There is so much excitement for episode 12 that I nearly don’t know what to do with myself. Perhaps it is the long wait for Friday to arrive or perhaps the impending nightfall for our pranangs (pra’ek + nang’ek) but it is here and one could not have foretold this episode. By watching the preview we know what is to come, but we are not certain exactly how that shall play out. Wait no longer my friends!

It is still day time on the small island off of Phuket. The sea breeze, sand, rocks and coconut welcomes us to the scene where Numfon stands atop a large boulder, searching for Plerng.

Numfon: Plerng! Where are you?

She starts to panic because the last time they talked, he was going fishing with a self made spear. She had doubted that he would be able to catch anything.

Numfon: Plerng do you hear me? Get back here! It’s not funny…

She continues calling out into the sea for him. Plerng comes behind her.

Plerng: Are you worried about me?
Numfon: Worried? No! I was afraid you turned into a ghost of the sea! You were missing for so long.
Numfon: Catching fish, one needs to get down in the water. You can’t just order it and it will come by itself.
Numfon: And where are the fish?
He showed her one fish in each hand.
Plerng: Caught by using an intellect, want some?
Numfon stamps her feet in irritation.

Lin walks into grandma’s office, crying. She tells grandma that Uncle Root told her not to tell grandma because she might not handle the news well but she breaks the news to her anyway. When Boot comes home, she notices Root is home early and thinks that because the kids aren’t home, he is there to take the fortune for himself. However, Root tells his mom that Plerng and Numfon are missing and he gets an earful. He says that he didn’t want her to stress out but grandma is angry that he hid such a big story from her. Boot overhears from the corner and could not stop her evil smile.

Phong cries in the corner of the kitchen, overcome with concern for her only child. Boot walks in and puts salt on Phong’s wounds, she even instigated that since they can’t find him yet, he may very well be dead. Lin came in to defend Phong and tells Boot how would she feel if her kid died? Boot says she had to lose Nut because they came into the house. Her last words to them “What sins you create, are sins you will repay. Just look at your son for example” ooh.. perhaps she should take her own advice. Foreshadow maybe for her and Nut’s demise?

Boot tells Nari about Plerng’s supposed death but Nari is simply no longer interested. She is shocked to hear it but says to her mom to let it be and that she doesn’t want to be involved anymore. “I don’t want anything anymore, I just want my own life back.” Pairod continues to call and use her for business and pleasure.

Back at the island, Plerng is roasting the fish over a fire. The smoke rises from the blackened fish and Numfon stares at it with hunger.
Plerng: You must be hungry, starving cat.
Numfon: Scolding me again? I’m not a starving cat.
Plerng: You’re not but it’s like you are. When a cat stares at its food, it looks just like that.
She glares at him.
Plerng: We’ll be able to eat it in a bit.
A few minutes later..
Numfon: Plerng, I’m thirsty.
Plerng: Thirsty? Over there.
He motions to a cluster of coconuts.

Numfon attempts to crack the coconut against the large rocks, then pries it with her fingers and finally her teeth. When none of them seem to work, she throws the coconut to the ground angrily. Plerng approaches her with an open one.
Numfon marvels at it his skills but he cuts her off.
Plerng: Stone age right? Next time if you eat, let the stone age person make it for you, so we don’t waste things.
Numfon: Upset that I didn’t compliment you?
Plerng: I don’t need compliments.
Numfon: Thanks anyway.
And she downs the entire content.
Plerng: You’re going to drink it yourself and not think of others?
Numfon picks up the coconut that she tossed aside.
Numfon: If you can crack it open then you can go ahead and do it again.
Plerng: If you were alone would you survive?
Numfon: I don’t know. What I know is if you are here, I can be here too.
She realizes she made a mistake and walks away. Plerng stares at her retreating back with a smile.

In the Phuket home, Non and Sita sit behind a table, deep in their own thoughts and worries about their kin.

