to make your loved one smile, despite how much pain you’re experiencing?”

A bittersweet sadness crossed Rabin’s face as he agreed. “Yes. I would be willing to do anything to ensure that my loved one is happy.”

“Then you understand where I’m coming from, right?” Nay asked.

“I do,” he confirmed as they look at each other with a sad understanding.

The following morning Rabin phoned Officer Wichate to check on Uncle Gan and Aunt Jan’s house for him. As Wichate greeted them, he noticed a figure upstairs, by the curtain. Curious. It was Kwan, when she made eye contact with him, she immediately covered her face with the curtain. Wichate and Uncle Gan chatted; he said that he would support Uncle Gan fully if he was interested in opening up the case again (regarding what had happened to their family.) A new interesting development, could it be that Wichate and Kwan is a new pair in the making? A new couple to spazz over? One can hope!

At the hospital Rabin got caught arranging some flowers for Nay. He said that he noticed some pretty ones at the shop and bought some for her. He’s so sweet. He even bought her some snacks and tried to cheer her up, with the rationale that the better mood she’s in, the faster she heals.

At the breakfast table of Siwat and his father, Tee was there as well. It is obvious that Tamrong is trying to match his son up with Tee. For political reasons? Financial? This reveals that Tamrong has ulterior motives and it makes me suspicious of his good intentions with Nay.

Nay is getting restless at the hospital; she wanted to help Siwat with his campaign. When he called to see if she was coming out, she had to lie that she would like to take a day off, she needed to finally put things away at the house. Unfortunately for her, she heard Tee’s voice over the phone. He told her that Tee was helping him with the campaign.

Rabin tried to make idle conversation when he took her to the hospital lawn. Nay was quiet and pensive. He told her to cheer up so she could get better soon to help Siwat. Just as he glanced at the hospital revolving door though, he noticed a familiar face. Rabin immediately ushered her wheelchair to a corner and told her to stay put. He checked the hospital room, but the culprit was nowhere to be found. As he walked down the hallway though, he and Parn, had a face off: guns cocked at each other’s faces.

“Are you really going to shoot me?” Parn asked, “don’t you remember me? It’s me.”

“What are you doing here?” Rabin asked carefully.

“(I’m here) to see you, put down your gun,” Parn said. “You’re like one of by younger brothers.” And to show his cooperation, Parn retracted his gun.

“Why are you with scumbags like Ittiharn?” Rabin asked.

“Work is work.”

“You ought to remove yourself from them.”

Parn hackled, “that’s what I should be saying to you. You need to stay away from that woman,” he warned.

“Not gonna happen. I’m fulfilling my duty.”

Parn proceeded forward with a stern look on his face. We gauge that he was actually there on good intentions, he wanted to warn Rabin. But respecting each other’s profession, Parn merely warned him that their endeavors would cause them to clash moving forward.

Rabin could only look at the older man’s retreating back and he recalled an instant in the past where one of their friends had gone missing. Now he had an inkling of the type of crowd Parn hangs out with.

Back at the hospital room Nay wondered where Rabin had been. He said that he saw an old family friend. She wondered why he needed to hide her when it was someone he knew- but he relented that he wasn’t sure so he had to make sure she was safe first. Nay noticed the red marks on his forearms and wondered if he had to go and fight with an old family friend too? Lol. Rabin looked at her guiltily. She said that he should get his arm looked at, but he teased her that the dog at his house, when it has a wound, it normally licks it and it would heal. He said that if he did the same thing with his arm, it would heal too! Nay thought it was disgusting.

Wichate is taking his promise to oversee the family seriously, he was going to spend the night in Rabin’s room to watch over the house while Rabin was away. Aunt Jan is trying to console her daughter that there will be a man in the house. Kwan is nervous, she didn’t think they should trust anyone. She is still terrified, doesn’t leave her room. Her mom asked if she wanted to go to school again, but Kwan shook her head vigorously, complacent enough to study on her own. She wasn’t yet ready, she was still afraid. That night, Wichate is patrolling the yard, Kwan is peering at him from her room.

“Nong Kwan,” he called out to her, “do not be afraid. I am here to oversee your safety.”

Nay had another nightmare, she had dreamed of her parents getting shot again. It was the kind of nightmare that forced her to shout in her sleep and wake up with a fright. Rabin woke up from the sound and came rushing in. Nay sat up from the bed, “Help me!” she said, “I’m afraid.” She grabbed his hands.

“What are you afraid of?” Rabin asked, his eyes surveying the room for any threat.

“I don’t want to have those dreams anymore,” she cried. “They’re tormenting. Painful.”

“What were you dreaming about?”

“My dad.. my mom.. blood. There were blood everywhere,” she exclaimed, losing it.

Rabin leaned over and comforted her. “You’re thinking too much. How about you go back to sleep to gain some strength.” He tried to encourage her to sleep. But she grabbed his arms and said she didn’t want to sleep. She was afraid she would have those dreams again.

“Ok.. then I’ll just take you to nibble on some yummy food nearby,” he consoled.

But she refused, she didn’t want to take her IV with her, lol.

“You’re always thinking about eating,” she complained.

