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Kaen Rak Salap Chatha – Synopsis


From the entertainment group, Magic If and producer Aom Piyada (who was once a talented actress herself), comes “Kaen Rak Salap Chatha”, a romance, action and fantasy drama that will take you on a body swapping, destiny swapping ride between two male leads, Krating and Alek, who plays Tet and Wat respectively, along with Bua and Namtarn as their female counterparts.

On the night of the blood moon (when the moon appears red), a car accident occurs between Tet (Krating) and Wat (Alek) that causes the two souls to swap. Tet is on his way up in the world, has a promising pilot career and is about to marry his sweetheart Dr. Kulanit (Bua), while Wat is on the downward trajectory, he is a model, dating a mediocre celebrity (Namtarn) and getting embroiled in illegal drugs.

Tet attempts to find a way to return to his body that is stuck in the ICU room, but his parents, thinking that Wat (who is Tet) is trying to hurt their son, they stop him at all costs. This forces Tet to stay with Ginney in the meantime. When Wat comes to, he realizes the body he possesses belong to the son of a wealthy businessman, along with a pretty girlfriend, so Wat thinks this is his chance for a new life. Tet has to learn a new way of life with Ginney, who is bewildered by her boyfriend’s change of character, but she doesn’t question it, she would rather embrace this new Wat who is everything she wanted in a boyfriend and more, despite Tet trying to tell her that he is actually somebody else.

Tet decides to be Wat for the interim since he cannot find a way back to his body, but it is challenging to be a model when he is a pilot (one could say the opposite is true too). Tet and Ginney struggle to make ends meet, but what is worse is dealing with the aftermath of Wat’s drug dealing, who had stolen a large stash from a gang. Ginney finally believes that Tet is in the body of her boyfriend and feels bad for his fate, while she is heartbroken over the fact that this kind man already has a girlfriend. She takes Tet to see a fortune teller who says that if Tet wants to return to his body, he must reenact the same scene from the car accident during a blood moon.

But Wat does not want his old life back, he is in love with Tet’s fancy life along with Tet’s pretty/successful girlfriend. Wat even thinks about killing Tet and his old body once and for all. Tet is in over his head as he attempts to convince Wat to swap their bodies, as well as escape from the gang that is after him. Watch Kaen Rak Salap Chatha to see how their two fates play out.  

*Air date: June 12, 2021, Channel 3

Watch the subbed teaser below – thanks Neko!

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