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Duangjai Nai Montra – Episode 13 Recap


It’s a face off of a different kind. Who can hide their knowledge longer?


Pachara clutches at his heart in pain, then realizes that Prao must be in a worst state.

In the hospital room, Prao breathes her last breath, when suddenly her past lifetime memory flashes in her mind. Her eyes open wide and she breathes! “I’m Ladtha!”

Aon finally comes to (wait has she been asleep this whole time?) as she wanders the confines, she comes to a cell. Touching it causes electrocution, but there is an item placed on the other side with black magic, which causes Janthra’s soul to leave Aon’s body.

Matira greets her “do you remember your bestie?” Janthra says she could never forget her as she’s been waiting to meet her again for over two thousand years. Janthra adds that she had never been angry at her even when Matira had placed her soul in the statue all this time, she just wants to help free Matira and the general from this bad karma. Matira is still angry, she says he killed her whole family and broke her heart. Janthra begs to help and Matira says she can help torment Pachara more than he has ever experienced in other lifetimes. Matira also has one other person that will make this lifetime, Pachara’s worst lifetime ever.

Prao’s condition has improved almost back to the condition before her heart failure. Pon thinks this means they can fly back to the city asap, but Prao wants to stay. This miracle made her realize who she is and that she chooses to stay for the person that she loves. She says she’s happy to explain to her brother but only if he has an open mind, otherwise he would never believe this miracle.

Pachara is summoned to Prao’s side and Prao shyly tells him that being alive is a miracle and that if she wasn’t Matira, has he ever thought about why she has the face of Matira? Pachara says he’s considered this hundreds of times before, since Matira was never reborn as her former self, however he hasn’t asked anymore questions since the moment he realizes that.. he’s in love with HER. Oh! Pachara says he’s actually very happy to know that she’s not Matira, and that no matter who she is, he will still love her. Teehee she doesn’t tell him yet that she’s Ladtha.

Wanda reports her confusion to sherlock dad, that the diamond has gone missing, someone died, she has no idea where to start. Her dad suggests she spend her time looking into people who are still alive: namely Matinee who is the most suspicious. Sherlock dad asks Sintu who tried to kill him, but the older man could only move his lips in silence.

Wanda gets a new helper in Prim who says she still works for Wipu and will have better access to search the office and find something on Matinee.

Prao marvels at the blue necklace that survived two thousand years. Pon doesn’t believe the tall tale and orders Pachara to stop brain washing his sister. Prao says he could choose not to believe it but he can’t say that it’s nonsensical. Both Prim and Wanda believe it, Prim says she may not believe the whole heart of knight thing, but she knows a miracle when she sees one. Pachara says he could prove to them that they’re not lying, and proceeds to slit his own throat. Ack! But his wound of course heals and the three freaks out.

Pon says that if the tale is true, that means Prao’s opponent is no joke. No kidding. Samornsee boasts about her new love, Pachara’s secretary. When Pon takes off, not wanting to deal with her, she thinks that he’s jealous.

Suriya is found dead on the shore, the police believe he has something to do with the disappearance of the heart of knight. Pachara thinks Matira must be someone around them. Kala panics when she hears the news and Kem wonders why she’s acting strange. Next the news report that Pachara is the main suspect behind Suriya’s death and the missing diamond. Pachara says it’s not surprising that the baddies want to pit this on him.

Even with one more person dead, Prao doesn’t want to leave. Pon wonders why Wanda likes to act like a cop but Wanda says investigation is her job and that she reports them all to the police. Pon then requests that she reports the details to him too because she’s his girlfriend and he’s worried about her. The only way to ease some of his concern is to let him be in on the investigation.

Pachara tells Prao that he must go into hiding for a while, and not to worry about him, because as she knows, nothing can kill him.  He takes a closer look at her and notices something different about her. Prao says that she’s the same and will await his return.

The first thing Prim does on her investigation is to ask Wipu. She mentions that he should know who is behind Wiruthai and Suriya’s death and that they can’t let Matinee get away with it. Wipu assures her that he knows what he needs to do and that is to send Matinee to the police.

Wipu tells Clarissa that he wants to make up for his shortcomings by ordering her an airport shuttle himself. The driver takes them to the compound though and her security guards are ambushed. When Clarissa comes to, she’s tied up and Matinee throws water in her face. She asks who is behind this because Matinee could not be the mastermind. Matinee says they shall see.

Aon wakes up to the commotion in the next cell. She asks Clarissa to help her, but Clarissa says they are on the same boat. She then recognizes that Aon is the woman that Sintu had met in the resort earlier. She asks Aon to see if there are any spirits around, since she can communicate with them. Aon sees Janthra, and Clarissa asks to know more of the story surrounding the diamond, since she’s the owner. Aon explains the origin of the heart of knight (from Janthra’s perspective).

The key takeaway here is the scene where Ladtha had wished to Matira that she wants to be as pretty as Matira and have everyone love her. Matira indicates that her wish would come true, and she proceeds to teach Ladtha how to be thyda-taywa. Clarissa asks if this is a love triangle story, but Aon says Ladtha had always kept her feelings to herself. Aon relays the conflict that Matira goes through between love and her family. Janthra had advised to come back to their studies and leave the general behind. But ever since then, Aon says, Matira had been possessed with black magic to the point where she forgets that love ever existed in the first place. Clarissa thanks her for the storytime because apparently, she’s a history buff.

