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Duangjai Nai Montra – Episode 11 Recap


Sherlock team gets closer to finding the culprit behind Wirak’s death, meanwhile Pachara decides to put his immortal skills to use. Prim and Matinee head off, and Prao wonders what the plan is in getting that heart back.


Wanda stalks Pon’s pictures online and gets asked out on a dinner date to thank her for the help. She scrambles to get ready. Dang, one could look like that in fifteen minutes? Lol. She says she doesn’t want him to attract all of the attention from the guys, but he asks if he looks gay to her. Wanda replies that you wouldn’t be able to tell he’s gay, and that he can come out of the closet. Pon would totally come out except that he’s NOT gay. He demonstrates that he likes women by kissing her again and again.

Wanda is flustered and says she believes it, and they can do dinner another time because she’s full. Hahaha.

Preparation for the grand opening is underway. Prim sees that Wipu catches Praoploy before she falls off the ladder. As she turns away, she sees Pachara and asks to speak with him. She asks him directly what his relationship is with Clarissa, to which Pachara says nothing, but Prim argues it sure doesn’t look like nothing. Besides, she adds that it’s not ok for him to lead people on. Pachara says he’s true to Prao and that she ought to consider his actions, but Prim says he treats Clarissa and Prao the same way which is why they are talking right now. He explains that he’s genuine with one person and must act that way with the other, and that is all he can share right now.

This conversation with Prim makes him worried that Praoploy may feel distressed by seeing that he’s close with Clarissa. Bruh, she already told you that in the previous episode, remember? Praoploy says it’s out of her hands since he must act that way. Pachara admits that he used to think that he was born to be tormented by Matira, but now his thinking has changed, he says he was born to meet her, Praoploy, and that no matter what happens, he’s happy that he has met her. This sounds ominous to Praoploy’s ears. Pachara says that Matira’s goal in every lifetime is to hurt the people that he loved, she’s out for blood. He asks that Praoploy stay away from Clarissa as best as she can.

But of course the best laid plans.. Praoploy was swimming alone (I thought Pachara was supposed to stick with her in case her heart gives out) and Clarissa wants to talk to her about Tarawatburam. She asks where Prao got her inspiration and if she believed Tarawatburam tale is true. Prao also wants to know if Clarissa believes it to be true, Clarissa asks her to confirm the betrayal tall tale but Prao says she has it wrong, it was a misunderstanding between two people who loved each other, and nothing to do with betrayals. Clarissa wonders why he is being punished this long if it has nothing to do with betrayals. Prao feels uneasy. Clarissa adds that she heard that when the knight and the person who cursed him reunites, she would kill herself in front of him again and again. She says it sounds like a really terrible love story.

Clarissa questions a rumor she heard, that Prao had gone missing and showed back up on her own. Where did she go? Prao says this has nothing to do with their work, but Clarissa says she has the right to know everything that has to do with Prao and their work because she volunteered one of her treasures. Pachara rescues Prao from Clarissa, he slings an arm around her and says he needs a consult. Clarissa offers herself instead, but Pachara declines. Lol.

Prao worrries that Clarissa is sounding like she knows too much about Pachara’s story, Prao wonders what Pachara plan on doing. Pachara will ask for his heart back but Prao questions whether the same thing would just repeat itself. Pachara is sure this time around he would get his heart back and end this once and for all. I don’t know if that is blind confidence or desperation.

Pon makes an excuse to visit Wanda at her office first thing in the morning. He says Prao told him Aon was admitted at the hospital, but that she’s fine now. He asks if she believes in destiny and soulmates. Wanda says that she does, there’s always a reason why people meet again in the next lifetime, it’s all based on how much karma they have with each other. Pon then questions if it means they are soulmates. Is that a new pickup line these days? Pon says he couldn’t ask this question over the phone because he needed to see for himself what her reaction is after the kiss. Does she have feelings for him and will she look at him like he’s a man? Wanda blushes. Pon clarifies that he doesn’t just kiss anyone if he doesn’t have special feelings for them. He confesses that he likes her and that they should date.

Wanda is saved by Samornsee’s phonecall, but Pon doesn’t let her drop it, he need answers. Wanda asks to have breakfast before she gives him an answer and asks if he’d like to join her, but when he says yes he wants to eat, it doesn’t sound like it’s breakfast he is talking about. Hahaha. I hope these two will have meals together forever.

Clarissa takes out a black triangle necklace and looks at pictures of Pachara from WWII. Pachara tries to ask her where she got the heart of knight, but Clarissa says it was passed down from generations, her family do like to collect treasures. She wants to know the tale of Tarawatburam and hopes that one day Pachara could tell her the whole story. Pachara indicates that she should be the one to know it best. Meanwhile Prim watches them from the sideline, annoyed. She tells Wipu that she can’t stand Clarissa because she likes to get too close to Pachara. Wipu laughs and asks if she’s jealous on her sister’s behalf. He thinks she doesn’t need to worry about Pachara because he would be a stupid guy if he doesn’t choose such a nice girl like Praoploy. At the sound of that, Prim is now jealous of her sister. Lol.

