Today it’s all about Wipu. Is he or isn’t he?


Wanda commences her interview with Wiruthai by asking about Wipu instead. She says there isn’t much information to go on about this man. Wiruthai says that is because he is a nobody and his mother is a mistress. Wanda comments that Wiruthai doesn’t sound like she likes Wipu very much, to which Wiruthai says she hates his guts. He doesn’t deserve any of her family inheritance, it should have fallen on her instead.

Matinee peers at them suspiciously and reports to Wipu, who is unbothered. He believes that if he’s innocent, he has nothing to fear. Interesting way of phrasing that, instead of saying, I am innocent, I have nothing to fear. Matinee is mad on his behalf but Wipu says there is no reason to be mad, in fact, they should try to empathize with the fact that she lost everything to a mistress son like him.

Matinee warns Wiruthai that family affairs should stay within the family, but Wiruthai snarks that she doesn’t consider Wipu as family. She adds that Matinee tries to be part of the family to no avail and she ought to stay out of her business.

Wanda listens to the recording of her interview with Wiruthai, who recalls that Wipu was not affected by the news of Wirak’s death, in fact he looked happy. She puts her phone away to order food for her and Pon, when a maid steals her phone. Mathinee and Wipu listen to the interview conversation. Wanda realizes her phone is missing and surmises that it’s been stolen, she thinks it has to do with Wiruthai. Pon feels that strange things happen in this resort, and it is not safe.

Pachara orders Kem to be on standby on Petch Island’s dock and not to leave until he has permission.

Pon buys Wanda a new phone (so that he can reach her, teehee). He puts himself in her contact as “P’Pon” which makes her giggle. Lol.

Janthra visits Praoploy through her dreams, calling out for Ladtha to help her. She stirs awake to see her sister worrying about her. She decides to tell Prim a little bedtime story about Tarawatburam. The younger woman says it’s too impossible to believe. Later she tells Pon that they should head back home right after the event because Prao has believed that Tarawatburam tale is real. Pon agrees and asks Prim not to lose sight of Prao.

Kem tries to stop Kala (who came with Suriya) from playing on Petch Island, since Pachara has ordered him to be on standby. Suriya thinks Kem is being greedy with Kala, while Kem tells him to stay away from her. The two get into a fist fight until Kem has to be taken to the hospital for his wrist, Suriya (the newbie) will watch the boat. Uh oh. Matinee and Suriya exchange knowing smiles.

The grand opening event is finally here! Pachara smiles as he watches Praoploy work.

Meanwhile Matinee ushers her men to help Clarissa with the Heart of Knight, but Clarissa declines the help. Matinee asks the whereabouts of the gemstone because she wants to ensure that there is one to show during the event. Clarissa assures her that their efforts won’t be in vain, everyone will see the gemstone when it’s time and when the special team brings it in.

Pon has his laser eyes on Wanda as she cleans up nicely, and holds her hand in case she wants to run. Samornsee notices this and screams, catching everyone’s attention. Pon tells her to leave him alone but she says as long as he’s not taken, she will keep pursuing him. Pon immediately says Wanda is his girlfriend and future wife. He seals the deal with a kiss and Samornsee stomps away. She gets over him quickly when she sees a handsome face (Pachara’s secretary).

Wipu praises Prao for her beauty, in that guests would think they are here to see an artist and not the art, Pachara just glares exasperatingly at him. The gemstone arrives with a slew of guards, as soon as one of the containers are in proximity to Pachara, he would almost collapse from the pressure in his chest. Prao sees this and goes to him. She asks if he’s alright. Pachara says he’s been waiting for this moment for too long.

As they congregate on the stage, Wipu whispers to Praoploy that everything he has done leading up to today has finally came to fruition. Wipu says that with Prao’s help, this time is different from all the other times. Say what? Clarissa comments that he finally gets to take a pic with the gemstone, why don’t he consider smiling a little. Pachara gives the camera a forced smile.

