Dao Long Fah is a lakorn based on Namwan who is an indulgent and spoiled child: the product of a bad divorce. She is a selfish and mean spirited individual. Her behavior is encouraged and condoned by her mother and two aunts who are protective and obsessive about her. She has a poor relationship with her father due to her mother’s insistent defamation of him. In Namwan’s eyes, her father left her and her mother for another woman. Namwan’s purpose in life is to make other people’s lives miserable and hurt the people who hurt her. If she gets wind that a couple is happy or the perfect family, she wants to destroy it. As Namwan got older, she tested out a theory about married men. When given the right encouragement from an attractive woman, will they leave their families?

Dom grew up in the same household as Namwan, he is the respected grandson of the maid that has been with the family for a long time. He is the only person (in exception to her grandmother) who does not give her what she wants. This caused a competitiveness within Namwan because she expects everyone to bend to her will. Because of her jealous and spiteful nature, she picks on Dom and constantly tries to best him. Dom on the other hand, knows the nature of Namwan and refuses to give in. We see fights and arguments between the two as they go from kids to adults. The two although constantly fights, has amazing chemistry. Against his better judgments, Dom finds himself meddling in her personal problems. Deep down we know that he cares about her, how could he not? They grew up together and during her worse times, he is always there for her. He is hopeful that her narcissistic ways will improve when she gets older, but she continues to prove him wrong. What will it take for Namwan to see that her ways is destructive?

The value behind the storyline is the karmic effect of a person’s selfish actions. Throughout Namwan’s life, she torments others, drove families apart to test a theory and hurt people who hurt her, she as a result, lost the people who loved and spoiled her the most. Can Namwan rebound from this traumatic loss? Her car accident killed her aunts and mother as well as left a brutal scar on her face, the one thing that gave her an advantage. How will she cope with an unattractive face?

Dom becomes more protective of her after the accident and discovered that his feelings have magnified for her. When stripped down to a vulnerable person, Namwan had the capability to steal his heart. And he knew that all along he had always been in love with her. Can Namwan accept that true love is from the inside? Is she capable of returning that love? And can she forgive and seek forgiveness from her father? And finally, can her facial surgery bring her confidence back?

This is a beautiful lakorn. We see the main characters always fighting to developing feelings for each other. Each scenes that they are together are truly enjoyable. The scene after the car accident is heart wrenching, although Namwan is a mean person, she hardly deserves to lose three people that she loved. The experience however, changed her. Irreversible, it can never go back. Watching this lakorn helps me put a lot of things in perspective. If you commit a sin, you will pay for it. Whether it be the law that punishes you or karma. Life is too short to dwell on messing with other people’s lives.

Released in 2005

Starring Cherry Khemapsorn Sirisukha as Namwan (Wan) and Aum Atichart Chumnanont as Dom

Duration: 14 Episodes

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