Episode 3 Recap

At the press conference, Tamrong introduced the public to his son Siwat, who was running for Prime Minister. One of the reporters questioned his qualifications, that he has no political experience under his belt.

Nay began sweating on Siwat’s behalf. Rabin leaned in and told her to have more faith in her fiancé.

With a calm and clear tone, Siwat replied to the reporter, “I’m not here to play politics. I’m here to work for the people, to work for my birth country. Therefore, I do not need experience in political affairs. If demonstration is needed- and the only ones who will benefit from this- are the Thai people.” Good answer.

Nay beamed and everyone clapped for Siwat’s pointed response.

This pissed Ponglert and son off to no end, as they watched from their living room tv. It was beyond Ponglert why the media learned of this before he did.

To give them a dirty welcome, Ittiharn (Ponglert’s son) sent funeral flowers to the event, which caused uproar and made the front page.

Ponglert was furious because he knew his no good for nothing son was responsible for it. He was going to blow their niceties cover. He called Ittiharn immediately to chastise him.

At the mansion Tamrong surmised that the tabloid would only promote their party for the election. Tee said that it was still very scary and she moved from her seat on the couch to snuggle next to Siwat. Openly showing her attraction to Siwat, she asked Nay if she could borrow him for a day so she could help relieve his stress. Siwat could only look at Nay with apprehension, caught in between duty and love: he has to be nice to Tee and he can’t express his feelings for Nay. So all Nay could do at the time, even though she was looking at the hands that were holding on to Siwat with hurt and jealousy, Nay said that Tee can go right ahead and borrow him since Nay had other things to attend to. Rabin followed behind his boss with reluctance as they left the mansion.

When they were in the car, Rabin commented, “you must have been jealous of your boyfriend.”

“Jealous? Who? Why would I be jealous?” Nay denied.

“Not jealous eh? Why did you have to leave the mansion so fast? It’s not like we have anything better to do.” Lol.

“Um.. well-“ Nay tried to look away.

“If it were me, I’d be jealous too. Khun Tee is holding on to Siwat so intimately. But I wouldn’t be too worried about it, she’s probably just teasing around. If she weren’t teasing though, you must really trust your boyfriend.”

“You talk as if you’re a relationship specialist.”

“I’m a human being. I have a heart and feelings too,” Rabin relented with a smile, and then asked her where she wanted him to take her.

They arrived at a pristine temple, where her parents’ ashes were buried. She hasn’t been by to pay respects to her late parents. Nay explained to Rabin that when she was abroad, she had Uncle Tamrong send respects for her and take pictures of her parents’ gravestone.

“Khun Tamrong has been very kind to you; he has done everything to care for you.”

“Without him,” Nay explained, “my parents would have been soul-less, and as for me, who knows what would have happened to me.”

Rabin noticed her sorrowful face and relented, “(you’ve turned) very sad. How about you go pay respects to your parents?”

Upon which, Rabin watched Nay kneel before the gravestone and tell her parents that she is now back and will be taking back what is your family’s due: justice.

Rabin noticed fresh flowers that were displayed by the gravestone. He recalled Nay telling him that no one else knew about the gravestone. For precaution and her protection, he ushered her away from the temple.

More glimpse into the bad guy’s characters. Ittiharn does not blink an eye when it comes to killing, whoring or even doing anything remotely illegal (like gambling.) As seen here, he shot two undercover cops because they were videotaping his casino. Apparently when he was a child, he have seen violence and became drawn to it. His father originally did not want his kid to be exposed to this way of life, but it was too late. Ittiharn believed he had more guts than his father, because at least he can do the killing, as oppose to ordering someone else to do it. Ponglert wanted his son to “behave” because they’re in the middle of an election. But Ittiharn believed his father could always bail him out.

It was dark when Rabin and Nay took a stroll outside. Nay wondered how long it will take until Kwan came out of her room. Rabin said that he doesn’t know how long, but he was certain that one day, she would cease her fear.

“She’s not crazy,” Rabin assured Nay, “she’s just afraid and doesn’t have enough confidence in leaving her room. We need to give her that assurance back.”

Nay started to giggle while Rabin looked at her with confusion. “What are you laughing at?” he asked.

“Laughing at you. So exactly what are you? A bodyguard, cook or therapist?”

“I can be anything you want me to be,” he replied.

They both look away with a smile.

“And I can be one other thing for you-“ he told her mischievously.

“What is it?” Nay asked.

Next he was on a ladder, installing a light fixture for the outdoors.

“You are so talented,” Janie relented.

