I have a confession. My heart is not in this lakorn- I’m only watching for Alex and Mint scenes and it wouldn’t be fair to fans of “Rak Patiharn” to have such a bias recap every week. Therefore, I will not be recapping each episode. I’m not in the mood for average actors and shaky plots at this point, I’m merely watching this because of the cuteness between Alex and Mint. Call me lame. Even their storyline is not what you would call stellar, but they make it up with uber cuteness and great chemistry. So there, I got it off my chest.

I came to this realization when I wanted to FF a lot of the scenes (and I couldn’t because I was watching it live) When Mart and Kim came out, I was barely paying attention. I was either snacking, replying to comments or doing dishes. I have my priorities. I will continue to eng sub Alex-Mint only scenes. I’m not sure if this is any indication but even channel 3’s website has full synopsis all the way up to episode 5. We’re only up to episode 3 mind you.. but no worries, Miracle of Love is being subbed at Viki and please find yourself there if you’d like to watch this lakorn in full eng sub.

Isn’t it bad that I’m giving up on Mart-Kim already? I feel like they haven’t made any progress. If anything, he made progress with his ex girlfriend. I had thought Panom had forgotten her goal- which is to find her grandmother (now that her grandfather is dead.) She didn’t make any progress on that either- even if she attempted to visit her grandfather’s house and learned (from the caretaker) that her grandmother hasn’t forgiven her mom. Why can’t she look her up on the yellow pages or something? Do some stalking and find a way to reach her. On top of that, we have Thut continuing to manhandle her and getting the truth out of her. I’m still trying to figure out the point in her being “mae baan” for the Nareusorn. Maybe just to link her and the rest of the cast together? I’m confused.

At least we have Alex and Mint to watch- otherwise I would not get pass ep 2. Sorry. I apologize if I’m incoherent; it’s late, I’m confused and feeling rather jaded about this lakorn. Feel free to throw any defenses at me so I can better understand.