Back at the island, Numfon sits atop the boulder, staring out into the sea. She is quiet. Plerng carries a large tree branch for their makeshift bed and sees her contemplating alone. He walks to her.
The sun is setting in the background.
Plerng: What is wrong with you again Numfon?
Numfon: I don’t know what’s happening right now. I miss my mom and P’Sita. And if we are stuck on this island forever..
Plerng: No, I think that not for long, they will find us.
Numfon scoots over to Plerng.
Numfon: Who do you think is trying to kill us?
Plerng: I think it’s not us. It could be me they are after.
Numfon: And who do you think it is?
Plerng: I don’t know.
Numfon: Well, what other enemies do you have besides Nut?
As she paused to think, it dawned on her.
Numfon: Or it’s Nut.
Plerng: Numfon, you don’t have any evidence. You should not accuse anyone.
Numfon: I’m just suspecting not accusing. But you know, I can make accusations.
Plerng: Numfon, I beg you, don’t say it is AhNut.
Numfon: Why?
Plerng: I don’t want you to tell anyone you think it is AhNut because if this gets back to Grandma, I’m afraid she would be unwell.
Numfon: Fine.
Plerng: Thank you.
Numfon gets up to leave.
Plerng: Where are you going?
Numfon: Going to the bathroom.
Plerng: There’s one here?
Numfon: I need to pee!
Plerng: I’ll accompany you.
Numfon: Are you crazy? I can go alone.
But no more than a minute later, Plerng hears her screaming.
Numfon: There’s something on my leg!
As she screams her eyes are still closed.
Plerng reaches down and grabs the tarantula and throws it away.
Plerng: It’s gone.
Numfon: Really?
Plerng: Open your eyes then.
Numfon: What is it?
She does the shake, as if making sure it’s no longer crawling on her.
Plerng: It’s called a tarantula.
Numfon: Are you sure it’s gone?
Plerng: Yes.
And he walks away but Numfon stops him, reminding him that she still needed to pee.
Plerng: You didn’t stop having the need? You’ve peed it all out already.
Numfon stares at her wet legs. Embarrassed.
Plerng: You’re this old and you’re still peeing on your leg (it should be translated as you’re still peeing in your pants.)
Numfon: You are crazy! Disgusting!

And Numfon chases him around the beach. The beautiful sunset as their background, they frolic in the water. Boy Peacemaker is singing about how he can’t tell her he loves her. Plerng carries her on his back and they joke around, falling to the ground.

That night Sita stands outside, crying, looking out into the sea. Non finds her in this state and consoles her.
Non: Sita, you should rest before you get sick.
Sita: I’m worried about Numfon and Plerng. I don’t know how they are doing right now.
Non: I believe that the police will find them.
Sita: What if they don’t?
And they both were left contemplating her statement.

On the island, the fire is crackling. It’s dark and you can hear the animals crying at night.
Plerng: I brought you more coconut in case you get thirsty at night.
Numfon hugs herself.
Numfon: It’s cold here too.
Plerng: Then you should sit closer to the fire.
As she walks over, she slips and Plerng catches her. They stare into each others eyes.
Numfon: Thanks
They sit closer to the fire and Numfon opens up a conversation.
Numfon: Hey, I’m sorry and thank you for doing so much for me.
Plerng: It’s ok (you’re welcome)
Numfon: In truth, you are a good person.. it’s too bad.. you shouldn’t..
Plerng: So am I good or not good exactly?
He starts quoting her.
Plerng: A good person, too bad, you shouldn’t… so what is it?
Numfon: I’m confused about you too. Sometimes I see that you are good but how come with that issue..
Plerng: What issue?
Numfon: Well, you must have been desperate.
Plerng: Can you tell me what that’s about?
Numfon looks on uncertainly.
Plerng: Numfon, have you seen movies before? In a lakorn, when a character is near death then he speaks out. Do you want it to be like that?
Numfon: It’s.. it’s the issue with you selling your dad’s heart to grandma.
Plerng: Me?! I sold my dad’s heart? Who told you?
He was flabbergasted.

In Bangkok, grandma prays that Pipat will help watch over his son. This event has made her realized that she misses Plerng and wants him to be safe too.