Rabin stopped smiling when he heard footsteps from the pathway. Immediately he pulled her towards a tree and told her to stay put. He grabbed a screwdriver and was fighting off the intruder when he realized it was Siwat.

Siwat didn’t mind as this showed him that Nay was in capable hands. Siwat and Nay had a few sweet, alone moments (Art is looking hotter and hotter lol.)

Rabin stood from the corner and took pictures of them holding each other. With a smile, he got what he needed and walked away.

That night, as Nay stood on the balcony, she received an sms from Rabin, it was a picture of her and Siwat, hugging and smiling at each other.

Rabin’s phone rang as he prepared for bed.

“How can I be of service to you, boss?”

“I’m not calling to utilize you, but I’m calling to contend with you,” Nay said. “You’re really insane, you know that? You’re sneaking around taking pictures of me and P’Siwat, then you have the gall to send them to me.”

“No need to make a big deal about it. It’s not even distasteful, boss. It was so darn cute.”

“But you secretly took pictures of us. I hired you to be my bodyguard, not a paparazzi!”

Rabin sat up on his bed. “Who said I was secretly taking pictures? I intended to take them.”


“Do you know why I sent the pictures to you?” he asked. “I wanted you to keep them. For the days when you and your boyfriend feel far apart or distrustful with each other, you can look at those pictures. Haven’t you ever heard that a picture is worth a thousand words? Those pictures are telling you that you love each other.”

Nay listened silently to his words.

“Khun Nay, please remember that. The word love, is a short word but it is the most powerful thing in this world. No matter how far apart you are from your beloved one- even as far as the sky, or lifetimes away- but if you both still love each other, that will give you strength than anything else in this world and those feelings could never be lost.”

He looked far away.

“Sweet dreams, boss.”

Nay smiled on the other end and hung up. “What a meddlesome bodyguard,” she muttered.

Rabin lay back down on his bed as he sighed. “Even if you are lifetimes away, I still want to tell you (he’s speaking to his late girlfriend) that I love you.”

Awe, our bodyguard is the sweetest, most sentimental man on this planet.

The following morning, through the rich neighborhoods of Bangkok, Don delivered newspapers, another one of his part time jobs. Through this, we see that he’s a hard worker and a kind individual as he helped a grandma walk across the street.

At the end of his shift, his hard work earned him free porridge. When he got back to the condo, he learned from Or about the news that made the front page. He stared at the paper with shock. He then decided that he wanted to investigate his old house. Probably a bad idea to go during the day, my friend, but he went, sneaking around between the iron-rod gates. He received a call from his father and from the tone, his father knew what he was up to. He told the younger man to leave the premises and be patient, their time will come.

Meanwhile Rabin had a few wise plans to make the house more cheerful. He thought some activity, like doing things around the house, would create movement and interest among those that are living there. True to his words, Kwan peaked from her room, curious at what they’re doing. They are making some progress to getting her interested in the activities outside of her room. Nay said that maybe they can invite her out, but Rabin said that it is too soon, she is not yet ready and that they should be happy with the progress that they’ve made.

Nay wasn’t used to doing yard work, so she scraped her palms. Rabin helped her treat her hand and made her promised not to tell Siwat or he’ll be fired, lol. They are cute together; he’s always so silly and teasing.

To further protect the premises, Rabin told Nay that they needed to purchase some surveillance cameras, and of course he would be the one to install them. She teased him about being the jack of all trade again, but Rabin boasted, “don’t you know who I am?”

“Of course,” Nay replied, “you’re a top commanding officer of the country, who continued his training in Europe-“

“That’s enough,” he smiled, “you don’t have to give so much compliments. But you did forget one other great feature.”

“What is it?”

“My handsomeness,” Rabin proceeded to pose like he was in a magazine. “I think I’m handsome.”

“You’re mad,” she said, “how conceited. Stop trying to be cool.”

As they were about to leave the mall, Nay received a phone call from Siwat, whom invited her to dinner.

The sky was dark, the palm trees were silently wavering as Nay and Rabin made it to the outdoor dining area, with a gleaming pool nearby.

Siwat sat in one of the tables, looking thoughtful and handsome in a black dark gray suit. When Nay sat down, Rabin surmised that they were surrounded by undercover security guards, which Siwat complimented him for being so perceptive. Rabin said that it was part of his training to recognize these things.