They reveal the art exhibit and Wipu asks Clarissa to place the heart into the knight’s chest. As Clarissa gets closer, the secretary shuts off the power. In the darkness, Pachara teleports to Clarissa’s side and takes the heart out of the container. He orders the secretary to take the heart to Black Pearl Island.

When the power is turned back on, everyone realizes that the diamond’s gone. Oh snap, Pachara and Wipu are having an intense staring contest.

The secretary entrusts Suriya with the gemstone as he distracts the guards. Suriya tosses the gemstone into the water and someone is waiting to grab it before it sinks even further. Everyone is frantic to leave the island: Clarissa’s guard says it’s not safe anymore and Pon wants to take his sisters back to the city. Prao says she can’t go yet and Pon asks if it has to do with reversing the curse for Pachara. Prim admits to confiding in their brother. Pon states that he has done what she wanted him to do, it’s now due time she does what he asks. Prao finally relents that she would go, but she must meet with Pachara tomorrow morning first.

As Pachara gets on the dock, Kem confirms that the secretary has gone with Suriya back to Black Pearl Island, but before Pachara could take a single step, his chest constricts again. At the same time, Praoploy’s chest also constricts. Pachara says he has never been in this much pain before. As he opens the chest of the gemstone, he sees a fake one instead. The real one is in the hands of Matinee.

During the party, Wanda does some additional sleuthing. She asks Wiruthai about Matinee, but we don’t know what has been discussed. But Wanda tells Pon and Prim that she has some suspicions about Matinee. Prim says she can help Wanda investigate Matinee. Pon discusses Prao’s condition with her doctor on the phone who urges that if they can’t find a match (and do the heart transplant), the only way to extend her life is to do a heart surgery, but it’s costly. Prim has an idea of who can help.

Wipu tells the press that if he can’t find the heart of knight, he would be responsible in paying back Clarissa’s family. The officer in charge also forbids anyone (including the press) from leaving the island until they can resolve the issue. Prim watches on and sees Pachara at the press conference too. She tells him that Prao’s condition has worsened, but Prao doesn’t want to go back to the city. Pachara says he would talk to her, but Prim confides in another pressing problem.

Prao overhears her brother trying to sell everything they have in order to cover the cost of the heart surgery. In tears, she tells him not to do that (when she cries, I cry). Prao says it would only extend her life for another five years or so, it’s not worth it, and that they should just let it be. Prao adds that they need to accept reality but Pon doesn’t care if he loses everything, he can’t let anything happen to her. Prao says she won’t go through with the surgery.

Pachara says he can’t let this happen either. Once alone, Pachara assures her that money is a very small issue for Pachara Group, and that if the reverse were true – that if the person on the hospital bed is him or her siblings – would she still refuse the surgery? He tells her that even if she could live for a year, for a month, she must live. Oof, I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Praoploy says she’s not afraid of dying, she’s afraid that if she goes back to the city, she wouldn’t see him again. Even though she’s not Matira, Praoploy says she still feels like this place is home, he is her home and she doesn’t want to part with him. Pachara says he would ensure everything is taken care of and be with her until she gets her surgery. Prao asks if he really wants her to go, and Pachara says he never wants them to part, but she must get the surgery so that she can live on. Pachara clutches her hands and says that she must hold on until they meet again because there is no point in doing anything if the world doesn’t have her in it. Swoon.

A storm brews outside and Pon is desperate to get his sister off the island. The surgery can’t be scheduled until the next day. Wipu says that the authorities have forbidden anyone to leave the island, since anyone who attended the event is a suspect, but Pon says Praoploy is in dire straits. Prim offers to go to the police station on their behalf and that Wipu should provide a statement to the police that they were with him the entire time. Pon is pissed that Wipu would think they had anything to do with it, seeing that he had hired Prao here, now look what happened. Prim wonders why Wipu seems like he doesn’t want Prao to leave. Wipu denies it, saying that he’s merely relaying what the authorities said.