Prim doesn’t care for the Tarawatburam tale, and Wipu comments that it would only bring her trouble. Meanwhile Matinee calls him out to discuss about someone investigating his father’s death. They don’t know who yet but Wipu says they should just let them because he had already accepted that his father died from an accident. He thanks Matinee for always looking out for him, but that she doesn’t need to put herself at risk anymore.

Pachara comments that Prao’s drawing doesn’t look like it is drawn by a professional – he’s thinking about the drawing that Ladtha had given to him 2000 years ago – but Prao says there’s no right or wrong with art, it’s whether you like it or not. Pachara says that he likes her. Lol. She tells him that she heard he met with Clarissa again. Pachara sheepishly says yes because he was curious about something. He doesn’t know if he could believe the answer he got. Prao begs for him to tell her his plans and he teases that he would need to kill her then. Prao tells him that he doesn’t need to worry about her, as long as he gets his heart back, she’s happy. He tells her to take good care of herself because if anything happens to her, it would feel like he has lost two hearts. Pachara pulls her in for a hug. Aw!

Prim tells her sister that she wants to go back home and wrap everything up here. Prao says she didn’t think her sister would give up this easily, but Prim says she doesn’t want to stick around if she’s worthless to someone. Prao suggests that hanging on for someone is worthwhile, and Prim asks if that’s what she’s doing for Pachara. Prao says she will always choose to love and accept reality by staying next to him and supporting him. Prim makes a valid argument, that Pachara likes Prao, but Wipu doesn’t like her. Nobody knows why Wipu likes Prao so much, but Prao says maybe he just admires her.

Sintu calls Sherlock dad that they need to see someone important in the city, much more important than the case that he has asked Sherlock dad to investigate.

The anthropologist takes Aon to the resort and asks her opinion about setting up the venue. Aon says the past cannot return and she needs to see the general. But Aon spies Wipu and disappears before the anthropologist could make the introductions. She bumps into Sintu and she flashes back to when Janthra had bumped into Sintu. Ha! I knew she was Janthra.

Janthra orders Sintu to bring the general to her so they could end this – she asks if the four of them have reunited. Ahhh four of whom?

Clarissa sees Aon, the clouds start to form, the wind picks up. Aon talks into the force around her that she came to help Matira, and that Matira needs to stop tormenting the general. She spins around and panics, then she is taken. Pachara goes in search of Aon but wonders why Janthra hadn’t reincarnated. Sintu says she wants to stay and see things through for him and Matira. Pachara questions when this horrible karma would end once and for all.

Wipu takes Prim on a tour of the island. She notices that he likes to take a nip of the flask frequently. Wipu explains that Matinee makes him drink it often, it’s refreshing. Hm. Speaking of the devil, Matinee shows up to fetch Wipu and Prim notices that they went in a different direction then they had mentioned. She asked the island folk about who owns that area and they say it belongs to Wipu. Prim follows.

Praoploy asks Pachara to tell her more about Ladtha. He says Ladtha is his happiness and always there to support him. Pachara doesn’t realize how much he loves Ladtha until Matira took her away from him. That day Ladtha begged for him not to seek Matira, but he didn’t listen. In the end she ends up dying for him. Prao starts to get chest pain when she gets flashback of Ladtha.

Pachara infiltrates Matira’s suite, he presses on the bodyguards pressure points to freeze them/put them to sleep (are we watching a historical cdrama). Clarissa wants him to confirm the tale of Tarawatburam and how he’s related to all of this. As she puts her hand on his chest, she realizes that he’s the knight, because there is no heartbeat where her hand is at. Pachara demands to know the location of the gemstone.

Sintu goes to the meet up point and is confronted with a black robed person. A force pushes him off the building where he falls to his presumed death. Pon has been keeping Wanda company – as he is waiting for an answer whether they are going to date or not – but they end up learning that Sintu has died. Pon asks Sherlock dad who he thinks is behind this, and they share with Pon that the death of Sintu may have something to do with Wirak’s death (Wipu’s dad). They tell him about what they’ve uncovered so far with the investigation – namely that it might be an insider job at V Estate. Pon is furious, he says they should have told him sooner because he left his sisters in the culprit’s hands.

Pon calls Prao and orders her to come home and that he can’t explain everything right now. Prao says he has no explanation for his request, so she won’t return unless her job is done here. Pon tells his sister that Sintu has died. Prao checks on Pachara, he says he’s doing alright but Prao says he doesn’t look it. She asks to go back to the city with him, as she wants to pay her respect to Sintu. Pachara says it’s too dangerous but she insists because she wants to be there with him. Pachara pulls her into his arms and held her close.