Rabin played as the perfect host and server and when they’re settled in their seats, Rabin said that he would leave them alone. Both Siwat and Nay wanted him to join them- Nay said that he would be lonely eating alone. But loneliness and Rabin are BFF’s so Rabin made his way to the table behind them. As he sat alone, at the white crisp table, he recalled a moment he had with his late girlfriend, Aim-just like Siwat and Nay who are sitting romantically across from each other. My heart really goes out to Rabin; it’s so beautiful how he remembers the smaller, sweeter moments with his beloved, where he gave Aim red roses and asked her to marry him. So he can empathize that two people, who are in love, want to be alone. Sigh, such an understanding bodyguard.

On their way home, Rabin pulled the car to a stop. He said he wanted to express his happiness. Nay turned to him with a smile. He mentioned that he liked seeing her smile, which embarrassed her. He teased her that if he didn’t sit at a different table, she wouldn’t be smiling like this, lol. Nay said that he was really too much. Rabin said that lovebirds need to have some alone time too, things that lovebirds want to say to each other aren’t conducive to other people’s ears. Nay laughed, he always makes her laugh and smile. She said that he’s acting like a relationship specialist again.

Nay shared some good news with Rabin, that Siwat wanted her to be his secretary. Rabin was glad for her, he mentioned that Siwat and she can have more time for each other. Nay warned him that this could mean he would have additional responsibilities, in which he responded that as long as she is safe, he feels that he has accomplished his work. Awe.. Nay looked at him with a shy smile.

When they reached the house, the disheveled living room greeted them. Rabin grasped her arm and put her behind him. Stalking the area, with Nay close behind him, they hear Aunt Jan crying in a corner. The thugs had stopped by to damage the home and scare them again, this time more intense than before. Uncle Gan told the thugs that his relatives were living with them for the time being, so they won’t know that Nay had moved in with them. Aunt Jan told them to leave, once and for all, she never agreed for them to be here, now they’re only hurting the family.

Nay walked sadly out of the backyard, Rabin followed and tried to console her. He heard some rustling from the trees and immediately took his gun out. It was Kwan, hiding in the corner and when she saw the gun aiming at her, she freaked out and ran to her room. Rabin and Nay chased after her and as Rabin caught the end of the door, she snapped it close and caught his hand (ouch!) Bruised to the bone, Nay commanded that they go to the hospital.

Rabin teased her that before she was caring for her scrapes and now she’s helping him. Nay wanted him to repay her with a meal. Rabin took her to a restaurant by the street. As they sat on the table, Nay didn’t realize that her long lost brother Wee, was sitting at the table behind them. Rabin and Nay talked merrily about the food and atmosphere. Rabin liked the fact that he didn’t have to sit at a fancy table pretending to be arrogant and cool. Nay asked if he was referring to her, lol, but Rabin said it was true. Here, they can eat as freely as they want. People come here with their pj’s! They talked about where he was from, and Rabin said that he would take her to Phetburi one of these days.

When the younger couple behind them left the table, she recognized the voice, but couldn’t place on where she heard it, which made her miss her brother even more. As they walked along the bridge that sat above a freeway, Nay asked him if he believed in brother-sister connection.

“I do,” he said. “I also believe that the connection you’ve mentioned will bring you to your brother one day- so you don’t have to make that sad face. Trust me on this. When it comes to a problem that you can’t solve, don’t even think about it. I’m sure that the turmoil (feelings) that you’re going through right now, is being felt with the same intensity by your brother. This connection will bring you both together.”

“You really think so?”

“I do. Trust me. “


“And don’t ask me when, because I don’t know either, “ he then teased, “or I can call a witch doctor to tell your fortune.”

“Forget about it,” Nay said. She glanced at the cars weaving through the streets, pensive about whether she will see her brother again.

And the moment when Nay faces her enemy has arrived!

At the meeting with the campaign committee, the group talked about their advance in rating. Tamrong is concerned about what the opposition would do next to gain voters. Rabin added that he got wind (from fellow officers) that there was a large truck (with illegal shipments) coming across the border and that they all needed to heed caution.

Siwat walked over to his beloved and asked her if she was afraid.

Nay said that she was not. They were here to take his powers away from him, she was prepared for the dangers.

And in speaking of the devil, Tonglert paid them a visit.

The media surrounded the enclosed, windowed office with cameras flashing. After the introduction between Tonglert, Chulongorn (Tonglert’s lover and female side kick), Tamrong and Siwat, Nay stepped out of the background. Both Rabin and Siwat tried to slow her down, worried on her behalf, but Nay was made with stern stuff. She wasn’t going to back down. So she proceeded forward, while images of her pained past flashed before her eyes.

