Krong Nampueng would win a challenge called “You Know You Are Watching a Lakorn” if there were one. But Weir as Chalompol (aka Pon) is actually the perfect fit because he makes all of the tropes so believable with just one look in his eyes. In fact, when he is on screen it is very hard to look away, you may fall into the depths of those brown, soulful eyes, just as the female lead does, Prapye Ramida as Sai Nampueng. The title is a play on her name, sweet prison, or imprisoned by Nampueng, however you decipher it, Pon is going to be at the mercy of Nampueng.

This is the first I’ve seen of Prapye’s lakorn, and my first thought was, she is a baby and Weir is going to rob the cradle. HAHAHA. Joke was on me.

Sai Nampeung may be young, but she turns out to be his step grandmother, he just doesn’t know it yet. Say what? Pon was adopted into the Teow family, with the Patriarch, Nai Meung, raising him like one of his own. Nai Meung seems sentimental after his beloved wife passed away and even mentions that wealth means nothing when you don’t have happiness and a family to share it with. Especially with a greedy brother and nephew who are determined to take over his business. Not too long after a disagreement with his brother, Nai Meung’s car blows up while on the road, taking his life with it. The culprit can potentially be their rival, the brother, or someone else I suspect.

In order to find the perpetrator, Pon follows the man who was discovered as the person tampering with Nai Meung’s car. As he follows him, Pon meets Sai Nampueng (he doesn’t quite know of their fate yet). She follows him into the woods cos the man he is after happens to get into a fender bender with her tour car. She wants payment and she’s going after it. Whether that is bravery or foolishness, Nampueng is caught in between gunfire, then she finds her body clutching onto Pon’s as they fall, with their lips intertwined in a shocking kiss. OMO. Then she *faints* (from the shock of the gunfire or the kiss we’ll never know) and her lips slide across his even more. Pon sets her gently on the ground while he continues his search for the culprit. Yet before the culprit confesses as to who hired him, he falls over the cliff. Back to the drawing board.

Pon pays Nampueng for her troubles, but little did he know that he is about to see her again. Unfortunately, the fender bender was the straw that broke the camel’s back – the tour company Nampueng worked for had to shut down their business – forcing her to seek alternative resources to make ends meet. This is where the mystery comes in, Nampueng and a little boy, make their way to Phuket. Just as the Teow clan meet to open up the late Nai Meung’s will. The attorney digresses that they cannot proceed until two other people show up, Nai Meung’s new wife and kid!

The clans folk are like, but didn’t he just buried his beloved wife? Did someone plot this, it is too convenient? We’ve never even heard of her before? The brother is horrified at splitting up the inheritance with yet another person. But luck is not on Nampueng’s side as the bus driver falls asleep on the wheels and the bus gets into a wreck. Sai Nampueng and Namnuea fight for their life in the hospital ward. When Pon sees to his alleged step grandma and uncle, he realizes that that is the woman he kissed earlier. What’s even richer is that she lost her memory! Amnesia!

Nampueng is terrified when she comes to, because not only did someone try to suffocate her with a pillow, but she also cannot remember who she is. The only person that doesn’t terrify her is the man with the nice eyes – Pon! He says she’s his employer, but all she wants is to be close to him because she feels safe with him. I am loving her clinginess, yes hold on to that nice and fine man!

Perhaps there is a twist as to who is the killer and Nampueng isn’t actually the boy’s biological mom, because any lakorn enthusiast knows, that grandpa probably took them under his wings (he hinted that all of his wealth means nothing if he can’t share it with family) and wouldn’t be surprising if he conjured up this whole thing so that his grandson can find love! Twisted love indeed.

Ah the chemistry. Weir is a master of it, the way he looks at his female lead makes you want to swoon. Maybe after falling into his mesmerizing eyes, we’d all forget we are watching a lakorn, and we’d come back precisely for it.