In this episode we have Panom’s meager attempt to console Nammon, but failed again due to her lack of courage. Panom tried to tell Nammon that her and Paat are only friends, but when Nammon asked her if Paat lied to her about them then- Panom couldn’t answer- she told Nammon to ask Paat instead. When asked how much longer she is going to continue to lie to Nammon, again Panom had no answer. So like anyone who is fed up with lies, Nammon walked away.

That night Panom’s second attempt appeared with a glass of milk as a truce? Not likely, as she tried to come up with an explanation, the door was slowly shut in her face, causing her to stalk back to her room, out of ideas to reconcile. Once back to her room, a thought flitted through her mind about telling Nammon the truth, but it went away just as quickly as it came. Instead, Panom/Nichamon thought about the stranger who helped her in Sydney. Holding his scarf in her hands, she found him to be quite similar to Khun Chai Thut, but soon shook the thought away, because really, it couldn’t be..

The next day, the project of building the dam commenced. Everyone involved was prepared to lift bamboo wooden sticks, trek the river and scurry the woods: including Nammon, Panom, Pongtape, Khun Chai Thut and Paat- along with the rest of his club who were volunteering their time. Coincidentally, Pansorn tagged along by hiding in Nammon’s car- which became a big problem indeed. He also learned that Nammon is in love with Paat. Since it would be too late to turn around and take him home, Nammon left Pansorn as Panom’s responsibility- to spite her? Pongtape tagged along as well, trying to ‘prove’ to Panom that he can be useful too.

The project dam scene thus far accomplished a few things: Nammon learned from her friend Min that it seemed that Panom was close with Khun Chai Thut as well. Hoping that was true propels Nammon to find out, only to see Panom close with Paat instead. Nammon asked Paat what he meant when he said that him and Panom are more than just friends. Paat told her that despite what is going on between him and Panom, there was no way that he and Nammon can be anything- why would she want to hurt herself by hearing the truth? Ouch. He continued telling her that at any rate, she is the daughter of Uncle Nareusorn, the person responsible for his father’s death. And in short, she was his enemy.

What’s different this time around though- is Nammon’s response to Paat- if he’s so adamant that they’re enemies, she will start treating him as her enemy too. Perhaps she is finally fed up with his constant rejection or could it be the product of her pain, lashing out? Either way, the war is on and their sweet scenes flashed before their eyes.

This episode also brought Nichamon closer to Khun Chai Thut as well, even if he continued to be all bark but no bite. She thanked him for telling Khun Phorn the truth about the framed photo. He reminded her that she shouldn’t forget what she promised- that she’s supposed to work for him down the road.

The conflict arose when Pansorn went missing. Panom freaked out because it was her responsibility, Nammon was shocked and unable to move because her brother’s missing, the whole camp was in a state of panic.. Paat immediately took charge, he ordered everyone to split up and search for Pansorn. He darted a quick glance at Nammon’s face, which was worried stricken.

Will this be the end of Panom’s career with the Sornalai? We shall find out next Monday! Yes, ep 9 was that short! But the preview promised to be good, whether we get to see all of it next week remains to be seen. I was afraid that by the time we see all of the scenes in the preview, we would have already seen the last episode of Game Rai Game Rak, haha. Ch.3 is totally holding out on us with Rak Patihan!