She stood before her enemy and said, “As for me, I am Naytima Isirawacharat. Daughter of Khun Wichien and Pansi Isirawacharat. My father was a clean businessman who dedicated his life to rid the world of dirty scumbags.”

“Khun Wichien is a good person,” Ponglert relented, “it’s too bad-“

“For the last ten years,” Nay interrupted, “I lived for this day. The day that I will bring justice to my parents. Some people may think that karma is nonsense, but I think there is such a thing. Those who commit has no right to decline their destiny.”

Ponglert looked at her with a smirk. Rabin looked at his boss with a proud smile.

At the golf range, Ponglert was happy that they didn’t have to waste energy looking for Nay now. Ittiharn was more pissed and wanted to cause more problems for them. Ponglert said that her glare was like declaring a war with him. She wanted to avenge for her parents death. Ittiharn smirked at her aspirations. He wanted to torch her alive or make her his slave to gain satisfaction.

Now that the sister made an appearance, Ittiharn asked his main minion why they haven’t found the brother yet. Ponglert said not to waste their energy, the brother would find his way to them on his own. They just needed to prepare for the moment.

At a café, Nay and Rabin are waiting for Siwat for a movie. Siwat looked exhausted since he just came back from a campaign. Well, I suppose a candidate for office must make time for a movie heeh.

Meanwhile between Or and Don, Or stopped by his supermarket job to give him a sandwich. He worked so hard without time for a meal. She said that next time, she would like to come pick him up, so they can continue to take care of each other the way they had promised. How cute.

During the movie Siwat looked like he was going to fall asleep. Nay and Rabin glanced at each other, Rabin thinking about his Aim, while Nay wondered why he looked so sad.

Nay had Rabin take her to a coffee shop before going home. She just wanted to vent to him. She mentioned that Siwat has only started his campaign for a few days, but he is surrounded by bodyguards and can’t even be comfortable anymore.

Rabin said that she too has a bodyguard who followed her everywhere. But Nay said that he was different.

“How are we different? We have a duty to protect the safety of our bosses,” but he scalded his lips with the coffee and spits it out.

“Because,” she started to laugh at him, “you’re just funny and unlike any of P’Siwat’s bodyguards.”

“Just don’t go telling anyone else that. I’ll lose my reputation.”

She laughed again (her laugh is so cute!).

They arrived back at home but Rabin realized that the gate was open. They entered the driveway and heard voices of thugs. One of them punched Uncle Gan. Before they would do further damage however, Rabin knocked a few of them on their asses. A fight ensued and boy did I finally get my action fix!

Rabin against three men, but he sure could kick some ass! When one of them pointed a gun at him however, Nay pulled Rabin’s gun from his waist. She pointed it at the villain and exclaimed, “How do I shoot this?!” lol.

Rabin pointed to the trigger. Her hand was shaking and she’s scared, but she said, “even though I don’t know how to use a gun, I certainly will shoot you.”

Aunt Jan appeared from the corner with a tray of food to go. Rabin walked slowly behind Nay to take the gun away from her. With authority and skills, he aimed the gun at the thugs and told them to leave. He also said to tell their boss that this is a home, not a restaurant.

Nay walked over to Uncle Gan and told him that he didn’t need to be afraid, they weren’t going to back down. Aunt Jan exclaimed that how can they not be afraid, what if they came back with their bosses? Rabin said to not fear because he would take care of it.

The hotheaded boss, Ittiharn reacted accordingly, he became riled up and brought his minions to the neighboring house.

Once there, he demanded to meet the troublemaker, he knew that the family wouldn’t dare cross him. Nay appeared and said that he should pick on someone his own size. Angry, he aimed the gun at her, but Rabin appeared from the doorway. He challenged Ittiharn that he didn’t dare shoot. But Ittiharn fell prey and aimed the gun at Nay again, looking like he just might pull the trigger.

He got a closer look at Nay and realized whom she was. “You’re even prettier than the pictures entailed.”

Rabin said to Ittiharn that bullying the family wasn’t as easy now. Ittiharn ordered his minions to beat up Rabin, but Rabin stood his ground and pulled his gun out. But in looking to his right, Rabin recognized a face, Parn, a man whom he grew up with. From the past memories, it showed that Parn and Rabin were great friends. Parn supported Rabin in studying to become a cop and teased him that if he became a cop, then Parn would be the bad guy and the two can go head to head. Rabin said that he better not get caught then.

“I never thought that I would see a familiar face here,” Rabin said, looking at Parn, then he looked at Ittiharn. “Don’t do anything stupid.”

“What the hell do you mean?” Ittiharn asked.