Back on the island, Plerng has told Numfon everything over the fire.
Numfon: I feel really stupid. I shouldn’t have believed Nut.
Plerng: But I understand you.
Numfon: Do you think that I’m stupid?
Plerng: Yes.
Numfon: Hey!
Plerng: You said it yourself first. Ok, Ok, I’ll just think that you’re naive then. You were close with AhNut and grew up with him. If it were me, I’d believe it too. And there were many occasions that made you misunderstand me too. Let’s just say that you were naive then.
Numfon: Oh, why don’t you tell grandma that your dad donated his heart to her?
Plerng: I can’t. If I tell her and she cannot accept, what are we going to do? This is why Boot made us promised not to tell grandma. But I never realized that she would tell others that I sold my dad’s heart.
Numfon: Boot and Nut are so evil. I just can’t believe they would do such a thing to you.
Plerng: At least now I feel happy that I told you the truth.
He looks at her.
Plerng: Once I make the profit for Thai Diamond as I promised grandma, I will take mom back to Ranong. I want to build a small house by the sea, in the color blue and spend my life the way I used to.
Numfon: After listening to you, I’d like a life like that. A small home by the sea, work just enough to support yourself. You don’t have to sit and think about your business. Worrying about profit margins and sustainability.
Plerng: Can you really spend your life like that? You’ve always been in front of the camera your entire life.
(Even he thought she was smoking something.)
Plerng: I think we should go to sleep. Let’s go.

The mood changes immediately.
Numfon screeches that he should sleep far away from her.
Plerng: I can’t sleep over there, the fire is here, I’ll freeze.
Numfon: I don’t know, but you can’t sleep here.
And she kicks him out of the spot. He is relegated far from the fire as she lays down on the bed he made. He looks at her, as if he is conceding on the fact that she is the way that she is. What are we going to do with her? It gets worst..

The night is cold, Plerng sees her shifting restlessly from the cold. He decides to give the shirt off his back so she would be warm. But as she opens her eyes and noticed him disrobing, Numfon freaks out and kicks him in the groins.
Numfon: Are you trying to violate me? You can’t be trusted!
Plerng: No! I was afraid you were cold. So I-
Numfon: So you thought you would molest me?
Plerng: No!
He is still grimacing in pain.
NumfoN: All I see is you disrobing and coming towards me. Now just go! Get away!
Plerng: Ok..
He hobbles back to his spot.
Numfon mutters to herself: No man can be trusted. I thought he was a good person. What am I going to do? What if he tries to molest me? She recalls the time Lin took her allergy pill and was knocked out.

During this dire situation, when they are stuck on an island, when she doesn’t know if they will be rescued, and when she doesn’t know the first thing of survival such as finding food and shelter on an island, Numfon decides to knock him out- with her allergy pills that is- to the one person, the one man whom she just found out is a “good” person and capable of saving her. Numfon puts her pill in the coconut water.

Back in Bangkok, Phong is still crying for her son, concerned that he is gone forever. And grandma’s resentment is starting to unfold. She said she should be glad that Phong is able to feel what it is like to have her son be taken away from her, but grandma concedes that at this point, she is as concerned for Plerng. She advises that they should all pray for him and Numfon. Phong is happy to hear that grandma admits she is worried about Plerng too.

Numfon approaches Plerng with the coconut.
Numfon: Not sleeping yet?
Plerng: In pain. I wasn’t trying to touch you.
Numfon: I brought coconut water for you.
Plerng: For me?
Numfon: Yes, I was afraid you would be thirsty.
He is suspicious.
Plerng: Why are you so nice to me right now? Do you have a plan?
Numfon: What plan? No. Just drink this, I can feed you.
But Plerng wasn’t having it.
Numfon: I heard coconut juice is really good for you. It’s especially good for a pregnant woman.
Plerng: But I’m not!
She starts listing every illness that the coconut juice can aid.
Plerng: I am healthy. I think you should drink it because you are not being your normal self.
Numfon: Ok! I’m not normal. You scold me for doing bad things and you scold me again for doing nice things. Just know that I was worried about you.
She stalks off.
Plerng: Wait.
Numfon: What is it?
He gets up and takes the coconut from her and drinks it.
Plerng: Satisfied yet?
She smiles
Plerng: Are you happy yet?
Numfon: Mm
Plerng: You should go to sleep now. We don’t know how many days we have to be stuck here and you don’t want to get sick.
A beautiful female voice sings about how she never sees how good he is but now that she sees how true he is, she realizes that she was wrong but it’s too late. She wants to apologize for seeing him in the wrong light..but she doesn’t know if she can look him in the eye. She doesn’t know what to do because she doesn’t dare..(This song is totally singing about Numfon.)

