Unprecedented. That is one word to describe the newest primetime lakorn, Koo Wen, starring Pon Nawasch, Pat Patricia and Mo Monchanok, as three newbie lawyers fighting to join a top law firm. The most attractive part about this show, aside from the very attractive actors – the eye candy brought me here – it is the refreshing story that has me tuning in for more. Ready or not, Good Feeling Production is going to throw us in for a loop.

First we will start with Pat and Mo playing two characters with the same name, Maleewan, though their last name has a slight variation in the spelling. This coincidence caused a bit of a scene during the firm evaluations since the English spelling of their names is the same, so the system combined their scores. There is no way of knowing who passed and who failed. To differentiate their characters, we shall reference them by their nicknames, Pat as Beam and Mo as Wan.

We also have Pon as Nick, a straight shooter who has a sharp tongue and no humble bone in his body, albeit a fine body. His arrogance gets him in hot water with the HR manager when he said he hasn’t decided if he wants to work at the firm. HAHAHA. This caused his name to be thrown in the mix with Beam and Wan, and the three are admitted to the firm but at the end of the month, only two of them will receive a job offer.

Very quickly, Beam and Wan partner up and are determined to be the last two standing, since Nick has made enemy of most people in the firm. The dynamic between the three is very interesting, and the first episode provides the backstory and how they became who they are today, especially Wan, the most interesting character of them all. The fateful same name actually started since they were children, only Beam was not aware of this. Wan had been the receiving end of this mixup: she would receive packages that belonged to Beam and later realized that there is an actual real person with the same name. This is the beginning of her obsession with Beam, who rise to fame at a young age for her sense of justice, she was the social media star who rise to challenge authority of their wrongdoings. The obsession with Beam provided Wan with an escape from her reality, one of abuse.

Why Wan decided to study law and come to the same firm as Beam is still a mystery, but one can presume based on Wan’s obsession and stalking, that she wanted to be with Beam. The way she looks at Beam, like she’s the one joy in her life, makes me so sad for her. Wan seems almost Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde in that she suppresses the evil tendencies, in front of everyone she is as sweet as honey, but the horns come out when no one is watching.

Except Nick of course. He is too smart and sees through her bs. He notes how strangely nice she is, calls her out on being fake and a thief, since in order to get the upper hand for herself and Beam, she stole Nick’s idea. This causes Wan to become paranoid and she finds a way to eliminate Nick. Since the firm believes her to be sweet and thoughtful, and Nick to be brusque and a loner, Wan makes everyone believe that Nick pushed her off a ladder. I love how Nick is very self aware of his personality and doesn’t care what other people think. He finds satisfaction in keeping Wan as paranoid as possible, and is petty enough to stick around the firm even when nobody likes him, cos he wants to see how the conniving/fake girl (Wan) and clueless girl (Beam) will play out. Like his mom said, between medicine and candy, what do people gravitate towards? Even knowing that he should make friends, Nick prefers the truth and values authenticity.

Nick and Wan are such layered characters, they keep me engaged. Now Beam’s character is more straightforward, in that she is righteous and goes above and beyond the call of duty when she sees an act of injustice. This even includes trolling her own father’s business to provide adequate pay and benefits for his workers. She gets off on the wrong foot with Nick, since she believes that he bullied Wan, and from then on, the two bicker every chance they get. Beam becomes fast friends with Wan because Wan knows everything about her, what she likes, doesn’t like, caters to her, makes her life easier, and just wants to be with her. Their friendship can be really sweet, except Wan is off her rockers. Wish I can say the two girls should be together and screw the guys, but it is obvious Wan needs help, and I hope she gets it.

There is a senior lawyer who is immediately attracted to Beam, that is Wayu. He seems fair and kind to all three. Beam finds him cute and challenges him to pursue her romantically. Meanwhile she starts to see Nick beyond a bully (though she still hates him), he’s whip smart, talented in both law and computer science (he had a double major) and by the end of the month, their lawyer life begins. Guess who made it? As it turns out, Beam and Wan receive offers to practice family law, and Nick will go to the IT department since he developed an app for the firm. I am intrigued by the refreshing storyline, and I am dying to see how this all plays out, just like Nick.