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Duangjai Nai Montra – Episode 7 Recap “Le Swoon”


We’re in for a treat in this episode, so sweet and romantic, I may just perish. Let’s just get right to it.


Pon and friends search Pachara’s second home by the water to no avail. They proceed towards the beach. From afar, Praoploy sees her siblings get further away. Pachara asks if she is sure she wants to do this (evade them) when she can go and see them, but Praoploys says she intends to follow through with her promise to help him. He rewards her with a tiny but touching smile. Praoploy adds that she could go home once the curse is over.

Sintu advises the search group that now is the best time to return to Petch Island, if they want to avoid the storm at night. Pon refuses to leave until he sees Pachara, to ensure the man hasn’t really kidnapped his sister. And so, with an accommodating face, Sintu welcomes them into Pachara’s home with open arms, relenting that he has no idea when Pachara will return.

Prim just makes herself at home lol. She’s like, well if you’re gonna be adamant that we wait here until Mr. Pachara returns, then you can go ahead and wait, I am gonna take a shower and go to bed. Once everyone is out of earshot, Pon says to Wanda that he isn’t the type to wait until Pachara returns. Meanwhile Wipu gets confirmation from his secretary that Pachara did not enter his office nor traveled overseas.

Pon and Wanda set out to find Pachara in the dark (and in the woods). Wanda fears that they’ll be lost if they don’t turn back now, but Pon doesn’t want to give up. He says he doesn’t want to judge anybody, but Pachara is the likeliest culprit. He tells her to go back first but Wanda decides to stay in the event something happens to him in the forest. Pon just smiles as she attaches herself to his arm.

Praoploy and Pachara are back in the cave! Best place to hide I suppose. Praoploy holds onto his back shirt and follows him into the cave – where she bumps into his back on accident. Praoploy freezes in place, she tells him she’s not used to the darkness. Pachara says she could stay put while he lights up the cave.

Pon and Wanda run into the three boys in the woods. They ask if they know where Pachara is, to which the boys refer to him as Nai Hua (island boss), and they point in three opposing directions. Pon takes out his wallet and offers them cash, this time it works.

Pachara says the cave is their safest hideout for tonight. Praoploy sets her eyes on a symbol on the cave, she’s drawn to it like mosquitos to light. Pachara peers at her, curious. It always melts me a little when he calls her “Prao,” as he’s doing now. Praoploy says that Matira doesn’t sound so bad from what he has told her thus far.

And so we continue where we left off with Tarawatburam story.

Matira loses focus as she’s meditating, her mind goes back to the recent events and we can see this black, ominous power that courses through her body. She automatically starts doing some sort of dance ritual, drawing the black power all around her body. The teacher and Janthra notices this, they see her finally cry out and then collapses. When she comes to, she has no idea what happened, and the teacher questions why she has lost her mind and allowed black power to overtake her. Matira cries that everyone is making her choose between love and duty/family, when all she wants is happiness and she can’t get that with either of the choices. The teacher says that no one can get everything they want in life. She prays that Matira chooses to do the right thing. She orders her to stay in the pagoda and focus on her meditation.

Matira prays before Akitaewa (the sacred fire) that if she were to lose everything anyway, that she prays she could do things for herself. The fire turns into black, ominous smoke. Is that Akitaewa? It looks like Matira, only darker. It asks her if she thinks the Goddess pathway is the right pathway for her. Matira shakes her head that she doesn’t know, only that if she chooses love, then she must abandon her family. Akitaewa asks why she doesn’t try to change Pachara’s mind instead, but Matira relents that would be forcing the person she loves to do the wrong thing. Akitaewa thinks Matira is quite pitiful, summarizing that her dad and aunt used her for their political benefit while her love turns his back on her, not willing to fight for his love. She asks (maybe proverbially) whether there is anyone who would understand her pure love.

Akitaewa raises her voice and says that everyone is being selfish and that no one has loved her unconditionally. Matira doesn’t agree and says that everyone has their reasons. The sacred form suggests that their reasoning is hurting her and it’s time to rise and be strong. She tells her to accept the help and she will make Matira the winner. Oh snap. Matira mutters no.. but the black smoke overtakes her.

Meanwhile her dad and aunt discuss that they don’t believe that (1) Pachara would choose her or (2) that she could change his mind. Thus the aunt decides they cannot spare him during the upcoming upheaval.

Prince Ruthara asks to see Ladtha’s first drawing and much to his surprise, it’s a drawing of Pachara. While he had drawn Ladtha. She presents the drawing to Pachara, who says he will like whatever she has drawn for him. And since she has a good teacher (in Prince Ruthara), he’s not surprised she’s doing well. Ladtha says the prince is very good to her, so good that she doesn’t know if he’s a prince or her friend. This prompts Pachara to ask how she feels about the prince. She merely thinks that he’s a good friend and is always giving her good stuff. Lol, and she said she’s not materialistic. She tells her brother not to share this with the prince in case it makes him sad.