She sees him off, while Wipu notes this. Prao immediately gets a chest pain and Wipu takes her to her room. Prim mentions she didn’t think Wipu would be back at the resort so soon, seeing that he said he had something important to do.

Prao tells her sister that Sintu has died due to suicide. Prim is disinclined to believe that Sintu is the type who would kill himself.

And the reveal! We see Sherlock dad thinking about the “suicide” event, when in fact, Sintu had fallen down but hadn’t died. Pachara’s secretary tells Sherlock dad to report to the police that they found Sintu’s body and that he will explain everything later. Now he’s looking at Sintu who is in the hospital room, recovering. Pachara says they will need to keep the fact that Sintu’s alive under wraps. They even make a grave for him.

Matinee sees the news reporting Sintu’s death and she smiles. Prim asks Wipu to take her and Prao around the island again, there are some areas they haven’t seen yet, especially towards the tail end. Wipu says it belongs to someone else and currently under development, so they wouldn’t be able to visit anyway. Prim says that it’s strange, she thought it might be an area that he would take his secretary and “do” something there. Matinee says she has gone to far, but Wipu excuses them. Matinee later asks Wipu why he allows Prim to talk to him that way. Wipu says she’s young and they shouldn’t mind her. He asks her to prep for the gemstone arrival, to which she asks why it must be that gemstone. Wipu says he has been waiting for this moment for too long. He says it’s time for the gemstone to return to its rightful owner. Hm.

Matinee blocks Prim’s way. She tells the younger woman that she’s Wirak’s wife and Wipu’s wife. Prim rightly grosses out. Matinee adds that since they are husband and wife, they could get it on anywhere. Prim spites that if he doesn’t recognize her as his wife, they don’t call that a wife. Matinee slaps her across the face and threatens that she could do worse than this.  She warns Prim to stay away and stop meddling or she would meet her demise. Prim tells her sister about this and that she can’t take it if Wipu chooses the secretary over her. Prao says she already got hurt, she needs to beware.

Pon meets with Wanda at the café and looks at her sheepishly. He apologizes about his behavior, but Wanda says he wasn’t in the wrong and she’s not mad at him. He cheers up immediately. Haha, cute. He tells her that he wants to go to Petch Island and asks her to join him tomorrow – and that he already booked tickets for them. Wanda praises him on his swiftness, but he relents that there is one thing he can’t seem to make progress on, and that is her. Haha. He asks her if she likes him and has weaken her resolve. Wanda laments that an investigator does not weaken before her client. Pon makes a deal that she would give him an answer once the case has been resolved.

Sherlock dad reviews the last voice call he had with Sintu, trying to prove that Sintu wasn’t alone when they talked. Wanda sets out to go back to Petch island and interview Wiruthai to see if they could get more intel, while her father stays behind to watch Sintu. Samornsee snoops in on time to hear that Pon had booked a flight for Wanda.

The event is right around the corner as everyone does last minute preparation for the big day. Meanwhile, Pachara, his secretary, Pon, Wanda and Samornsee all make their trip back to Petch Island.

Prim notice that Matinee put some sort of substance into Wipu’s flask. Upon meeting with her siblings, Wanda tells them that they suspect that Matinee is behind Wirak’s death. Prao asks if she has anything to do with Sintu’s death as well, but Wanda can’t speak to that. Pon encourages them all to go home after the event because it is dangerous here. Prim starts thinking about what Matinee said to her earlier and tells everyone that Matinee is after both dad and son then. She also suspects that Matinee is doing some sort of sorcery on Wipu.

Wanda gets a call from Wiruthai that she is willing to do the interview. Matinee sees them interviewing and tells Wipu that she doesn’t like Wiruthai, who is rude to him and tries to make him look bad in front of others.


Alright everybody, it sounds like we may have the grand opening in the next episode finally, let’s gooo. We’ve been ramping up for this event since the first episode! The issue I have with the show is the pacing. The characters are somewhat passive, and we’re doled out information at a slow pace. I am glad to see though that Pachara is using his immortal skills for once, infiltrating Clarissa’s room and trying to figure out where the gemstone is, instead of cryptically talking to each other back and forth, for example: tell me the story, you should know the story best, or I will get the heart back no matter what. Well the only people getting any action is Pon and Wanda, lip action that is.

I’m curious if Wipu actually remembers his past and whether he is as innocent as he makes himself to be. We know Matinee is sketchy, and she’s drugging him too, so there’s that. I also wonder what Aon meant when she asked if the four have reunited. I’m glad that Pachara has realized that he’s not born to go through the punishment cycle with Matira, and that if there is light at the end of the tunnel, it is that he met Praoploy. So either the cycle just keeps repeating itself, or Pachara does something different this time.. or die trying. I am so ready to see how this story plays out.

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