Plerng watches her as she goes back to her spot, hugging her legs.
She mutters to herself why he isn’t asleep yet. Plerng yawns and she is ecstatic.
Numfon: Are you sleepy now?
Plerng: Yes, my head hurts too for some reason.
Numfon: Go to sleep then.
Plerng: No, I have to wait for you to sleep first.
Numfon: It’s ok, you can sleep first. Go to sleep.
She lays down too. Plerng finally goes to sleep on his makeshift bed, made with his shirt.
Numfon mutters to herself: You deserve it!

She hears the night animals crying, the waves crashing against the rocks. And was suddenly afraid. She quickly goes and lays down again and tells herself to sleep. As she turns, she sees a tarantula and screams. Running to Plerng. She tries to jerk him awake but to no avail as she has drugged him.
Numfon: How can you sleep so well? What am I going to do?
And she remembers the pills and takes one. She gets angry because there were no more coconut juice to help her swallow her pill. She continues to wake him then tells herself to get sleepy.

In the meantime, the police found a boat on the sea. They speculate it is Numfon and Plerng’s boat.

It’s morning now, Sita, Mom and Non learns about the boat and that there are small islands around. It’s a possibility that Plerng and Numfon could be there. All three decide to go with the police to the island. Uncle Root, Phong and grandma get wind of the news as well. Phong bursts into tears.

Sita, Non and mom takes the boat with the police and a reporter. As they arrive on the island that the police suspects, the reporter and police spot the duo. The reporter immediately snaps photos as he is the first one there. Everyone else followed suit. Sita stands frozen as she sees Plerng and Numfon, wrapped in each others arms. They were both still asleep. Mom and Non came next and were shocked as well, mom immediately runs to the reporter and begs for him to stop taking pictures. Non looks at Sita as Sita stares at the couple, speechless.

Phong hears that Plerng is safe and asks Root to call him for her. But he’s currently talking to the police. Phong is happy that Plerng is safe regardless. Grandma tells her that she is happy too.

Boot finds out that Plerng is not dead and she flips out. She immediately runs to her daughter. But she doesn’t get a reaction she was looking for.
Nari: When are you going to stop wanting things that belong to others?
Boot is adamant that the fortune belonged to them since Pipat left for 20 years.
Nari: We’ve taken a lot from Plerng already. I want to be happy. Can you stop thinking about it?
Boot refuses.
Nari: Then you can continue doing it yourself.
And she shuts the door in her mom’s face.
Boot then calls Nut and tells him that Plerng is not dead and gets the reaction she was expecting. Nut wonders why it is so hard for Plerng to die. Haven’t he heard that the gods protect good people?

At the police station in Phuket, Plerng and Numfon were asked if they suspected anyone.
Plerng looks at Numfon and turns back to the police.
Plerng: For me, no.
Numfon: I don’t either..
The cop tells them that since they are in Phuket for the night, he will send someone to watch over them.
They both stifle a yawn as the cop walks away.
Plerng: You are sleepy too?
She nods her head.
Numfon: Still have the medicine affect
Plerng: Medicine? What medicine?
Numfon: Oh, I meant to say that the state we’re in is like we took some pills and are still feeling the affects of it.
Plerng: What happened was strange.
Numfon: How strange?
Plerng: Well we slept very closely and didn’t realize it. How did you come to sleep on my side?
Numfon looks at him, offended.
Numfon: I woke up before you and went to wake you up! Let’s go, others are waiting for us.
Did she really wake up before? Plerng wonders to himself.

Numfon’s mom told Plerng and Non that she has scheduled them to meet with Mr. Lee. (We can’t forget the main reason why they came to Phuket!)

Numfon’s mom tells her that they have a lot to talk about. Sita still looks shocked.

