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Another trip around the sun


Since we all made it another year around the sun, let’s pat ourselves on the back and do a little reflecting on the year gone by, which in all honesty, is the hardest thing to do. Even I prefer to forget about the past and try to leave it all behind. But sometimes, the only way to learn is to reflect, change things up and think about how we can do better.

The biggest prediction that Twitter would go down was one of the more interesting predictions. I mean, there is still a jury out on that, but when I stopped using Twitter, I free up so much time. I do not plan on going back, since I am enjoying this newfound freedom. But if I am being honest, we are all scrolling and, in this day, and age, what does it take for us to give pause and click on a content that we want to consume? I feel like half of the time that choice is taken from me when half of my timeline has recommended things that I care nothing about.

2022! A year in which I made digression from lakorns. I watched a handful and enjoyed a few. The list below only includes lakorns that I have seen from beginning to end. I may have watched other lakorns that I have written first impressions on, but for the life of me, I could not continue. I think I found the answer I posed earlier. No draw. A show I drop is a show that could not contain my interest.

Here are the ones I found enjoyable this year:

Here are the ones I watched but was ultimately disappointed:

The latest lakorn I have seen is Lai Kinnaree starring the dearly beloved Yadech. I did not put it in any of the lists above because I may need to do some explaining. While the premise of people from different perspectives and backgrounds come together to solve a case can be an interesting premise, I felt that they were not as smart as the villain. Show had to sit everyone down in the ending to explain exactly what went down, when we probably already guessed what happened. And as far as romance goes, there is really none. This enemies to lovers trope did not bode well when they spend 99.9% of the time screaming at each other. When Monsieur visits Luang In to say his goodbye and adds that he knows who is actually in Dr. Pudsorn’s heart, I almost choked on my coffee. Monsieur do you see something I do not see? Are you confusing people who actually insult/downgrade/lash out at each other something of a love language? That is a good one Monsieur. I actually like Monsieur, when the two fight, he has this hilarious look on his face.

I want a good Yadech reunion lakorn like any of Yadech’s fan, but this is not it. They do get a happy ending, but I almost prefer they just go their own way, she can continue to save lives and be a badass women doctor of Ayuthaya and he can go fight someone else. HAHAHA pick me Barry, I will fight you! I suppose what this show highlights is that Nadech is a great actor!

While my lakorn list seems short and you wonder what a drama addict does with the rest of her time? Other dramas of course! In fact, Chinese dramas have been taking over 2022 for me, and the best one I have seen this year is Lighter and Princess. I recommend it if you want to see a romance done right, this show gave me everything I ever wanted and needed.

Cdramas that I found enjoyable:

Cdramas I watched but did not find too compelling:

Shows that are encouraged to finish (ones I started but can’t seem to finish)

I have also seen a few Kdramas that I found noteworthy:

If I had to choose my favorite show this year among all of the shows I’ve seen, it would be Lighter and Princess. It’s my kind of show and I feel like the writer/director gets it. They kept me warm during this winter months and I am forever grateful for that. It is not easy to come across a good show, so I will be embracing this one close to my heart for a long while.

To the drama gods out there, please give us lakorns, dramas, shows, that will leave a piece of our heart behind. Cheers to a new year, Lovelies.

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