“Well it makes me happy,” he replied.

“You are strange, huh? You are happy at all times.”

This seemed to hit him squarely on the chest. His face saddened, “I have my own troubles too.” He looked away. “But with all honesty, happiness and sadness are always among us.”

“I don’t think I can sleep tonight,” she looked at him, “can you ask for some sleeping pills for me?”

Before she could finish, Rabin was already shaking his head with disapproval. “No can do. It’s not good for you. You’ll be addicted. How about I distract you with fairytales?”

She stopped him before he could start.

“Or how about I sing you a song?”

That got her attention.

She complained that the song choice was too old. Rabin relented that he was a country boy, he knew only those types of songs. She couldn’t possibly expect him to sing foreign songs for her.

So Nay listened to him sing her a sweet lullaby with a smile.

When he finished, she told him she liked the meaning of the song. And thanked him for making her smile, even if it was only for tonight.

He told her that tomorrow, when she wakes, she will only face good things: first thing, she would be able to go home.

Before he left her room, they both looked at each other with a different atmosphere in the room.

The next day, Rabin and Nay are back at the house. Wichate mentioned to Rabin that Kwan looked like she might want to come out of her room soon, but Rabin said to let her do so on her own. In Kwan’s room, Nay is still trying to convince Kwan that it is safe out there. They both spied on Rabin from the window and Nay couldn’t help but gush that Rabin is a hard worker, he cooks well and he’s her great bodyguard.

Just when she said that, Rabin turned around with a yellow flower in his hair to tease them. The girls burst out laughing.

And he’s silly too, Nay wanted to add.

As Nay and Rabin walked through the yard, she thanked him for taking care of her.

And he replied with, “it is my greatest honor to protect the girlfriend of our future Prime Minister.”

That night when Nay called Siwat, Tee, who was sitting in the same car, turned his phone off.

The following morning, on their way to buy snacks for Siwat, Rabin teased Nay that she’s smiling so much just talking to her boyfriend.

“Of course,” Nay replied as she nipped him on the arm. “I haven’t seen P’Siwat for a few days now, I’ve missed him so much.”

“It’s so great to have someone to love, to think of each other.”

“What about you? Working like this, how do you find time to be with your loved one? And don’t say that you don’t have a girlfriend, I don’t believe it.”

Rabin was quiet.

“Well, I don’t need to make any time. My girlfriend is probably around here.”

Nay became confused, “Around here? Where?”

“No. I meant that- she’s always close to me.”

“What are you talking about?” Nay asked, confused. “Are you talking about a ghost or something?” Little did she know that was closer to the truth.

Rabin merely put his sunglasses on, to mask his face and continued driving.

Don is still working hard but he became angry when Or tried to be helpful and assisted him at one of his part time jobs. But they made up and pinky swore.

Siam Pattana Party is gaining voters, especially the younger generations who believed that the party truly cared about the people. Which pissed their oppositions off to no end. Ittiharn decided to take matters into his own hands (without waiting for his father.)

Gossip (news) is spreading about the pairing of Siwat and Tee. His father believed that this will only help their cause further and that Nay was a rational person, she would understand.

The news reached Nay and she started to doubt her relationship with Siwat. Rabin tried to cheer her up and tell her not to pay any mind to the media. She said that Siwat had asked her to be his secretary but she had no idea about his plans or how his campaign was faring. Rabin thought maybe Siwat didn’t want to worry her. But it made Nay think that maybe he didn’t want her to know about Tee instead.

Rabin said that the scariest thing is one’s thoughts (and where it can lead to.) He told her that her own thoughts are hurting her. Ah, so true. She asked him that if it were him, wouldn’t he think so too (meaning, wouldn’t he believe the news?)

But Rabin tried to convince Nay about the good things around her. Rabin is so cute. Por really makes this character stand out.

“Why do I always need to be reminded?” Nay asked, ashamed of herself.

“Because you have a heart. When ever you feel down, just keep reminding yourself,” Rabin said.

Ittiharn arranged for his men to finish off Nay and Rabin. The guys started shooting at Rabin’s car from behind and chasing them. Rabin fired back but they started using bombs. Pulling the car to a stop, Rabin stepped out and aimed for their tires. Succeeding, Nay and Rabin was able to escape in time.

In a bout of anger, Ittiharn killed all three men who failed.

Back at the house, Rabin is creating a garden to attract Kwan. When Nay noticed this, she stopped by to give him water, but when she realized that his hands were dirty, she decided to feed him the water instead, which garnered more squeals from yours truly! They are so cute together! Rabin covered up his shock by saying that it’s good she cared about her employee, heeh.

Then when Nay wanted to help him with the garden, he told her to stay still instead so the work could be finished faster lol. Nay became offended, but Rabin explained that he didn’t want her to be hurt/sick (like the 3 days she was in the hospital) and since it was his duty to protect her, he wanted her to just remain still.

Nay smiled at his quip but couldn’t help feeling touched by his actions.

Por is charming and adorable as Rabin, and Janie is so beautiful and understanding as Nay. The story is taking on a turn.. we shall soon see where this story is headed! Make sure you tune into Ep 5!

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