On their way to see Mr. Lee, Non said that he didn’t understand that Plerng didn’t tell the cops that Nut was the most suspicious. Plerng said he did it for two reasons: one, they don’t have any evidence, it could be a random shooting and two, (most importantly) he doesn’t want grandma to worry. If grandma hears that it’s just a random shooting, she would feel better. Non asks Plerng what he would do if it’s really Nut. Plerng thinks that Nut wouldn’t mess with him once he gives up his place and leaves to Ranong.

In Numfon’s Phuket home, Sita cries for the unfortunate turn of events. Mostly, she cries for herself.

Numfon learns that they were found sleeping in each others arms. She is immediately worried that her sister would be upset with her. Perhaps it makes sense that she is this way, trying to keep herself from loving Plerng when she knows that her sister is madly in love with him? Numfon tells the truth to her mom and Sita, that she was afraid that Plerng would do something to her so she drugged him. She confirms to Sita that there was nothing going on between them. Her mom wonders how they came to hold each other as they slepp. Numfon explains that she took the medicine too. Mom wants to apologize to Plerng but Numfon is embarrassed.

The paparazzi are all over the pictures. They decide to turn the news around.

Sita is happy as she climbs the stairs. Numfon approaches her and hugs her sister. She wanted to know if her sister was mad at her but Sita said that she is no longer mad now that she learns the truth. As they hug again, Numfon doesn’t look so happy anymore.

The group arrives back to Bangkok on the wings of Nok. Phong sees her son stepping out of the van and rushes to embrace him. She is crying, Lin is crying and they all embrace again. Lin takes advantage and hugs him from behind, but he says that she didn’t have to hug him that hard. Lol. Grandma says that he may die from the inability to breathe. Plerng walks to his grandma and apologizes for making her worry. She tells him that it is good he is back. Non chimes in that even if we have this mishap, the work was still successful. Mr. Lee agrees to work with their company. Grandma looks away with a smile.

Numfon’s mom decides to stay close to Numfon at the condo, she was afraid it is still unsafe. Numfon jokingly says she should just close her business, stop her work and go home. But her mom says that she will leave when she feels better about everything.

Plerng is in his room and is unpacking his baggage. He notices on the bottom that his white shirt from the island is still there. He takes it out and thinks about his time with Numfon. The time she took care of his wound, and he can’t help but smile. As he leaves his room, Lin is waiting for him outside of his door. She asks if Numfon had tried to violate him and if he has done the same, but Plerng declines. She thinks that he’s hiding something from her. Since they grew up together, she knows his every nuance and facial expression.

At night Phong brings medicine for grandma. (Another lesson from the drama) Grandma thinks she looks much happier. But without realizing what she said, Phong said she is happy that she got her son back. She immediately apologizes to grandma. Since Plerng has returned, grandma is happy too. Phong says that Plerng is her everything. Even money or fortune can’t compare to having her son with her. Grandma says that she can’t believe there are people who don’t like money when everyone in the world will do anything for it. Phong replies that she used to think that but once she met Pipat, she has changed. She used to worry about how much money will be enough, how much will give one happiness, but now, she realizes that having a fulfilling family is what brings her happiness. As Phong leaves, Grandma finally admits to herself that she knows why Pipat loves her and why he has left everything for happiness.

The next morning in Plerng’s office, overlooking Bangkok, Plerng drinks a cup of coffee. His mind drifts to the time he was in the island with Numfon. He thinks about their closeness and especially when she accidentally admitted that she can survive if he was there. Even with her ridiculousness, Plerng can’t help but fall for her. Boy Peacemaker crones to us again and even though Numfon was still her irrational self, we are glad he is smiling.

Lin discovers the newspaper with Plerng and Numfon’s embrace splattered on the front page and screams.

Back at Numfon’s condo, her customers and supporters are rescinding their sponsorships. Numfon’s family are losing face and their business is hurting. Mom receives a call from grandma to join their family meeting. Plerng learns of the situation as well from Non. Lin is livid, she tells Plerng that she couldn’t believe he would do this to her. She runs off crying.

