Mark Prin and Mew Nitha in My Husband in Love (feat Pets!)

Hello to my dearest friends.

Lakorn viewers.

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Fellow fangirls (fanboys).

How are you faring in the midst of this pandemic? I hope this post finds you well in both body, mind and spirit. It will end, and we will all change because of it, but we are stronger and know what matters the most. For me, that is coffee, sleep, good company (with 6 feet distancing) and good entertainment (however you define the source of entertainment).

My soon to be 3 and 5 year olds – gah! Can you believe how fast they have grown; I feel like I’ve recently told you that I was expecting! They find entertainment in the silliest of things and certainly know how to have fun and drive me up the wall. I am expecting a new nephew to add to the brood! So, to those of you expecting or recently had a baby, my heart goes out to you. 

I confess I have not been tuning into lakorns as much this year. Having the boys around 24/7 makes blogging tricky (or really focusing on anything for a period of time tricky for that matter). With work slowing down, I could finally focus on some tv shows at night. Namely, My Husband In Law that aired today. Feel free to share your thoughts on the first episode below or share what you’re currently watching to while away your time. 

To start, the title is an interesting choice, right? “My Husband In Law” which could mean several things, one in that a husband who supports you financially but does not love or has affection towards you. English titles aren’t always the best title to depict what actually goes on in the story though, which is why we shall focus on the Thai title instead, “Ok gueap hak, ab rak khun samee” which means “nearly heartbroken over secretly loving my husband.” Based on this, we can gather it’s a one-sided love story, albeit romcom centric, as with any Thong Entertainment or Director Aew lakorns. Unrequited love stories are heartbreaking in its nature, but when the other side actually comes around and realizes he/she loves the person they’re with, it’s satisfying. We shall see if My Husband In Law delivers in that premise. 

The story opens with the hero, “Thian” (Mark Prin) in quite the pickle. He’s a prickly guy in general (should we call him the Prickly Pickle?) since he’s portrayed as the gruff guy on the outside but caring on the inside, but you would have to look real close. In fact, you’d have to be as close as “Muey” the heroine (Mew Nitha) who in their adult life is a bit of his housekeeper and a bit of a spy for his mother, who wants him married and with children. Muey has a crush on Thian since high school, since they were both in bad wigs, and now has grown into a full fledge unrequited love. We know it’s unrequited because Thian has broadcasted to anyone who listens why he could never, would never marry Muey! Because, would you look at her? He finds her lacking in womanhood and sense. Muey just looks on at him like a puppy, all loyal and ready to do his bidding. 

So Thian put his pickle in the wrong jar and nearly gets himself killed. It turns out that the woman he was sleeping with (who claimed she was single) is actually a powerful man’s wife! He’s screwed in more ways than one; not only does she want to be with him, her abusive husband is out to kill him, not just beat him to a pulp. After the duo paid him a visitation at his hospital bed no less, Thian lied that he’s getting married with the woman who lives with him. This gives his mom the prime opportunity to saddle him with a wife in order to save his life, they (Thian and Muey) had to legally get married so that the abusive husband feels rest assured that Thian won’t meddle with his property (his words not mine!)

Surly and irritated that he has to marry a girl that is like his sister, and one who is so far removed from being his type! Thian can come off as being ungrateful and bratty. But we slowly start to see that he does have a heart, Muey explains that she doesn’t care if everybody else thinks he’s a bad guy, to her he’s kindhearted. For example, there was a time where he saved a stray dog and adopted it for Muey. Though he teases her often and at every opportunity, Thian doesn’t think twice about saving her life or any other woman for that matter – as it seems like playing the hero got him in a pickle in the first place – since he saved his ex-lover who invariably fell in love with him. Maybe he’s on to something, should have been a jerk through and through!

I will say, at least both parties have chosen to go into this fake marriage. Muey will endure the most, since she’s married to someone whom she absolutely loves but it’s only temporary and in name.  Muey said that she will spend the time that she has with him to full advantage. She will love him in her own way. But perhaps her mom’s warning will be futile, in that she should not love him too much, if she wants to walk away from this unhurt. Too late for that. But at least nearly heartbroken isn’t completely and utterly heartbroken, amirite? Maybe there is hope yet for her.

Mark’s FML expressions were hysterical, he plays a good jerk, but there’s only so much jerky behavior I can handle before I start to wonder if our heroine has completely lost her marbles. 

What say you, a penny for your thoughts? Oh how I’ve missed you. Please stay safe and take care.

Pics courtesy of Pantip