“Nothing really,” Nay interjected, “it’s just that from the moment you stepped into this property, everything has already been recorded for evidence.”

Ittiharn glanced up at the surveillance cameras.

“As a matter of fact, the footages have already been sent to the police station,” added Rabin.

Immediately a police car came rolling in with lights flashing.

A new character is introduced, Officer Wichate, who asked what was going on. Ittiharn said he was visiting his neighbors and whispered to the officer that he was Khun Ponglert’s son, as if that would explain everything.

He and his minions left the premises, while Parn looked back at Rabin.

It’s a small world. Rabin knew the officer as well, as they used to work together. He boasted that the officer was a good one, embarrassing the older man. Officer Wichate promised to survey the area more closely, so they don’t dare do anything crazy. But even without him, Wichate continued, they would all be safe under Rabin’s watch.

Aunt Jan said that those thugs should be locked up, but Uncle Gan told her that things are much more complicated than that because Ponglert still held a lot of power. Wichate added that Ponglert is going to be even more displeased now that he has been assigned to this area.

Rabin wondered how the father-son are faring right now, heeh.

And that’s the end of our episode!

Thoughts: Love love love episode 3, new characters, new subplots, and moving the story to the right direction. I’m growing to love Rabin even more. He’s funny, serious, does a great job (heck, he’s the jack of all trade after all) and most importantly, I really felt for him during the moments where he thought of his beloved. They were all sweet, nostalgic and sad. My favorite scene was the phone conversation with Nay, when he told her why he sent her those pictures. It was as if he was talking about himself, that no matter how far away his Aim was, he would always think of her. Not only that, he’s so understanding of another’s relationship, especially Nay’s. I can see how Nay can slowly grow to love Rabin. What’s not to love?

As for Nay, I admire her candor, her strength. She looks mighty fine with both Art and Rabin, but I’m glad our pr’ek is someone who is tough, kind and has a mind of his own. As oppose to Art, who does whatever his daddy tells him to do. He loves his girlfriend, that we know, but he really is powerless. I’m curious to see his character arch over the course of the drama.

Which goes right into the theme of this lakorn: power and corruption. But what is even more resounding is justice. How will Nay accomplish this? I’m certainly waiting and watching with baited breath.

If I were to nitpick this drama so far, it would be the inconsistencies of the flashbacks. The director used flashbacks (on a frequent basis) as a means to tell the backstory. I get that, because these characters are thrown into chaos/problems first and then we later learn of the backstory. That is fine and dandy, but the inconsistencies kind of throws me off. For instance, Nay was separated from her younger bro at a young age herself. But when she got a flashback about playing with her bro in the yard, we see the older Nay instead. That was confusing. I’d like to see less flashbacks moving forward, let’s just stick to the present time if we cannot create a consistent past.

To help keep the important people straight:

Nay (Janie Tienphosuwan)- Tragic life as a child, witnessed her parent’s murder while her brother was taken away from her. Hailed to Paris to live a quiet and safer life. Waited 10 years to bring justice to her family. Nay is a poise, serious person, but a very kind and logical one at that. Her character is likeable.

Rabin (Por Nattawut)- Former commander in the police force but now hired on as Nay’s bodyguard. Funny on the outside but sad on the inside. Being Nay’s bodyguard gives him a reason to move on from the loss of his beloved. He pours his whole being in this cause: bodyguard, driver, chef, friend.. a hero.

Siwat (Art Pasut)- Nay’s beloved and currently running for Prime Minister. He’s a good person but follows his father’s command to a tee.

Wee/Don (Alex Rendell)- Nay’s long lost brother who was taken away for his safety and raised by the family’s driver. He’s a good kid, worked hard to pay for his college education.

Tamrong– A rich business man who is filled with ideas and ambitions. Contrived for his son, Siwat to run for Prime Minister so the country would be in good hands. Also to withhold a wish that his close friend, Nay’s dad, have had.

Ponglert– The bad guy, power hungry and evil.

Ittiharn (Tah Warit)- Ponglert’s son, just as bad, but actually does the dirty deeds himself.

Kwan– Nay’s BFF, mentally unstable due to trauma as a child, witnessed her father getting shot and her mother raped.

Tee– A woman who will get in between Siwat and Nay. She is a rich/powerful man’s niece and has her eyes on Siwat.

Or– Raised by the same man who raised Wee/Don.

Chulongorn– lover and co conspirator to Ponglert.

Wichate– new sheriff in town! Old colleague of Rabin.

*credit: screenshots from YouTube, featured image from Thaitv3