In a voiceover we hear that Pachara says he didn’t know that meant Ladtha loved him, and Praoploy adds that it must have been difficult to love someone who is considered your older brother, but the most pitiful is Prince Ruthara. With that unrequited love, Prince Ruthara agrees to help his mother. People in Tarawatburam era make extreme decisions, they sure hate to NOT be chosen.

The plan is set in motion, during the meeting with the king, the minister suggests that Prince Itsara commence his journey to Walang earlier than scheduled. The priest does some math on his calendar and surmises that tomorrow is the best day to leave for the negotiation. He adds that Tarawatburam is experiencing danger/bad luck during this time and suggests that the king’s wives pray in the pagoda until it passes/Prince Itsara returns. Pachara will be going with Itsara while Wasuta stays behind to protect the king.

During her brother’s absence, Ladtha runs into Matira while she is searching for her missing bunny. She spies Matira using black magic to turn her white bunny into a black bunny. (Is that the same bunny in present time too?!)

Prince Ruthara’s sanction’s plan to take over the throne goes according to plan. Just as we think they may be successful; crown prince’s party shows up behind the veil at the last minute, overthrowing their plans. The crown prince captures the mom/aunt, the priest captures the minister/dad, while Pachara captures Wasuta, who doesn’t give in and fights it out with Pachara.

Pachara pauses in the retelling of the story when he hears footsteps coming down the cave. It’s Wipu at the entrance of the cave! Pachara tells Matira to hide in the cave while he goes out to distract the person. He will have someone come and get her. She gets this close to him, teehee.

By distracting, he shows up behind Wipu, haha. Must be nice to teleport. Wipu asks what he’s doing here, but Pachara says he should be the one asking this question. Wipu says he’s looking for him. Pachara explains that he comes up here when he needs peace, hint hint. Wipu further says Pon is looking for him. Pachara tiredly says he has done what is asked of him, he gave Pon permission to search the island and even offered Sintu to assist them. Wipu starts to walk back up the steps but finally says that Pon won’t leave until he meets Pachara, and that if he’s truly innocent, he wouldn’t balk at meeting Pon. Furthermore, Wipu says Pon found the medicine that Matira usually carries with her in Pachara’s house too, so he should explain that to Pon as well.

Pachara peers at Wipu and says he sure sounds like he cares about Praoploy. Wipu admits that he’s responsible in bringing her to the island, but she is also someone he would like to take care of for the rest of his life. Pachara just gives him one of his smirks. He suggests that Wipu save this declaration for Praoploy, but Wipu says he was going to confess his feelings to her, but someone took her away. He eggs Pachara on, he says if he happens to meet the person who took her away, he would tell ‘em that it’s not very manly of him.

Prim tries to ask Kala about the heart disease medicine, but before the maid could divulge the secret, Sintu says it belongs to him. Prim says it’s very strange and coincidental that he has the exact same medicine that her sister uses.

One of Pachara’s men take Praoploy to the boat but she is reluctant to leave Pachara. The man also says that Pachara has given him permission to take her to her brother as well, if she so wishes. Pon and Wanda run into Wipu as they are searching the island, they all end up back at Pachara’s house, where Wipu shares that he doesn’t believe Praoploy is on the island. He also hopes that people on the island is man enough not to lie or hide Praoploy. The search group decides to return the following morning.

That night Pachara stands besides Praoploy’s bed and sheds a tear. He tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and leans over while the song in the background questions how he would survive without her, without seeing her again.

The next morning the search team leaves the island and Kala asks Praoploy where the boss hid her, but Praoploy merely says she hid herself. This pisses Kala off to no end since she tried hard to help the search team. Even Sintu wonders how Pachara managed to hide Praoploy, but Pachara says she stayed on her own accord. He just fears that once she remembers everything, and realizes her horrid past, her heart may not hold up to the constraint. Sintu asks if he could handle it if the anger and hatred returns. He does think it’s strange that when he’s around Praoploy, he thinks about someone else that reminds him of Praoploy.. which is not Matira. Yes!

The island boys try to cheer up Praoploy who’s looking sad today. They decide to participate in some art that Praoploy likes. Pachara watches them with a smile and he says he wants to buy some time with her, to see her smiling just a little bit longer. Someone is falling in loooove.

What happens next is so cute! Is he fulfilling all her bucket list?!

The first thing he does is gets her up in the morning, zips her coat up and ties her shoelaces. Teehee. Then they go on a jog, but the beautiful sunrise takes her mind off her exhaustion. She says it’s so pretty and he agrees, but he’s referring to her. I find it cute how she’s sitting on the sand facing the sunrise while he’s facing her.

He says he has seen the sunrise countless of times, but today’s the prettiest. Aw. She just looks at him and smile, someone is falling in love too.

Next, they go hiking on the rocky cliff, and he holds onto her before she trips. They make it to the top and she asks him if he has seen lakorns before. She says the lead couple would get to the top of the mountain or cliff and then they would shout from the top of their lungs – out into the void about their greatest wish. He’s done it before, he says, so he urges her to give it a shot. Praoploy shouts into the sea that she still wants to live, she doesn’t want to die yet. A long time ago, Pachara used to scream into the sea that he wants to die. The exact opposite from her. He looked wretched and was terribly sad. Which is the exact opposite of how he looks today. He lies that he doesn’t remember what he shouted about.