In their family meeting (minus Boot and Nari). Numfon’s mom admitted that Numfon drugged Plerng on the island, she apologizes for her daughter’s actions. Numfon also apologizes. Grandma says that Numfon’s family have lost face and if she has any plans on how to fix it. When MaeMarn (Numfon’s mom) says that she is worried too but she doesn’t know what to do next. Grandma says that they must help each other and that the best solution is marriage. Numfon looks at Plerng, Sita looks at Plerng. Even MaeMarn is surprised. Non looks at Sita. And Plerng looks at Numfon.

Boot has been listening to them from the outside and is livid.

Numfon drags Plerng out to the poolside.
Numfon: You’re thinking about doing something?
Plerng: What do you want me to do? You have caused all of the problems.
Numfon: Don’t blame me, one sided. You made me distrust you so I must protect myself.
Plerng: And what now? We have a problem.
Numfon: I brought you here to help think of a solution not to mock me.
Plerng: Well then you should just release a news stating the truth. It will end there.
Numfon: Are you crazy? You want me to say that I drugged you so I can hold you and sleep next to you? I don’t want that.
Plerng: What are you going to do besides getting married?
Numfon: Am I really going to have to marry you, for real?
Plerng: You don’t need to worry. I will marry you because it is my duty to protect your honor, following grandma’s orders.
Numfon glances away as if a light bulb turned on in her head.
Numfon: That’s right. It’s a duty. I shall fulfill my own duty.
She turns to Plerng.
Numfon: Then we’ll consider this marriage as only a lakorn, there will be no marriage license. You used to tell me that you would only be here for three months?
Plerng nods his head.
Numfon: Then after three months, we’ll separate and return to our normal life again.
Numfon walks away as Plerng stands alone.

After the meeting, Sita walks to the car, unwittingly as the reality settles in. MaeMarn thanks Plerng for helping her daugther’s reputation even though this time around it was due to a crisis. Phong thanks MaeMarn for not disliking Plerng. MaeMarn says there is no reason to dislike him. Plerng looks on, not smiling and not exactly frowning. What is going on in that head of his? His mom is right, he’s really good at hiding his feelings when he wants to.

Nut gets hold of the news and flips out. He says that Plerng has taken everything from him.

And that closes episode 12.

Episode 13 preview: We see Non catching Nari stealing diamonds and Plerng asking her who she is stealing it for. Boot angrily tries to slap Numfon and yells that she is the instigator (responsible) for everything. We see Nut and Plerng fist fighting and we see Nari aiming a gun at Pairod yelling “Pairod, you’ll die!” AND finally, we see Plerng and Numfon under the pergola. She said that he has given something that was lost in her life, back to her. And Plerng asks, something that was lost in your life?

We shall find out on the next episode. Stay tuned!

Just a few words from me:

Oh my, where to start? The island scenes did not go exactly the way that I wanted it to or expected it to. I mean, we are on episode 12 already, for crying out loud, can’t we have a little more understanding on Numfon’s part? I mean she blurts out that she could survive on the island if he was there, and she finds out the truth about Pipat’s heart and learns that he is a good person. BUT, sigh, Numfon will always be Numfon, accusing him of trying to violate her. Granted, we have our hug scene, but only due to the fact that Numfon drugged him. I did enjoy the scene around the fire when they both shared their deepest desires. I also enjoyed how Plerng called her out on her BS- really Numfon, you can live in a small cot by the sea? Highly doubtful. And also, she’s not realizing that Plerng is going to marry her (for real or not isn’t important because he is willing to do it) but she’s still being a smart-ass, she didn’t even thank him (rolls eyes). I like her sassy-ness but please.. I can only handle so much irrationally, relentlessly mean characters for so long. Somethings got to give people! Soon please?

But this episode propels us forward- towards the completion of Plerng’s goals (remember from the onset of the lakorn where he said that he needs to get grandma to forgive his father, accept his mother and him?) We are on our way there, Grandma is softening up, sees Phong in a better light. She is proud of Plerng and his disappearance makes her realize a lot of things. And Plerng’s latest success with Mr. Lee can very well give him a leg up. The only other problem we have though, is that Grandma still doesn’t know the truth about Pipat’s heart. I’m anticipating the climax of this story! It’s going to be big, it has to be big. We need love confessions, a blow up (from Nut maybe?) and many life long lessons- learned. I am however, very sad to see it end.