The police task force commences their investigation on Pachara, they even search his home and interview the workers. Matinee warns Kala not to say a word or she would be silenced. The police asks to meet with Pachara and that if he doesn’t show himself, they have enough evidence (that Kem and Kala were the last ones to see Suriya) to legally require that Pachara makes his appearance at the police station.

Prim presents the document that she believes Wiruthai had intended to give to Wanda when she was still alive. She had acquired it from accounting – it shows that there was a sign off for the boat company compensation – so that they can take the blame of the boat explosion. Wanda says she already has that document but was curious why Prim is so sure Matinee is guilty. Prim says they should hear it from Wipu directly. They show him the proof that Matinee is behind the death of Wiruthai and Prim begs for him to tell Pon and Wanda the truth about Matinee. When he’s reluctant, Prim says Matinee is behind the death of Wipu’s dad too. Wanda asks for Wipu’s cooperation, because she is sure there are other evidences that they can find to prove that Matinee is guilty. Wipu gives them Matinee’s passcode and laptop.

The police take a statement from all of them regarding the case against Matinee. Aon’s sister also goes to the police station to get any updates regarding her sister’s disappearance. Wanda overhears this and learns that Aon has been missing since the grand opening of the resort. Wanda wonders if there is a connection.

Kala confesses to Pachara that she and Suriya worked together to cause a fight between Kem and Suriya so that Suriya could be the driver of the boat (right before the event takes place). She says that Matinee had hired them for this.

Prao surmises that if what Kala says is true, does that mean Matinee is Matira. Prim is convinced this is the case, while Pon thinks it’s a possibility because even their names are similar. The news now reports that Clarissa’s people were murdered. Kala tries to make a quick getaway on boat and sees Matinee on shore. Matinee aims her gun at Kala, but Pachara steps in front of Kala and takes the shot for her. Matinee seems surprised. Pachara doesn’t go after her.

A police press conference releases evidence against Matinee, even Wipu is there to make his statement calm and collected. Pon and family notes how he’s calm under fire and they ask if that’s an acceptable trait for a future brother in law. Prao believes they need to stay and support Prim and Wipu.

Pachara asks Wipu what he plans on doing about Matinee. Wipu relents that he needs to find her, and that she’s probably furious at him already. Pachara says that is the same trait of someone he once knew. He tells Wipu that once they find Matinee, he could prove whether she is Matira or not. Wipu has been searching Pachara’s face for any reaction when he finally asks what happens if Matinee isn’t Matira. Pachara says whether she is or isn’t Matira, he looks at Wipu in an interesting way, Pachara says the real Matira is behind all of this.

Pachara tells Wipu that he has never planned on hurting Matira, in this lifetime or another. He just wants to end this vengefulness between him and Matira, because he knows that he’s not the only person who is anguished. He thinks Matira must endure pain to be born with hatred in every lifetime. It sure sounds like Pachara is speaking with Matira right now.

Pon is still trying to make a case to get out of dodge. Lol, even as the head of the family, ain’t nobody listening. He’s so mad and rushes onto the beach, Wanda encourages him to jump into the water. But at the end of the day, he still needs to release his control and learn to trust his sisters’ decisions. He argues that he’s not disrespecting them, he’s just frustrated lol. She makes him laugh when she says even she has learned to accept that she’s dating a man she once considered gay. He smiles and pulls her in for a hug.


Wipu offers a job to Pon so that he can stay at the resort, watch his sisters and make money at the same time. Since Wipu has Matinee’s case to deal with, he has no time to work on the resort. He wants Pon and his company, to handle the design aspect. Pon wonders how he doesn’t know Matinee’s nature when he’s worked with her for so long. Wipu says there are some indicators, but he didn’t know she could do something to this extent (like commit crimes). Pon says that he guesses you can never know what someone is hiding, and the camera pans to Wipu’s face.

Matinee realizes that everything has fallen on her and she screams that things should not turn out this way. She proceeds to make a phone call. Meanwhile Wipu tells Pachara that he’s glad to get Pon’s help. Pachara decides to stay at the resort longer, and leave the business to his assistant, to which Wipu says it’s too bad what happened to Sintu. Pachara’s eyes twitch and he looks at Wipu closely.

Wipu thanks everyone for their help and apologizes about the events around Matinee. Pachara says that his biggest concern isn’t about reversing the curse now, but to find out what Matira wants. Wanda shares that Aon has also gone missing.

Prim sees a man dressed in black and wonders who he is, we see an opened flask at the desk.

Pachara seeks Wanda to help investigate something for him. Wanda notes that his past life has caused havoc to everybody, but she realizes she’s being rude. Pachara says she’s not wrong. She asks who else is related to his past life then, outside of Sintu, Prao, Matinee and Aon. Pachara says the other person is Wipu, but that he’s not confident, he still needs to find evidence to confirm this. He gives her a vial with a clear liquid that was obtained from Wipu’s flask earlier.

Dun dun dun.


The cat isn’t completely out of the bag yet, even the next episode teaser tries to convince us Wipu isn’t Matira.

We’re getting closer to wrapping this mystery up though! I believe we have two more episodes. I knew the focus on the romance part in the beginning of the show will leave the rest of the show to focus on uncovering the truth, but sadly we barely get to see the duo that made it interesting in the first place, the reason why I was invested. There’s a lot left to unveil and explain, like the case of her heart disease disappearing and how all of the puzzle pieces supposedly fit. To be honest, I care more about seeing the duo, so throw me a bone will ya, Show?

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