By evening time, Pachara is looking cool while he cooks pasta. I mean, when does he not look cool? Praoploy is his first taste tester, which surprises her. 2000 years old Mr. Immortal hasn’t cooked for anyone before.

Pon has had it waiting and he takes his frustrations out on Wanda, by telling her that he’s going to find a new PI that is more helpful than her. Wanda takes it as a personal affront and tells him that she will have something for him to chew on in one day. She phones her father, and he suggests they use Sherlock Holme’s personal quote to help them find the truth, because “when you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains however improbable must be the truth.” Meaning they need to focus on the improbable.

Wanda suddenly thinks back to when they had visited the shaman on Petch Island. Wanda had asked the shaman if she could tell them where Praoploy went missing. Pon thinks the shaman is trying to trick them. Aon who watches the shaman says she’s quite disappointed. Ah, now I am thinking that Aon is the teacher and not Janthra. Wanda seeks Aon and asks if she happens to know, but Aon cryptically says that Praoploy is where she needs to be, and she will return on her own accord. She suggests that they let fate handle it, and that it would be unwise to intrude. Wanda realizes that Aon is her next clue.


Pachara and Praoploy have a candlelight dinner outside. He has concocted a new herbal drink for her. Prao thanks him for the day and tries to distract him so she won’t have to drink the medicine, but he knows her game. When she’s done with it, he’s like how pretty. Prao thinks he’s referring to her, but teases that he’s referring to the beautiful view.

Praoploy gets out of her seat to enjoy the view. He adds that no matter how much he looks, he could not get tired of it (we all know who he’s referring to). But she agrees wholeheartedly and spins around, not realizing that he has also gotten out of his chair. They face each other, in close proximity. She gets a little shy when his eyes roam her face. He asks why is she so happy.. and she finishes his question.. when she’s almost at death’s door?

Pachara takes a walk along the pier. He surmises that when he heard her shouting into the sea, that she doesn’t want to die, it makes him feel that she is not afraid of death. Praoploy says that she once told him that she believed everyone is born to do that one grand thing. And she truly believes that her purpose is to help him. Prao asks him what he has held on to in the last 2000 years. Pachara says loyalty. To him, love and integrity are everything. When he loves someone, he is willing to give that person everything, even his heart (I wonder if he means it literally).

He lies down and gazes at the starry night. He says there’s only one night a month on the island where the sky calms and you can see the stars clearly. He invites her to stargaze and says it will feel like you can reach out and touch the stars. She does lie down and marvels at the stars, while he marvels at her face. Aww. I am melting.

Prao wants to stop the time and Pachara says he has been stargazing alone for 2000 years and he’s thankful to have her with him today. So bittersweet. Prao relents that she has wanted to stargaze like this for a long time now. Pachara smiles and says he knows. Teehee. Thief. Prao says it’s not good manners to read other people’s diary. He’s like how’d you know. We get a flashback of her bucket list, that she wanted to go diving, hiking and then stargazing. Prao says it’s because they did everything that she wanted to do on her bucket list. Pachara says only one thing is left. Kyaaaa, he even shuts his eyes SO SHE COULD KISS HIM. Do it! She leans down in the moment and kisses his cheek.

Then she realizes what she did and sits up straight and apologizes. But Mr. Immortal aka Mr. Swoony pulls her in for a searing first kiss.

And they stay like that for awhile…


Kyaa. I’m dead. This episode is so swoony. Even though Mr. Immortal is stalling time to be with her, in a way he has given something back to her as well, checking off her bucket list. It’s a devastating thought that he lived 2000 years and could do whatever he wanted, yet checking off someone else’s list in one day brings him more joy than 2000 years. When he lie down with his hand behind his head and gazing up at the starry night, while gazing lazily at her, it almost feels like he has been dying for 2000 years and is only now living in the moment with her. Ack, my heart.

I also got to thinking, he said he could do anything for love, even giving his heart. Perhaps 2000 years ago, he had given up his heart freely to punish as she wish? Her as in Matira? And now fast forward 2000 years, he is willing to give her his heart again. That is a declaration of love, whether Praoploy notices this or not. I did like that Praoploy notices a lot more than she lets on though, like with the bucket list, and how genuine he is with her.

So let’s talk about this black power. If that is the true culprit, is Matira truly to blame for this mess? Perhaps she did start it all (like Pachara says) with her anger, and being careless with her Goddess position. Not everyone could talk to Akitaewa like she can, she had been poised for this role her entire life. But a girl is hurt and even a goddess with potential grand power may wither under the pain (and more pain that awaits her with her family’s treason). Praoploy even says she doesn’t sound so bad.. but we haven’t heard the whole story yet.

Before we get there soon, I am sure glad to see the present romance get nice and cozy.

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