My husband is back in town! Lakorn viewings will be sporadic at best but I’ll be posting random topics here and there this week. Besides, I’m caught up on Aum Atichart’s Lakorns and awaiting Roy Mai to come out. That is going to put me on a lull for now, perhaps I should tune in to other pr’eks movies? At this time no other pr’ek is as fascinating to me as P’Aum. I saw a new YouTube video of Nat and Aum and they are so adorable- screw the age difference! They seem happy together and they never fight! Is that normal? Good luck to this wonderful couple.

I’ve been tuning into Khuntoria (why is it that I haven’t posted anything regarding this adorable make believe couple?) oh right, because I’ve been too busy posting P’Aums lakorn reviews. This past weekend’s episode hasn’t been subbed yet but I saw the raw footage, can’t wait to understand what they’re saying!

We Got Married is a Korean Reality Show focused on pairing up celebs in a make believe marriage. 2pm Nichkhun and F(x) Victoria are my favorite couple in the show simply because they are the international, “romantic” and adorable couple. Nichkhun (pronounced ni-cha-khun) is Thai and Victoria is Chinese. Combined they are a culturally powerful couple!

Welcome to random topic week!