Prim doesn’t let it go as she follows him out. Prim finds a compound like place by the water. She asks Wipu what he’s doing here and the man says it’s a place to help him think. He’s worried about all sorts of things, but especially that he brought problems to them. He asks her who she thinks stole the gemstone and Prim says Matinee. She had been the only person missing during the event and she hasn’t shown up since. Prim says she doesn’t know why Matinee would need the gemstone, but that she doesn’t like that Matinee tries to control him. Wipu admits that Matinee has helped him become who he is today. Prim says she’ll tell the police about Matinee and if she truly is innocent, she can fend for herself.

We get a flashback to the time before his father’s death. Matinee had come to see him and given him a present for his dad. Wipu asked why she hadn’t given it to him herself, but Matinee asked if he wants true freedom from his dad’s family. He took the present and Matinee said it will give him a new life. He had then given the present to his father, which resulted in his death later.

Wipu tells Prim that his father died because of him, because he didn’t tell the police that Matinee had ignited the fire. Matinee had threatened that he would be dead like everyone else if he told the truth. Wipu says he feels guilty about that, but he can’t destroy the person that has supported him like Matinee. Wipu says he has nobody else left in his life, and that she doesn’t know what it’s like to be alone in this world. Prim hugs his arm close and comforts him, that she will stay by his side. Prim does know what it’s like to feel alone. Ever since she was little, her sister had always taken the attention away because of her condition. Prim also felt responsible for her parent’s death, who had gone in search for her and got in a car wreck. Wipu says he will be by her side and thanks her for loving him, now he knows what it feels like to be loved.

Clarissa summons Pachara and tells him that she might know who’s after the gemstone.

We see Wipu placing a sleeping Prim gently on the bed.

Clarissa tells Pachara that Wipu had flown to Amsterdam to see her and requested that the gemstone to be shown at the resort grand opening. At first, she thought he was another gemstone enthusiast, but upon arriving at the resort, she starts to realize that Wipu and Pachara are related to the gemstone somehow. She asks Pachara if he thinks Wipu could be somebody from the past. The two agrees to look into Wipu further.

Wiruthai is on her way to meet Wanda and Pon, but her car gets blocked by a fallen tree. It looks like she has some sort of document to show them. However, Matinee appears behind her and pushes her off the cliff, Matinee takes the document with her. Wanda and Pon catches wind that Wiruthai has died and Pon immediately rushes them away, he says they need to get out of dodge. The helicopter and Prao are prepped, but the only problem is that Prim is missing.

Prim stirs awake and hears Wipu on the phone with Matinee. She sees that her brother has tried to call her, but her phone ran out of battery. While charging it, she tells Wipu not to be in touch with Matinee again and to stop feeling guilty. Wipu says he would try his best. Prim assures him that she will take care of him and stay by his side like this.

The news report that airplanes are grounded until the storm settles.

Meanwhile Suriya tries to take Kala to Petch Island and treat her to meals, but Kem stops them. Suriya decides to go by himself.

Pon asks the nurse to tell the helicopter captain to wait at the nearest province. They would attempt to transport Prao by ambulance and meet the helicopter there. But as they round the corner, Prao condition worsens and the road is blocked by trees. The ambulance returns to the hospital and Pon blames himself for jeopardizing his sister’s life. Wanda comforts him.

Prim asks her brother why Prao hasn’t gained consciousness, she thought I was a minor accident. But Pon can’t seem to talk. Wanda reminds Pon that Prim is his sister too and he can’t take his stress out on her. When Pon goes to Prim however, she’s working on her will. Pon doesn’t find it funny, and Prao says she doesn’t have much to give to Prao except for her heart. Pon cries and hugs his sister.

The doctor has to perform CPR on Prao but she doesn’t make it… is she dead dead?!


Oof that scene. Actually, most of this episode was pretty jarring.

While I still don’t know if Wipu is good or bad, they sure know how to make me feel for all of these characters. In next week’s teaser, Wipu had asked Pachara what he would do if Matinee turns out to be Matira, and honestly, I haven’t even considered that. Now if Wipu ends up being Matira, hahahaha, I am going to lose my mind.

Will the real Matira please stand up?!